Emmy Predictions 2008: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama

In anticipation of Sunday’s EMMY Awards, theTVaddict.com is proud [or not-so-proud depending on how things turn out] to once again present our GUARANTEED EMMY WINNERS 2008*

emmy Predictions 2008: Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama
Nominees (L to R): Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama: Gabriel Byrne [IN TREATMENT], Bryan Cranston [BREAKING BAD], Michael C. Hall [DEXTER], Hugh Laurie [HOUSE], John Hamm [MAD MEN], James Spader [BOSTON LEGAL]

SHOULD WIN: Hugh Laurie
With apologies to Chase and Cameron fans, last season’s cast overhall proved without a shadow a doubt that there is only one reason to check into Plainsborough Presbyterian. And it’s certainly not for the bedside manner.

WILL WIN: John Hamm
Oh yes, it’s going to be a fantastic night for fans of MAD MEN. For the 98.999% of America who don’t know how to find AMC on their television set, umm… not so much.

SNUBBED: Matthew Fox

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*theTVaddict.com does not guarantee his ‘winning picks’ — Do not, I repeat, Do not ‘bet the house, kids or family pet’ on them!

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  • Ashley

    SHOULD WIN: Jon Hamm

    I wouldn’t mind a win by Cranston or Hall, and Spader has given some funny acceptance speeches. But I am so over Hugh Laurie! I think he – and his sometimes gimmicky show – are both overrated.

    WILL WIN: Jon Hamm

    SNUBBED: Kyle Chandler

  • Josh C.

    come on, no love for michael c hall. I mean it’s about time the guy gets some credit

  • Hil

    James Spader? James Freak’n Spader? Did he buy a five year pass or something? Every year I see his name on there I have spasms. I’ll never get it.

  • Josh Emerson

    SHOULD WIN: Michael C. Hall. Because I don’t watch any of the other shows. Plus, he’s awesome.

    WILL WIN: James Spader. Then this site will fill up with posts about how much he sucks and didn’t deserve to win. “HE ROBBED ________ OF THAT EFFING EMMY!!!!!”

  • I totally agree about how much Hugh Laurie deserves to win and how much the strength his performance makes his co-stars virtually irrelevant. He’s my first choice to win. Of course, I only watch two out of the six shows these actors are in, so I guess I’m biased by default.

    And, I know this won’t be a popular opinion, but I may be the only person in the solar system who’d actually be okay with James Spader winning too. Boston Legal’s first three seasons were hit & miss, but season four was its best year, thanks to the show’s best combination of characters, sharp writing, and excellent performances, most of them coming from James Spader.

    The strength of Boston Legal comes from two main elements: Alan Shore’s long closing arguments and the cigar & chat sessions between Alan and Denny Crane (William Shatner) that close each episode. I’m always impressed with the writing & acting during Spader’s excessively long monologues which are always full of poignancy, humor, and social commentary all at the same time. He can go from energetic, ranting, and cynical to quietly and almost sorrowfully passionate in a blink. And, I love his character’s chemistry with Denny Crane, even though I’ve read that Shatner may not like Spader much in real life.

    Also, Emmy votes for acting are based on a single episode, not a full season. Spader is nominated for the episode in which his character passionately and aggressively pled a case to the U.S. Supreme Court. It was one of the best 3 or 4 episodes of the season, probably one of the best ten of the whole series, and one of the character’s best closing arguments ever. No matter what Spader was like the rest of the season, he’s deserving for this episode.

    That’s why I think Candice Bergen and, yes, even William Shatner are both deserving in their supporting nominations too. They are also nominated for their respective best episodes. Fair or not, David E. Kelley knows how to write episodes specifically with Emmy nominations in mind.

  • Vato

    I don’t think Mad Men will win as many Emmys as people think it will…

    This is going to be set between Gabriel Byrne (who will win, and I’m still waiting for your real opinion about In Treatment, TV Addict…) and Bryan Cranston (who should win), with James Spader really close to them.

    I can see Hugh Laurie winning next year, but tonight I will be expecting Gabriel Byrne…

  • Mark

    Should Win: Hugh Laurie

    Will Win: Jon Hamm

    (We think alike, TVAddict.)

    Snubbed: Jensen Ackles

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