Good News: HBO renewed the Alan Ball Vampire series TRUE BLOOD after only two episodes. Bad News: The renewal comes from the network that green-lit a second season of IN TREATMENT and a DEADWOOD wrap-up movie. And how are those projects going… oh wait… [Source]

Good News: In related Vampire news, MOONLIGHT fans will finally get something exciting to sink their teeth into. Bad News: It’s not a second season. Rather the announcement of a DVD release, which let’s face it, effectively puts a final nail into any and all hope for a second season. [Source]

Good News: The second episode of FRINGE was up an astounding 68% from the show’s tepidly received season premiere. Bad News: We’re pretty sure a test pattern would do well following the highly anticipated series premiere of HOUSE. [Source]

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  • EKI

    Talkin about House, I loved yesterdays episode, specially the ending. How would Cuddy feel when she pushing House to open up with Wilson had such nefast consequences when Wilsone opened up with House?

  • Linda B.

    TVa – have you been watching True Blood? I’d like to know your thoughts. So far it hasn’t really grabbed me yet. I think i’ve fallen asleep towards the end of both episodes. I’ll probably continue to watch though, hoping things get better.

    Once Dexter starts, I definitely won’t be watching it live anymore.

  • Linda B.

    I wasn’t too impressed with the first episode of TRUE BLOOD. I found it quite juvenile and frankly I expected a lot more depth from the man that gave us SIX FEET UNDER and AMERICAN BEAUTY. That said, I’m definitely going to get around to watching episode 2 and 3 this weekend. If HBO renewed the series after only two airings, they must know something we don’t. Like it gets a lot better!

  • Vato

    I am a big fan of this site. I actually love (almost) the same shows as the TV Addict. I believe our all-time favourite show is even the same (sweet Amy Abbott, where are you?!).

    And that’s the reason why I can’t just understand your hate for IN TREATMENT, which was, for me, the best show of the season. Everything about it was perfect! Writing, directing and especially acting! Those performances given by Glynn Turman (very happy for his Emmy win!), Melissa George, Gabriel Byrne, Blair Underwood, Michelle Forbes, Mia Wasikowska, Dianne Wiest, Embeth Davidtz and Josh Charles are nothing less than Emmy-worthy.

    So, please, answer my question: did you even start watching the show? If not, please take this suggestion, with all due respect: start doing it! If you’re not hooked after Week 4 and/or 5, than I won’t say anything about it anymore.

    I really would like to read your pont of view…

  • Nick.C

    That Hurt!
    I read your post to quick and i thought it said Deadwood WAS getting a wrap up movie.I need to slow down and push away my coffee.
    I miss Deadwood!

    and your right,anything following House would get good #s

  • maybe hbo thinks that the Moonlight fans will switch to their vampire show.