Good News, Bad News: Shenae Grimes, FRINGE & SNL

Good News: 90210 star and fellow Canadian Shenae Grimes is making headlines in the United States. Bad News: For all the wrong reason. [Source]

Good News: Columnist Tim Goodman has a few ways in which FOX can save FRINGE. Bad News: One episode in and we’re already talking about having to save FRINGE! Are you frakin’ kidding me? [Source]

Good News: Michael Phelps scored another gold as the season premiere of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE attracted the show’s biggest audience since 2002. Bad News: The shows complete downward spiral following Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler’s hilarious opening sketch quickly reminded a record audience as to why they stopped watching SNL in the first place. [Source]

  • jess

    I gotta say i read the “so called” source and totally disagreed. I really liked Fringe so much that i saw it again Sunday. I loved joshua jackson as Peter and thought he’s dynamic with is father was great. and what are they talking about we don’t know why he is there. that was explained twice was he not paying attention. He needs a guardian and that guardian has to be family or he’ll be sent back to the institution. Also Olivia needs a translator and Peter fits the bill perfectly. Also loved the chemistery between Pete and Olivia. Olete anyone. I thought it was great the twist with the FBI boyfriend going bad. And it didn’t make her seem fooish or weak to not know what hewas up too. She handled it professionally the minute she found out.

  • TVFan

    As another fellow Canadian. I’m so disappointed to read that Mrs. Grimes is already turning into another Young Hollywood cliché.

  • Josh C.

    you think its good news theyre looking for a way to save Fringe? Joshua Jackson was terrible and the show was silly. I couldnt even make it through one episode and that was the premiere.

    Good Riddance I say!

  • I gotta disagree Josh and equate FRINGE’s pilot to Pixar’s CARS. Not J.J. Abrams best, but still excellent. More importantly, the show did what every good pilot should, have be asking… what happens next!

  • ewanspotter

    Sorry, but I’m with Josh here (well, for the most part — I’m going to give it a few more episodes).

    Alias? Left me wanting more. Lost? Left me wanting more. Fringe? Left me glad those two hours were over. Not terrible, not great, just there as some weird hybrid between Lost and X-Files (thus far too “been there, done that”). Meh. Maybe it sounds overly picky, but when there’s so much great television on, why sit through something that’s merely… okay?

  • Hil

    I wasn’t blown away by Fringe, but I am interested in seeing what the next few episodes are about. I don’t care if the show is not to your taste, since when was it good that new shows don’t get a fair shake? Shows are cut too short these days. Firefly, anyone? Some shows don’t start off with a bang. Doesn’t mean the results of a season would be bad. They used to give shows at least that much.

  • Hil,

    Very well said!

  • blueberry

    I stand by Anna Torv’s side (probably just blinded by certain things), but I did think Joshua Jackson’s character was forcibly witty. Yes, the crazy scientist guy was over-the-top, but he had some of the funnier lines (Let’s make some acid!).

    I say give Fringe some time, and then you can call it a pile of steaming crap.

  • Jonah

    Someone needs to tell Shenae Grimes that she is the weakest link on 90210. She adds nothing, and I’d consider it a good plotline to suddenly kill off her character, a la Quentin on OTH. Who’s with me?? Seriously, could the casting directors have found a more drab personality than hers?

    As for Fringe, look out FOX viewers….can you smell another Reunion or Drive or Arrested Development or (ad nauseum) cancellation coming?

  • tim wilkins

    Grimes is a diva already? Jeez. Honey, it’s not a home run yet! I also heard she’s been seen at bars drinking. Very Hollywood. Didn’t she say in an interview that she wasn’t worried about a 7 year contract cause “all she had to do was act like a brat and they’d write her off!” LOL EW I think. Maybe Grimes WANTS to be let go. lol As for Fringe, I didn’t check it out. Not enough interest. And well said about SNL. lol -)

  • Mel

    I thought Fringe was wretchedly awful.
    Big floaty graphic letters? A mad scientist and an evil twin? A big bad multinational corporation?
    Please. Spare me the tired cliches.
    If there had been an ounce of fun or camp associated with its ‘Ooooh, science BAD’, it might have been salvageable, as it was, I couldn’t even muster a giggle for the cow in the laboratory.

  • Amy

    I loved the premiere of Fringe
    I love Shanae Grimes
    I plan to stick by both
    ‘Nuff Said

  • I have to say that I agree with Jonah about Shenae Grimes, not as harshly as it was put haha but when it comes down to it, I agree. Although I really hope that she can grow more in her role and make it her own. I also hope that she is not turning into a diva. That’s not cool.

    I agree with Hil about Fringe. As someone also pointed out, Fringe is not J.J.’s best but I’m willing to give it more than one episode to judge the entire season.

    Regarding SNL, that was the first time I had watched SNL in full since Tina Fey left… I think that speaks for itself.

  • Just Jody

    I find the Shenae Grimes stuff a litle hard to believe. Not that I have any idea what SG is like, I just can’t believe that anyone on 90210 would be behaving that way so soon. Especially when the media is standing there waiting for that exact thing to happen. Seems incredibly stupid. Not to mention the fact that the ratings don’t justify it.

    As for Fringe, I agree it was no Lost or Alias, but I also completely agree that it’s WAY too soon to be trying to save or fix it. let the actors have a chance to find their footing and build some chemistry with eah other. I’ll be watching for a few more weeks before I make any decisions.

  • jess

    I do think they judge a show to quickly I mean think about there were some great shows out there that didn’t start off as mega hits. FOX needs to let its show build an audience before canceling them or retooling them. Give a chance the premise is really good. And true it not Alias but Alias too got better as the episode went on. LOST has its good and bad episodes so how about we don’t right away become judge jury and executioners.

    As for Grimes gotta tell you could so do with out her. For me that show should be centered around SILVEr now there is an interesting character. I say Annie dies and the Wilsons adopt Silver know that would be interesting.

  • POLY

    What are you kidding me?? Anybody with half a brain can see what a worthless show “Fringe” is… Good God People!! JJ Abrams… didn’t he make another “stinker” called “Felicity”??? Who could possibly sit through either one??? Makes me wonder how it’s possible that “lost” is such a good show… Makes me question who the real brain behind “lost” is…