You Be the Critic: 90210, FRINGE, PRIVILEGED & HOUSE

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Now would be the time to let the world know and by ‘world,’ I of course mean the millions thousands of readers that are visiting on a daily basis what you, yes YOU thought of last night’s TV. Or to be more specific, 90210, FRINGE, PRIVILEGED and HOUSE.

And to get your started, here is this TV Addict’s brief rant on last night’s installment of 90210. Because honestly, I’m still scratching my head as to FRINGE’s mindboggling ending [Sorry Linda B.] and didn’t manage to stay up to watch PRIVILEGED because sadly, there is only so much TV one can watch in a single evening [Especially when I managed to squeeze in the final two episodes of WEEDS phenomenal fourth season]

[Commence Rant]

When the highlight of a show that is targeted at teens is a sixty-something year old grandmother singing a number from SPRING AWAKENING, you have a little problem. And that problem my friends is that this generations Brenda and Brandon Walsh [Annie and Dixon Mills] are as about as exciting as an episode of IN TREATMENT [translation: really really boring]. But alas, not all is lost and rather than simply nitpick, this TV Addict is here with a solution. Call me crazy, but it’s time to send the Mills family packing back to where they came and pray that showrunners Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs refocus the show on the only three women anybody watching actually cares about. The Taylor trifecta of Jackie, Kelly and Silver.

[Conclude Rant]

Agree, disagree, think this twenty-something TV Addict is far old to still be watching 90210? Post away.

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  • Linda B.

    Thanks for nothing! – just kidding

    While i still enjoy Weeds, I don’t think I’d call the 4th season phenomenal. More like dark and depressing.

    I love Andy. I wonder if they’ll try developing more of a relationship between him and Nancy next season.

    Also, did you catch the lines from The Shawshank Redemption used during Doug’s monologue. I loved it!

  • Linda,

    I actually really enjoyed FRINGE last night. And as for WEEDS… I love it. Seriously, one of my favorite shows ever. But I completely missed the SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION reference which is also one of my favorite movies. What was it?

  • Linda B.

    Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the last episode of Weeds yet:

    During the scene where you think Doug is going to hang himself, he mentions lines that Brooks in Shawshank mentions like “The world got itself in a big damn hurry” and others. My husband didn’t catch it either. I started laughing and he’s like what’s so funny.

  • blueberry

    I want to fall in love with Fringe so much, in the same way I did with Pushing daisies last season, but I’m feeling more of a luke-warm like.

    I understand that Abrams created this show to not require weekly watching to enjoy it, but it feels like, in doing so, I’m not getting attached to any character. (Well, there’s Dunham, but that’s just my newly developed infatuation with Torv.)

    Rather than reboot or re-tinker, I suggest the show start talking about (not necessarily answer) its questions, and not just say the word “pattern” three times.

  • On the plus side for FRINGE is those shortened commercials. Do you not love when FOX says… FRINGE will return in 60 seconds. I don’t even bother to fast-forward it’s so short. And it’s usually a decent movie preview or those highly unfunny new Microsoft ads.

  • @theTVAddict – I’m so with you on the FRINGE commercials. I never watch commercials. I always fast forward or change the channel. But knowing that the show will be back in 90 or 70 seconds, I just keep watching. As a Marketer by trade, I’m fascinated by this.

  • I hope Fringe doesn’t continue with exposition vomit at the beginning of each episode. That’s going to get old.

  • lol. Sometimes I still ff but now I actually go back when I realize it’s a commercial I might want to check out.

    I’m halfway through Fringe. I did watch 90210, House, and Privileged. Tabitha, Brenda, Kelly and Silver are totally the highlights of 90210 for me and I’m with the TVAddict. The Mills don’t have to sell the house in Kansas. Move back!

    House was great (Taub needs to leave 13 alone!) and Privileged is a great show. I hope it catches on cause JoAnna Garcia sparkles.

  • Nick.C

    I can only hope Fringe gets better.The GOOD-Joshua Jackson and John Noble’s father son relationship.Its different,and its the only thing im enjoying consistently about the show.The BAD-Anna Torv’s acting(wow) and her character.Haven’t we seen this before…Plus with the X-Files you could believe that Mulder would be investigating the crazy stuff because no one else in the FBI wanted to but on Fringe.They(the Government/shadowy organization) are putting all there trust in a crazy scientist, his son,and an agent who was so clueless that she did not even know the man she loved was a double agent.This show entails that you have to suspend a lot of belief and not just in the SciFi plot.
    Some shows take 3 to 5 episodes to get there footing and im going to stick around in hopes that it does.
    Also do those BIG words in the scenery bother anyone else?

  • Linda B.

    I like the big words. It’s something different. I kinda miss them when they show a long shot and they’re not there.

  • Nick.C

    Oh yeah ,and on House Thirteen needs to DIE!Shes a wannabe Cameron.
    I wish they would get rid of his new crew and get back to more Chase,Cameron,and Foreman.
    (sorry to take up so much room)

  • Courtney

    I was definitely underwhelmed by last night’s 90210. I just don’t care at all about Naomi, plus I’m having a really hard time believing that she actually cares about Ethan. So, when she’s on the screen I basically zone out.

    Annie and Dixon are sooooo bland… since when is getting a job and failing (oh wait, he didn’t actually fail, he just got an “incomplete”) a test the epitome of teen rebellion?

    I really only care about the Taylor/Silvers, Brenda, and the dad of Kelly’s son. And Tabitha, but I have a bad feeling that last night’s ep is probably as deep as her plotlines go.

  • Naf

    I think expectations are too high for Fringe at the moment. We’re only on the second episode, we should at least give it a few weeks to sort out any problems. A lot works on the show, but the second episode was a little mismatched.

    Did anybody else see the ratings for this weeks episode? Up 48% from last week! Has that every happened before? Good thing they spent the first few minutes recapping everything.

  • Nick

    I’ve said it all along, the Mills kids are too boring for primetime TV. There’d better be some major soapy plotlines just ahead. I’m more intrigued about Daddy Mills’ illigitimate kid. Tabitha is great…need more of her. Ty is absolute eye-candy….need much more. And yes, get Kelly and Silver’s mother, Jackie, back into the mix. That scene last week was the highpoint of the series thus far.

    I’d also recommend getting Tori Spelling and Luke Perry onboard asap, esp. if Brenda’s visit is nearing its end. We’re thriving on the original actors now, since the Wilson clan is just so frikkin dull.

  • I have to agree with you on 90210. The Characters anyone really likes/cares about are the Taylors. Annie and Dixon are the worst thing about the show.

    Privledged was good, i just wish more people were watching it, because I dont wanna get hooked and then have it be canceled.

    Haven’t had a chance to watch Fringe or House yet. Is House even really worth watching anymore?

  • Mohammad

    They should have made Silver the main lead to begin with, she’s far more dynamic and likeable than Annie Mills. Not to mention Shanae’s acting doesn’t deserve a lead role in any show ever.

    As far as Weeds goes, it was such a great finale! I don’t understand all the season 4 hate, it was just so good!

  • Jamie P

    I wish 90210 was a little more exciting too. I really wanted to love it! I never missed one episode of the original. I am hoping that maybe they will get the kinks worked out and the show gets better. I will watch it either way though..

    Privileged was as good as it was last week..

  • I think Weeds hit a really dark place this season. That turned some people off. I like House but then again, I wasn’t a fan until the new crop of doctors came in.

  • Neena

    TV Addict – no you’re not too old to be watching 90210. I was a fan of the original and was really looking forward to the new 90210.

    I thought that this week’s ep was an improvement. I actually enjoyed it. The highlight for me was Dixon and Silver flirting and definitely Grandma Wilson. They need to give her more to do. Couldn’t Annie and Dixon go to her sometimes with their problems?

    As for your solution. It wouldn’t work; this is an updating of the original, so they need to keep the Wilsons. All the writers need to do is to make the characters interesting. Add some conflict and tension. Improve the storylines and the scripts.

    Right now the only younger characters i like are Dixon, Silver and Navid. I must admit though that after this weeks ep Ethan and Naomi are growing on me. Although i hate Naomi’s plotline at the moment – so boring.

    I think the main problem is that both Dixon and Annie are dull because they are too perfect. Give them some conflict. Have them argue with their parents once in a while or at least do something bad.