Good News: A representative from Warner Home Video finally confirmed that EVERWOOD Season 2 will finally see the light of day on DVD. Bad News: That light of day won’t arrive until sometime in 2009. [Source]*

Good News: According to the CW, last night’s ONE TREE HILL delivered its best numbers in nearly two years. Bad News: Can this show get anymore depressing? Another hour like that last nights and this TV Addict is this close to seeing if Nanny Carrie makes house calls.

Good News: HOUSE returns to TV tonight with a bang. Bad News: Cameron and Chase, not so much.

*Thanks to all the of my fellow EVERWOOD Addicts who emailed me about this story. Nice to see that while one of our favorite shows may be gone, it’s far from forgotten.

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  • TVFan

    So excited for Everwood – and yes, One Tree Hill is killing me. I mean why does anyone live in this depressing heap of a town?

  • John

    In the case of Everwood, the good far out weighs the bad. I was thinking we would never get any more Everwood.

  • CC

    One Tree hill is depressing yes, but it’s damn good television. When a show makes you care about the characters it’s done it’s job. And man was I balling!

  • John,

    Just in case you didn’t realize, you can catch early episodes online now at

  • rocky

    I never cried because of a TV Show before but damn when Qs little brother was standing in line with the rest of the team and the last scene with Jamie I was crying like a baby
    Good job on that OTH

  • Lore

    Awesome Awesome news about Everwood! We’ve been waiting for so long. Thanks!

  • allie

    I haven’t seen this latest ep of OTH yet (will watch it tonight), but I have seen all the others. For some reason I can’t seem to break my habit of watching OTH despite the fact that I’m really not enjoying the show like I used to. About the only ones I can stand watching are Sophia Bush/Brooke (love her!) and little Jamie. I also love evil Dan but this Nanny Carrie storyline is so annoying and ridiculous that I find myself fast forwarding through those scenes. I’m also finding Hilary Burton really annoying. I used to think she was an OK actress but she bugs me now; maybe she can only play characters which darker moods. She seems to be overacting Peyton’s happiness.

    I kind of hope this is the final season of the show so that the decision to stop watching is made for me. (now I’ll run and duck for cover! 😉 )

  • I bawled my way through OTH. From Skillz showing up at Lucas’ door until Brooke and Jamie were standing together by the coffin. But I agree, Mark needs some sunshine in his life.

  • Jonah

    With all due respect, (and I say this gently)….SHUT UP ABOUT OTH!!! (hee hee) I am sooooooooo glad there is finally some actual PLOT to the show, I don’t want any of you buzz-killers to lull Schwahn back into the sweet-n-sappy “nothing ever happens with these characters” show. PLEASE, enjoy it for the soapy drama we’re getting—and I couldn’t be happier!!

    Nanny Carrie and Dan? LOVE IT!!!!! Brooke gone psycho? LOVE IT!!! Sudden murder of Q, and subsequent mourning? Sad, but LOVE IT!!! These tragedies DO happen, folks, especially on a FICTIONAL SOAP. Sheesh, have you never watched All My Children or Passions??

    The more outrageous, the better. PLEASE, Mark, crank up the kookiness! And for the love of the rivercourt, please give Lucas and Peyton something to DO! They have become the most boring aspect of the entire show!!!