Following last night’s fantastic season premieres of both SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL this TV Addict is left pondering two very simple questions. First off, should next season’s SMALLVILLE spin-off be called METROPOLIS or JUSTICE LEAGUE? And two, are we about to head towards a future where the web’s favorite brotherly duo are on opposite sides of the issue? Would SUPERNATURAL showrunner Eric Kripke seriously turn Dean against Sam as they face off in a Holy War to save humanity. Angels versus Demons, brother against brother, fandom v fandom? I’m not so sure the internet will be able to handle it. Post away with your thoughts. And for the record, this TV Addict is totally voting Sam/Demon ’08 come November!

  • John

    I see Winchester fights (i.e.arguments), not Winchester enemies. They differ on means, not ends – and Dean is going to learn to let Sam make some decisions on how to run his own life.

  • Gabi

    Supernatural was AMAZING, and I really really loved Smallville too. I love that he finally got the job at the Daily Planet, that part of the Justice League is back and everything else just felt right. I know I’m gonna love this season when we finally get to see a more Superman like Clark. 😀

  • Mel

    Bring it, TV Addict! I’m voting Dean/Angel ’08 LOL!

    I don’t know if that’s truly the direction that EK will take the show. If he does, I hope Sam doesn’t get too far down the road to hell before Dean pulls him back. I like both my Winchesters as heroes.

    Pretty awesome premiere.

  • Patty

    I watched both the premieres last night and it was amazing!

    I think Sam is going to be able to see the angel in his real form, but still do his whole demon-thing. I hope they don’t get pitted against each other in the battle…that would be tragic!

  • I’m not so sure I’d leave Sam off that ticket. Dude can kill you with his brain.

  • TVFan

    Smallville or as it will soon be known – Metropolis was amazing. Didn’t miss Lex a bit although it helped that Lana was no where to be seen.

    As for Supernatural…. my vote’s for Dean. He’s been to hell and back. Literally.

  • Ditto Patty – when Castiel told Dean he thought that he’d be able to see/hear him in his natural form, my thoughts went directly to Sam.

    I think part of Dean’s official mission will be to battle and save his brother. I really don’t want to see those two have to fight each other, they work best as a team.

    As for Smallville, I definitely enjoyed having no Lana there (save for those few flashbacks). Although, I get the uneasy feeling that the newbie, Tess will be every bit as annoying as Ms. Lang was.

  • Hil

    I thought SPN was pretty good. Its about time we get some bad-ass angels thrown into the mix. With all the evil regularly out there it would seem there needs to be some good. And since the good already burned some peoples eyes out I doubt they will be the fluffy bunny kind of angels. While it seems like Sam and Dean might be pitted against each other in the near future, my bet is on them striking out on their own together eventually. Neither seem to be the “taking orders” type for too long, even if orders are coming from the “good”. I am hoping they become the third party option.

  • Naf

    Sam against Dean?! SAM AGAINST DEAN!!! Genius move by the writers with this episode. Firstly, bringing Dean straight back meant we got back to what we love about the show; the brothers. Any other should would have dragged Dean in hell for a few weeks, probably reuniting them for sweeps. Secondly, bringing an Angel into the mix really brings a new angle to the show. I’m just hoping the angels aren’t perfect, and from the eye melting we saw this week, it looks like we’re going to get a pretty interesting interpretation of heaven and ‘the good side’.

  • ewanspotter

    SPN? Fantastic. And yes, I think the Kripkeeper is setting us up for some epic Sam vs. Dean in the season four finale. (Yep. Already thinking about the finale.) Can’t wait!

  • BHcolin

    Loved Supernatural last night, just a great episode. What got me was Dean though — he just couldn’t believe that Castiel was an Angel of the Lord. He had a serious time believing that angels exist — and all I could do is think mmmmmmmm dude the sh-t you see/fight and you can’t grasp an Angel.

    Loved it — loved that I didn’t see it coming. I never thought that an angel pulled him out

  • Jillian

    Supernatural always delivers a fantastic payoff. It gets better every year. I think that even if “God has plans for Dean” that neither the angel nor Dean will be given clear directions. Castiel admitted to making mistakes about Dean, the very person he was sent to rescue. So, I think that right off the biggest wedge between the brothers (won’t be Wedge Antilles) will be their secrets and the ‘do I tell or don’t I’ quandary.

  • I cant wait for next weeks Supernatural… I just hope the plot lines dont drag out too long I really want to see this angel vs daemon fighting… I also think it would be a laugh if Sam was all about the women and Dean becomes a gentleman…

    I still think they need to bring back papa some how…
    I also found it weird that Dean didnt believe in Angels… I also found it terrible that they burned that girls eyes out (heaven should have been big beaming lights not FIRE/FLAMES)

    As for Smallville… I’m very happy clark has moved on… I loved the last scene with Lois… I ready dont like the LEX replacement girl… I’m over the whole Section 33.3 and lex/luthor corp… I’m also really hoping for FLYING!!!!! cause its pretty crazy that we have a intro that shows him flying from a season or two ago when it wasnt really clark…

  • Mark

    Supernatural was awesome. SO much better than last year.

    I really can’t wait to see where they go with the Castiel storyline, he’s officially my new favorite character (besides Sam and Dean) of the season. That scene with Dean and Castiel at the very end was great acting on both parts.

  • Amy

    I have to say that I am super excited about the new season of Supernatural. I have thought since season one that they were gearing up ultimately for some sort of epic showdown between the brothers. Looks like it is going to happen soon……we’ve always known that Sam has this weird draw with the demons but I think deep inside, he wants to be good. I just never never never saw the angel thing with Dean coming. Thanks Kripke for the great story lines. LOL


    Angel vs Evil ? I just don’t think Sam is evil…except when he’s possessed. Sometimes he might let his affection for Dean get the best of him and do the wrong things (Time is on my side – trying to make a zombie out of Dean because he couldn’t find any other way to save his brother). It’s not Sam’s fault that the Evil had him drink its blood when he was just a baby. I want to believe that Dean would go on protecting Sam like he did in “Born under a bad sign”, because the “possessed Sam” is not Sam.