Rank J.J. Abrams Leading Ladies

jj abrams leading ladies

While some may argue that the series premiere of FRINGE raised some fairly large questions for fans to waste valuable bandwidth debating — Questions like why exactly was Walter Bishop institutionalized in the first place? Just how evil is Massive Dynamics? And how on earth is Mark Valley’s Agent John Scott alive? This TV Addict thought he’d take this opportunity to bring up the one question guaranteed to bring down the internet.*

Now that you’ve had a chance to meet Agent Olivia Dunham, where does actress Anna Torv stand in the pantheon of J.J. Abram’s girls? [J.J’s girls of course refers to FELICITY’s Keri Russell, ALIAS’ Jennifer Garner and LOST’s Evangeline Lilly.]

* theTvaddict.com in no way actually guarantees this

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  • Hmmm…

    Garner > Russell > Lilly > Torv

    I never watched Felicity, I’m just basing this on other things I’ve seen Russell in.

  • TVFan

    Russell > Garner > Torv > Lilly

  • Nick.C

    1.Evangeline Lilly 2.Jennifer Garner 3.Keri Russell 4.Anna Torv
    I thought Anna Torv was bad.She was the worst thing about that show.I hope she improves.Joshua Jackson and John Noble’s relationship is so far the best thing about it in my book.

  • Jim

    Garner is the best actress by a mile. Russell is interesting but I have yet to see her in a really strong role. Torv seems okay, but I don’t think she can really carry a network show. Lilly still can’t act to save her life.

  • Linda B.

    Keri Russell
    Jennifer Garner
    Evangeline Lilly
    Anna Torv

    Both pilots of Felicity and Alias were great. Really captured my attention and had me wanting to see more. I think KR had more to work w/ emotionally as Felictiy Porter than JG did as Sydney Bristow. But, both actresses are very good.

    Not sure yet about Torv. I only put her last behind Lilly because I’ve seen more of Lost than Fringe (obviously).

  • Linda B.

    TVa, did you post the pictures in the order you rank the actresses or are they in order of when their shows premiered?

  • DB

    Garner has the best screen presence, and she worked her ass off for Alias, definitely the best of the bunch. Russell is Felicity, and just that, so it’s hard to see her as anything else. I love Lilly’s Kate, maybe it’s her freckles, or it’s because her episodes always have good story. I really don’t care for Torv…way too generic, doesn’t have the “something different” quality of the other Abrams Leading Ladies, also, she’s blond, we don’t need another Blake Lively.

  • blueberry

    I guess I’m in the minority here. But I think I’ve developed a thing for Fringe’s Torv. She’s one of the better reasons for watching Fringe because I felt Joshua’s “wit” was forced in the pilot.

    Plus, I never got into Alias and I can’t really stand Jennifer Garner.

  • Susan

    Easy. Jennifer Garner hands down.

  • Nel

    My list would actually be just as pictured in the post…


    Although I love a strong, smart, fighting girl (Buffy being my all time favorite)…I had to rank Jennifer’s Sydney as second only because when Felicity first aired, I had just started college and always felt that college bond to the show. lol So Felicity held a special place in my heart. I’d need to get a better feel for Anna still, so who knows in the end she may end up beating Evangeline in my list. 🙂

  • Rueben!


    I adore Jennifer Garner and LOVED Alias (even with all the crazy storylines, et al). I loved Felicity in the beginning and then it started to wane and I stopped watching. Evie is great as Kate, but until she can prove herself in other work, well, I’m not sure about her acting. And, Torv may be pretty and all, but I didn’t care for the premiere of Fringe and since I don’t know enough about Torv, I don’t’ want to pass judgment, but she’s gonna have to do better to move up in this list.

  • Mohammad

    Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner are the best followed by Evangeline Lilly. Not sure about Anna Torv…She seems like a good actress.

  • Linda B: The order of the photos is chronological. But since you asked, my order would be as follows.

    Jennifer Garner: With the first two seasons of ALIAS being absolute perfection.

    Keri Russell: Took what could have been an incredibly annoying character and injected her with so much heart, you couldn’t help but lover her. Even when she spent four years jerking around both Ben and Noel.

    Evangeline Lilly: Makes me feel sympathetic for Kate, even though she’s made bad decision after bad decision.

    Anna Torv: The jury is still out, so expect a repost of this in a year!

  • Kelly

    Garner –> Russell –> Lilly –> Torv.

    Seems like an unfair question. I’ve Alias and Lost since they have premiered. And I like Felicity. There hasnt been enough time to get to know Torv and see if she actually will turn out to be as good as the rest of the ladies. Because these three actresses have big shoes to fill and only time will tell Torv can compete.

  • theo


    I agree Daniel, The first couple of seasons of Alias were amazing. I also had to put Lily above Ms. Russell because I have only seen a handful of Felicity episodes (is that a crime).

  • tim wilkins

    Garner, Russell, Lilly, Torv. Garner rocked in early ‘alias’ and ’13 going on 30′. lol Russell was ‘felicity’ and good actress. Lilly is coming into her own and Torv is just starting out. lol Oh, I thought this was a race. he he

  • Gabi

    I want Jen Garner as number 1, 2 , 3 and 4. She is awesome and was fantastic in Alias.

  • Hil

    Right now it would be Lilly, Garner, Torv and then Russell, although as we’ve only have had one episode with Torv it is hard to rank her any higher even though I like her already.

    I think Torv in the first episode of Fringe suffered from having such a bad actor as a BF who was supposed to be her motivator through the episode. I thought she had great chemistry with the people who will be her real cast members, but none with the BF making the premise of her trying to save him difficult to get into. Also, I love her natural accent. Not so sure of her American one. Likely she will get better at it in the future.

  • Bob Roberts


    Then Lilly, Russell and Torv.

    This list is more on looks than talent.

  • Adam

    Evangeline is the best.

    Jennifer and Keri tie for second. Haven’t seen Fringe though.

  • Krystal

    Garner > Torv > Russell > Lilly I remember Evangeline Lilly doing a “Hot Links” dating line commercial…

  • Jennifer Garner
    Evangeline Lilly
    Keri Russell
    Anna Torv

    Although, even as a female, I wouldn’t kick any of em out of bed for eating crackers. *laugh*

  • Jocelyn

    Jennifer–>Keri–>Evangeline. Haven’t seen Fringe yet, so will reserve judgement for now on Anna Torv. Alias remains one of the best shows of the past ten years – yes, that’s even with the not-so-realistic storylines in the later seasons.

  • Mario

    Garner > Russel >Lilly >Torv

  • Amy

    Jennifer Garner is the best, hands down. Sidney Brostow rocks!!!

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  • Simone

    Keri Russell
    Jennifer Garner
    Evangeline Lilly
    Anna Torv

    Keri is the best! I haven’t seen Fringe yet, so no judgement on Anna Torv.

  • Carli


  • Emily N.

    Keri Russell
    Evangeline Lilly
    Jennifer Garner
    Anna Torv

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  • Matt

    Evangeline Lilly.

    No one else is even close to her.

  • Susan

    Anna Torv
    Keri Russel
    Jennifer Garner

  • Renee

    Garner (amazing on Alias)
    Russell (I didn't watch Felcity, but I've seen her in some other things. She was really good in the Waitress)
    Lilly (weakest of the Lost actresses IMO, but I wouldn't call her bad)
    Torv-Sucks the life out of Fringe. Ok so maybe her character is dull, but she could at least show more than one facial expression!

  • benc2

    just seen the pilot, had to find someone out there who thought Anna Torv delivers a below par performance. Thought I was the only one!