Breaking News: We Know Who Kelly’s Baby Daddy Is!

90210 kelly brandon dylan baby

Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s the deal. This TV Addict really doesn’t have a clue as to the identity of Kelly’s Baby Daddy. But it did give me an opportunity to have a little fun with Photoshop [see US WEEKLY homage above] and more importantly, caught your attention long enough to throw out a little Beverly Hills Baby Daddy theory of my own. One that I immediately formulated upon learning on Tuesday’s episode of 90210 that Kelly’s mysterious Baby Daddy was as a result of an impromptu hook-up with a guy she, “had a lot of history together [with] in high school.”

Cut to forty-eight hours later and fifteen to twenty Red Bulls, this TV Addict thinks he has the answer. Which curly haired original series actor is just about desperate enough to take a break from his burgeoning career as a reality television star to return to the show that made him famous?

For the answer…

steven sanders ian ziering
Steve Sanders. The Mullet Doesn’t Lie!

  • Jefferson

    That’s exactly what I was thinking once Kelly said that line on Tuesdays episode. I though of all her high school relationships (many of them) and narrowed down to Sanders based on the casting of the kid (and his hair – color and style).

  • jess

    i don’t know my vote is still on Brandon.

  • Jennifer

    So if it is Steve, Did he divorce Janet? or did he have an affair with Kelly? My money is on Dylan, I feel like he’s the only one who would not be there for Kelly and Sam.

  • I thought the same thing for a minute. But Steve would want to be in his child’s life. And I like to think he ended up with Janet!

  • Nel

    When I saw the kid’s curly hair, I immediately thought of Steve also. But I really hope it wasn’t him! I’m hoping it was Brandon.

    What I really don’t want it to be is some random guy that we never really saw and was kind of just made up for this new show. You know…in case the none of the original male casts want to ever make any cameos. 🙂

  • I think the biggest problem with the Kelly/Baby Daddy scenario is that no one wants to believe that any of the guys (Brandon, Dylan or Steve) would leave Kelly alone to raise a baby.

    To me the kid looks like Steve (and I could definitely see Ian coming back). But Dylan (for the dead-beat dad thing) is a more realistic choice. It could be Branden but that would mess up his all-American responsible image.

  • Courtney

    Maybe the real answer is whoever they can convince to make a cameo for May sweeps? I’d like to believe that there’s a plan, but you never know…

  • Courtney,

    Jennie Garth agrees with you, telling EW in the recent Fall TV Preview issue: ”We don’t know who the father is, I have a feeling whichever guy shows up on the show first, that’s who the father will be.”,,20221152_20221173_20223267,00.html

  • tim wilkins

    Priestly and Perry have said they have no interest in coming back. Now. lol Offer them enough money and I bet they’d show. I agree w/ Garth who said it was ‘whoever shows up.’ Maybe there’s a reason Kelly is a single mom. Father already married? Hhmnm.
    But that’s funny about Ziering. I hear he wants to go back but the producers heard ‘crickets chirping.’ lol EW online interview.

  • I was saying this on another story, I also thought Steve as soon as I saw the curly blond hair on the premiere episode. The more I think about it, the more Steve makes sense from the “Ian Ziering has nothing better to do” angle. Not that the other two are doing anything either, but it seems like they haven’t tried to get on reality shows and other stuff as much as Ian.

    Either way, drag it out as long as you can 90210. It’s the only thing anyone I know over the age of 21 is talking about from the show. But I’m a bad one to ask, I didn’t even like it enough to watch the second episode.

    lol, when does Supernatural start?

  • Courtney

    and here I was just being cynical…

  • But Dylan has always wanted a family, and I find it hard to believe that he would not be there for his kid. In season three, he wanted his dad back in his life so badly so he accepted him back in his life (one of the reasons his deat hurt so bad) and why he got scammed by Kevin and Suzanne at the end of Season 4 – because he cared so much about his “sister” Erica. Erica was the glue to the whole Kevin/Suzanne scam. Dylan not showing up when a kid depends on him just does not compute.
    I think it makes much more sense that Steve be the dad – like a one night stand, so they didn’t tell Janet or something. Plus it’s not like Lindsay Price would come on the new 90210, so really, as much as I don’t want them to, they could bring back Steve while getting rid of Janet convincingly.

  • MR

    Steve Sanders….Baby’s name is Sam….Steve’s mom’s name is Samantha….also the hair thing…but maybe the writers are just fooling with us!

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