Arden Myrin Talks MADTV and DR. HORRIBLE

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MADTV’s Arden Myrin, Credit: Joe Viles/FOX

I have to be honest with you Arden. Even though Saturday marks the start of the fourteenth season of MADTV on FOX, I have yet to actually watch the show on television. But if it helps, I love watching clips of the show on YouTube [see: hilarious spoofs of some of SURVIVOR, HEROES, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL etc…] As an actor, do you care how people watch your show?
Arden Myrin:
I like when it’s on YouTube. As an actor, you want people to see what you do, even if it’s not on Saturday night. Although I don’t know why some clips stay on YouTube and others get removed.

Do you think that as a result of the recent WGA Strike, actors such as yourself will have an easier time getting [and keeping] content online?
I’m not exactly sure how it works, but I do think online is the wave of the future. MADTV Aside, the idea that anyone can make something and put it online is just great. FYI: I’m a huge fan of the TRAILER PARK BOYS and that show started out with two guys who were buddies working in a pizza shop. I think the web is perfect for anyone with a video camera and an idea.

Have you ever considered producing an online show?
My friend Michael Hitchcock and I actually shot a show for Comedy Central. We were these really bad travel agents set in a world where nobody really needs travel agents anymore. We filmed six episodes and Comedy Central has the footage… somewhere.

Have you had a chance to watch Joss Whedon’s DR. HORRIBLE?
I did, my friend is in it and I just loved it.

Who is your friend?
Rob Reinis, he was one of the cowboys. Rob and I know Jess Whedon, who played music for our stage show that ran in New York and Los Angeles.

DR. HORRIBLE is the future, isn’t it?
I just thought it was awesome. I thought Neil Patrick Harris was amazing, Felicia Day was fantastic. I’ve seen her show online, and Nathan Fillion, was so funny as the hero. I was blown away.

Does what Joss did inspire you to get a few of your famous friends together and launch an online show?
Absolutely. It is inspiring. That’s the kind of stuff that I like to see because it feels possible. Maybe not a musical, because I don’t really play an instruments. But it goes to show you… put up or shut up. If you want to do something, go do it. It’s so easy to get lazy. But I have all these talented friends who would be happy to help. It definitely was inspiring.

So next year, we’ll be talking about your internet show that went viral.
My fancy show…. if only I understood computers.

You’re an actress! Just hire people to put it online.
I’m on late night, I don’t have prime-time money!

You can catch the hilarious Arden Myrin in MADTV’s fourteenth season premiere this Saturday September 13 at 11PM on FOX

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  • Josh Emerson

    Why was this an interview all about online content? lol

    I would’ve asked her if Mad TV wasn’t going to suck again this season. Last year was horrible, with the budget cuts and the awful set change. They need to go back and watch classic Mad TV and see how it’s done!

  • To but it diplomatically, my questions were indicative of my interest/knowledge in the show. That said, I do enjoy the show on youtube, and I hope it was interesting to hear an actresses take on the online world.