Exclusive Interview: PRISON BREAK Star Dominic Purcell

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As per tradition, the season premiere of PRISON BREAK truly relaunches the show in an entirely different direction. Giving it a very OCEANS 11, A-TEAM kind of vibe.
Dominic Purcell:
I agree, that’s the way it kind of feels.

Are you a fan of the way in which the show is constantly re-inventing itself?
Well we’ve got to come up with ways to keep this thing going you know. And it’s not necessarily us the actors or the writers. It’s the suits. They love the show and they want us to keep it going.

For me there’s a bit of trepidation though. I’m constantly thinking, is the audience going to get into it this year? But the writers are really passionate about making the show work, constantly coming up with these crazy ideas.

Crazy ideas like Sara’s re-heading! What are your thoughts on her return?
I don’t know. I’ve never really dealt with what the fans think of the show. I’m one of these guys who come to work, loves what I do and checks it at the door. For me it’s a job, a good job. But I know that a lot of people supposedly loved the relationship between Michael and Sara which is great.

What’s in store for Linc this season?
Dude, more of the same. Linc is the anchor of the show, he’s the solid muscle that keeps everyone in line. He’s the enforcer and Michael’s the genius. It’s a yin and yang thing. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to see a lot more character development with Linc. But you have to remember, you’re dealing with the big picture here. Economics and what sells, and what sells thus far has been all these men on the run. Is the studio prepared to change that dynamic? Do they want to make a show like THE SOPRANOS and delve more into characters, I don’t know.

I’d say considering the fan reaction across the world, probably not. The show is hugely popular around the world.
PRISON BREAK is one of the most successful shows in the world. It freaks me out and I don’t understand it.

Have you heard your voice dubbed in different languages?
I heard it briefly in French once. It’s weird, it doesn’t sound like me. Even the resonance doesn’t sound like me.

What is it like shooting back in Los Angeles this season?
I’m stoked to be back in LA. I’ve got my kids here so it’s always great to be back at work close to them. I mean between Chicago and Dallas. I’ve been basically on the road for the last three years.

Do you miss the relative anonymity of shooting on location?
Yeah it’s interesting, being in Chicago and Dallas we were left alone. We get here [LA] and the Paps are everywhere. I hate the Paparazzi. They just annoy me endlessly, but it’s just the way it is these days. You’ve got to be watchful and I hate having to be watchful.

Is the price of fame is too high?
Oh yeah, it’s weird. I’m not newsworthy, but I was shooting in LA, I drive home, get out of my car and all these Paparazzi have followed me all the way to Santa Monica. I just gave them the bird and stuff but I ended up online and my kids saw what Dad was going. So it’s really made me think hat I can’t carry on like that. I just have to pretend they’re not there.

Are your kids old enough to watch the show?
Not really, they’ve seen bits and pieces of it. My eldest is eight, so he’s kind of used to the violence on TV now. But he knows it’s bullsh*t!

You can catch Dominic Purcell on a brand new episode of PRISON BREAK tonight on FOX following TERMINATOR THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX

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  • Linc is the Tony Soprano of Prison Break. The hard hitter, the bad ass, the man everybody fears. Except The Company of course. I think the direction he/ the show is taking Linc so far in season 4 fits right in perfectly.

  • Jonah

    Sorry, Linc buddy….three years of ridiculous plot was plenty enough for me. I have given up Prison Break cold-turkey….and I’m feelin’ real good about it.`

  • Was

    Jonah you are not the only one I am done with this show too it’s past ridiculous and so boring and alot of people have said how the show is so unwatchable and tuned out.

    As for Dom I wish Wentworth the wimp had his guts and stops the fake gushing about SWC’s return.Which was a total mistake bringing her back people don’t even like her check out the blogs.ALL the hype about her return was just that pure hype!

  • genpop40

    Dominic is an idiot. Despite him, I love PB.

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  • Ant

    Guys you should really give this new season a chance. After everything that happened in Season One the bad guys are finally getting there comeuppance. Do you mean to tell me you are not in the slightest bit interested as to what happens? Season 4 is going tremendously well. Writing is back up to scratch, plots are intertwined well, suspense and action is there

    Just all round good TV.

  • Domiic Purcell is great actor ale je?li gra ci? w najlepszym serialu na ?wiecie z boskim Wenwothem Millerem to nie ma si? czemu dziwi? 🙂