Good News, Bad News: DO NOT DISTURB, Lauren Conrad, Katee Sackhoff

Good News: More Free TV on iTunes. Bad News: It’s the series premiere of DO NOT DISTURB. Proving once again that not all good things in life are free. [iTunes Link]

Good News: Much to our surprise, famous-for-nothing reality TV ‘star’ Lauren Conrad isn’t illiterate. Bad News: Well, at least we hope so. Because HarperCollins just announced that they’ve ponied up for Conrad to write a three-book series of young adult fiction loosely inspired by her own life and ‘career’. Which the CW undoubtedly will be optioning for a series in 3… 2… 1… [Source]

Good News: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Katee Sackhoff will soon be returning to a small screen near you. Bad News: On yet another patented produce-by-numbers Dick Wolf [LAW & ORDER] police procedural called LOST AND FOUND. Snooze. [Source]

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  • TVFan

    1. I still downloaded it! I can’t pass up free TV on itunes.
    2. So true about the CW…. I can’t believe how many shows about rich white girls they’re airing right now.
    3. Would have preferred Sackhoff’s craziness on Nip/Tuck

  • Josh C.

    PLEASE im begging you stop writing anything and everything involving lauren conrad or any hills, laguna beach or crappy MTV reality show. If we ignore her she’ll go away i promise

  • Armando A

    Couldn’t you wirte this before! I already wasted 300Mb of my limited hard-drive!! At least Privileged was worth the free download!

  • Josh, In my defense, I think I’ve mentioned Lauren Conrad twice in two years!