Watch the Third Season Premiere of DEXTER For Free Online Now!

Can’t wait until September 28th to find out what happens next to America’s Favorite Serial Killer? Simply click here to watch the third season premiere of DEXTER right now. The password is: lady killer.

More importantly, don’t forget to return to immediately after watching to let us all know if you were as disappointed with the premiere’s shocking, predictable, classic jump the shark moment as this TV Addict was.

Oh, and it should go without saying, there are serious spoilers in the comments below. So proceed with caution

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  • Annabel

    not sure what you’re calling the jump the shark moment….
    the evolution of Harry’s code?
    all the sex Dexter has now?
    Rita’s pregnancy?
    Deb’s hair?
    Jimmy Smits’ accent?

    The only one of the above that I had any real problem with was the accent. Other than that though, I thought it was a good episode.

    do you have the password for the Californication episode as well?

  • Annabel,

    For me, my jump the shark moment was the pregnancy. Call me crazy, but that kind of ending is something I’d expect from ER, not DEXTER. That said, I may just be slightly bitter because I really expected Dexter to turn Harry’s code upside-down by having to kill either Laguerta or Batista.

  • Josh C.

    i loved the first episode…….but ive also had sometime to sit on it considering i actually saw it weeks ago since it leaked

  • allie

    For some reason I was expecting Dexter to find Rita dead when he came ‘home’ right at the end. I was expecting she may have been killed by the guy Dexter originally meant to kill. I kind of think I may have preferred that over Rita being pregnant, but I’m interested to see where this goes…

  • Totally called it months ago. Knew this would be coming.

    That being said, the show still rocks. I am going to miss that sadistic ***t Lila though. She was deliciously evil.

  • Annabel,

    My Showtime Friend informs me that the password for CALIFORNICATION is also ‘Lady Killer’

  • ju-ju bean

    Not available in Canada.


  • Linda B.

    I’m not looking…I’m not looking.

    Why would you do this to me???!!! You know i have no control when it comes to not seeing spoilers.

    BTW – what was up w/ that last scene on Fringe last night? Please post something, but not here cause I’m not looking!

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  • Erica

    Linda B – Fringe: Clearly the son is a clone. (Well, not clearly, but clear enough that I’m already bored).

    Pregnancy? Looking forward to the engagement season, including all the human bonding, stag parties, etc. Vince will be a hoot, I’m sure.

  • Monica

    Not available to Canadians! Considering that TVaddict is from Canada himself, perhaps next time he posts up free content only available to Americans he could mention that in the post so as not to get fellow Canadians’ hopes up? Thanks.

  • To Monica and the rest of my fellow Canadians…. if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a hundred times… to view US content from Canada, simply visit