90: The length [in minutes] of last night’s season premiere of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

5:33: The amount of time this TV Addict actually enjoyed last night’s season premiere of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE [see above video].

1000: The percentage of which Tina Fey absolutely nailed her dead-on Sarah Palin impression [again, see above video].

5: The number of months that have passed since the Texas Polygamist Compound made headlines. Yes, April. Also known as the month in which a Polygamist Quiz Show sketch might have been both topical and funny.

15: The number of seconds it takes for Kristen Wiig to get on my nerves.

30: The number of minutes this TV Addict was able to watch SNL this morning after fast forwarding through the unfunny parts and musical guest.

0: The number of times Fred Armisen’s Political ‘Comedian’ Nicholas Fehn made me laugh.

4: The number of minutes I spent pondering how on earth Fred Armisen still has a job.

-1: The amount of Gold Medals I’m docking Michael Phelps for serving up one of the lamest guest hosting performances ever. [Stick to the pool buddy].

1: The number of episodes I’ll be giving the increasingly unfunny SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE after Amy Poehler departs for maternity leave and her new NBC show.

  • Agree with everything except Nicholas Fehn…don’t know why, but that always cracks me up.

  • Mel

    I don’t even try to watch it any more. Thanks for the validation of my decision.

  • Josh C.

    amy pohler should get the supporting actress emmy as evidenced by her brilliant performance of hillary clinton. she is the funniest woman on tv, next to tina fey of course lol

  • TVFan

    Agreed. Outside of the opening sketch. The entire show was unwatchable and Lorne Michaels should be ashamed of himself for going for the cheap ratings stunt (phelps) rather than a talented guest host.

  • Jonah

    Opening sketch was one of the funniest in the show’s history. Fey as Palin was incredible, and there’s nothing funnier than Poehler’s Hillary…especially when she does that maniacal laugh. Kudos to the writers who penned it flawlessly, but also to the two actresses, whose delivery was spot-on in every second of the scene.

    Have to disagree strongly with you about Kristen Wiig. She is possibly the funniest actress on the show now. When she does that character who tries to one-up every speaker in the sketch, I’m nearly on the floor. Give her another shot—she is truly awesome.

    (Michael Phelps should take some of his endorsement millions and have jaw/dental reconstruction. Seriously, he could be a nice-looking guy, but his tiny upper bite is ruining the look. He’s no actor at all, either.)

  • Ken

    Tina Fey was absolutely brilliant. To come back to sketch comedy after being away producing your own show for two years and perform that well is just amazing.

  • Jonah, There’s no denying that Kristen Wiig gives 100% each and every sketch. I just find that she plays the same character week in week out.

  • Josh Emerson

    It was so shocking to see just how dead-on Tina Fey’s impression of Palin was last night! One of the most hilarious SNL sketches in a long time. She needs to come back more in the next few months!

    Loved the comment about the “Tina Fey glasses.” LOL

  • tim wilkins

    I am always hopeful when the fall season comes around and the hope of a funny SNL is always dashed. lol I haven’t even bothered to watch the show in years. Like you TVA, I would have taped it and fast forwarded all the parts I couldn’t watch. lol I have a ? Why is this (SNL) still on if no one is watching?

  • What a disappointment! I say they need to bring back cameos of past characters. My pick for next week – Toonces the Driving Cat!

  • annsensei

    ITA!!! I’m SOOO glad that SNL is back, but it’s always so sad that the majority of the show is unwatchable. the ONLY part that I watch anymore is the political paradies and the news skits (except for the fred armisen bit, which ALWAYS makes me change my channel, I can’t stand it THAT much). they should stop the stupid stuff, and do more politics!!!!!

  • Marisa

    It’s certainly a show for the TiVo these days. A few moments of comic genius mixed with a lot of comic blah-ness.

  • Linda B.

    The only thing good about last night’s show was the opening sketch and the Michael Phelps diet plan sketch at the end. Everything else was so unfunny. I miss Tina Fey as head writer.