Emmy Awards Live Blog 2008

10:56PM: MAD MEN’s win for Outstanding Drama and 30 ROCK’s win for Outstanding Comedy are much deserved. You know what else is deserved? Far larger audiences! So be sure to give quality television a chance and check out MAD MEN on AMC at 10PM on Sundays and don’t miss 30 ROCK’s return to NBC on October 30. You can also check out 30 ROCK Season 2 on DVD this October 7. Seriously people, these are two of television’s finest. How ’bout giving quality TV a chance.

10:50PM: Jeff Probst wins the inaugural Emmy for Outstanding Reality TV Host.

10:46PM: And the number one sign you know your Award Show stinks, when Jimmy Kimmel is the highlight.

10:40PM: Tina Fey takes home an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy for 30 ROCK.

10:38PM: Bryan Cranston wins Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama for BREAKING BAD. WOW! I really have to pick up that DVD when it’s released.

10:34PM: I can’t decide if George Carlin or Bernie Mac won for loudest applause during the annual ‘In Memoriam’ segment.

10:29PM: Glenn Close wins Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama for DAMAGES and gets cut off by ABC because the show is so behind. Ridiculous.

10:26PM: Shoe-in of the night, Alec Baldwin wins for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his brilliant work on 30 ROCK.

10:25PM: Paul Giamatti who won for Lead Actor in a Miniseries so isn’t getting any tonight. He decided to thank his fake TV wife [Laura Linney] rather than his real one. Did you catch her reaction?

10:16PM: MAD MEN sweep back on track. Matthew Weiner walks away with an Emmy for Best Writing in a Drama Series.

10:15PM: Let the MAD MEN sweep beg……. HUH! Greg Yaitanes wins a Best Directing Emmy for HOUSE.

10:09PM: Don Rickles win for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Musical special, ensuring tomorrow night’s COLBERT REPORT will truly be Must See TV.

10:08PM: Kristen Chenowith and Neil Patrick Harris’ bit was cut thanks to Howie Mandel’s prattling. DAMN YOU HOWIE MANDEL!!!

10:02PM: John Adams wins for Outstanding Miniseries. Cue Tom Hanks and obligatory shout out to the troops disgraced former HBO boss Chris Albrecht… awkward.

9:56PM: Good News: Presenters Kathy Griffin orders a standing ovation for Don Rickles. Bad News: THE AMAZING RACE wins its sixth consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Reality TV Competition.

9:46PM: Wait a sec… I don’t think Stephen Colbert is really talking about Prunes! Colbert and Stewart award Jay Roach a Best Directing Emmy for RECOUNT. And they say Hollywood is too Liberal, Nah! On a related note, I only saw the first half of RECOUNT… how did it end? Zing! A little Emmy humor to keep you awake!

9:44PM: Tom Wilkinson couldn’t be at the Emmys to accept his award for Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie. Lucky Bastard!

9:37PM: Gotta say, I’m kind of surprised Christina Applegate did not get a standing ovation. RECOUNT wins for Best Miniseries/Movie.

9:32PM: THE WEST WING premiered a decade ago??? Where does the time go? God I miss that show. Hey Mr. Silverman [President of NBC, for now], when KNIGHT RIDER is cancelled and your entire fall lineup bombs, how about bringing THE WEST WING back [see my open letter]

9:26PM: Who says Television doesn’t teach us anything. As Tina Fey so poignantly pointed out as she accepted her Outstanding Writing Emmy for an episode of 30 ROCK. “Never go with a hippie to a second location.”

9:22PM: Mrs. Landingham [RIP] awards Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series to Barry Sonnenfeld for PUSHING DAISIES Pie-lette.

9:18PM: Bill Maher’s losing streak continues once again as THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART wins for Best Music or Comedy Series.

9:13PM: Best line of the night goes to Jeremy Piven backstage on the show’s opening, via EWPopWatch, “I thought we were being punk’d as an audience.”

9:07PM: Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie Emmy goes to Laura Linney for JOHN ADAMS. Who gives a shout out to “Community Organizers who helped build our country.” Take that McCain!

9:05PM: I hope Ed McMahon got paid for that little cameo during Josh Groban’s Emmy performance. I hear he’s got a few real estate issue.

8:47PM: Even SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’s Emmy Clip for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music and/or Comedy Show was lame. Nintendo Wii jokes were so two years ago. THE COLBERT REPORT wins it’s first Emmy by the way. Woo-Hoo!

8:43PM: Dianne Wiest didn’t show up to her accept her win for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, so Conan O’Brien accepts it in her honor and will hand it over to Steve Carrel.

8:42PM: Conan O’Brien presents Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, but not before taking a shot at Kathering Heigl, Ouch!

8:36PM: Ricky Gervais hilariously dresses down Steve Carell for stealing last year’s Emmy from him [Gervais couldn’t be there to accept his win for EXTRAS]. “I sat through EVAN ALMIGHTY, have you even seen GHOST TOWN yet?” Ummm… here’s an idea. Emmy Host ’09 – RICKY GERVAIS!

8:29PM: SHOCKER of the Night #2: Zeljko Ivanek wins for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama, presented by the ladies of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Yes, all six of them.

8:20PM: SHOCKER! Jean Smart wins Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for SAMANTHA WHO? and does the classy thing by giving Christina Applegate a huge shout out first.

8:18PM: Julia Louis Dreyfus says that the SEINFELD clip just brought back warm memories… of a helluva bigger paycheck! Zing!

8:12PM: Awkward. Jeremy Piven just slammed what will surely go down as the worst Emmy opening ever.

8:11PM: Jeremy Piven wins for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy. The TV Addict is 1 for 1! Just sayin’

8:10PM: How sad is it that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s two minute intro was to Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy was funnier than the last two episodes of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE combined?

8:00PM: Five Reality TV show hosts just set not only television, but women back fifty years.

7:56PM: Spoiler alert much! Was it really necessary for ABC to give away everything that happens on Sunday’s season premiere of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

7:50PM: Via Twitter, EWPopWatch is actually complaining about the food backstage at the Emmys. I mean seriously!?!? EW, you’re backstage at the frakkin’ Emmys. Don’t even get me started on the whole getting paid to watch TV thing!

7:00PM: With T-Minus one hour and counting until the 60th Annual Emmy Awards, this TV Addict thought he’d get the ball rolling by offering up the first question of the night. How many minutes do you think it will take for one of our five Reality TV Hosts [Tom Bergeron (“Dancing with the Stars”), Heidi Klum (“Project Runway”), Howie Mandel (“Deal or No Deal”), Jeff Probst (“Survivor”) and Ryan Seacrest] to make a “voted off the Emmys” joke?

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  • I’m kind of surprised Christina Applegate didn’t get a standing ovation.

  • Josh Emerson

    Extras was robbed! I enjoyed Recount as much as the next liberal, but c’mon. Extras’ series finale was brilliant. I loved that show.

  • Todd W in NC,
    You literally took the words right out of my mouth. Spooky!

  • Josh C.

    honestly i was so disappointed by the awards this year i got up and started doing the dishes………….and that says alot considering i have a dishwasher. this will teach the academy that reality host doesnt always equal good live. and just to let everyone know. I havent gotten a single pick correct tonight. damn i really wanted 30 rock

  • theo

    My Family is watching Football, So I have to wait til’ 8 to watch…Stupid West Coast.

  • Hmm. That’s about the third person who wasn’t there to accept their award. So, are even the actors not taking the Emmys seriously any more?

    Prunes = Republicans. Who’d a thunk it?

  • CC

    Michael Emerson was ROBBED!

  • Whoa! A fourth absent Emmy winner. This isn’t common is it?

    Emmy Host 2009 = Don Rickles!!! Now, that’d be a good show. I don’t even understand half his jokes, but he just induces laughter through mass telepathy or something.

  • tim wilkins

    Rickles and Griffin funny. Amazing Race wins the 6th time? Uh, take the oprah road and take urself out of the running. Share the love.

  • I would rather see “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila” win over “The Amazing Race” again. Gah.

  • Tim G,
    Are you seriously copy/pasting your tweets. I demand original comments on theTVaddict.com – NOT repeats 🙂

  • Amazing Race winning is not BAD news

  • sad for Michael Emerson losing and happy for Colbert Report for winning an emmy for writing, well deserved. But it would have been better if they also won OUTSTANDING COMEDY, MUSIIC OR COMEDY

  • Don Rickles simply must be on TV more often.

    Yay! The director of House’s season finale, part 1, wins for Best Drama Directing. Great episode. Good choice.

  • tim wilkins

    How soon b4 the winners will be cut off and we’ll just see commercials instead? Rickles win was funny. Walsh looked bored.

  • oh god, I suck at predictions.

  • I agree on the House award … one of my fave eps ever, and glad to see it recognized.

    Peeved as all heck though on the BSG loss!

  • I’m happy Jean Smart won, she does well at Samantha Who

  • theo

    Yay for Alec winning again.


  • Ooh, Best Drama Actor. Hugh Laurie, please. If not, then James Spader.

    Winner: Brian Cranston for Breaking Bad. Don’t watch it. Oh well.

  • Although I was rooting for Hugh Laurie to win, Bryan Cranston is not a bad winner either. He is excellent in Breaking Bad

  • I was rooting for Laurie, Hall and Hamm.

    Does anyone even watch Breaking Bad?

  • Oh, nice!!! Make the reality show hosts wait until after the break to find out who the winner is. Very fitting. 🙂

  • TVFan

    Todd W in NC…. agreed!

  • Todd W in NC,
    After their performance tonight, they deserve it!

  • Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch reality TV?

  • Wow, Jeff Probst won? He’s from the only one of those five reality/competition shows that I watch, but I’m still surprised Ryan Seacrest didn’t win.

  • the win the actors in IN TREATMENT and BREAKING BAD are the biggest shockers tonight.

    I just hope people wont diss them that they are not deserving because they have not seen it

  • Jeff Probst deserves to win! The way he handles tribal councils is great.

    I’m glad Seacrest lost, he is overrated

  • Emmys suck

    WTF?!? Lost deserved to win over that amzingly overrated mad men, emmys should be ashamed of themselves

  • CC

    Dexter deserves so much recognition, it makes me sad.

  • tim wilkins

    Well, I hope this Emmy win gets Mad Men a pick up. Longest show ever: the emmys. Funny, they were running out of time but kept the bad jokes? Uh, lose them. Cut each category (comedy, drama, mini series,) in 15 to 30 minute segments. lol Anything to speed it up. Probst deserved to win. His tv show started it all.

  • Ooh, Best Drama. House, Lost, and Boston Legal are my picks in that order.

    Winner: Mad Men. Oh well.

    Either they should bring back the Cable Ace Awards so that Cable shows can compete amongst themselves, or the broadcast networks are going to have to step it up.

    Most of the *really* good shows this season were cancelled or overlooked.

    So few nominations this year I was even familiar with, and out of those, I don’t think any won. Not sure I’ll watch the Emmys if this trend keeps up.

    And as for tonight, I really should have worked on tiling my bathroom floor instead.

  • Jonah

    What do you mean, “Give quality TV a chance?, ” TV Addict? Didn’t you see that Fox’s new (stolen) brainchild, Hole in the Wall, drew more viewers than the awesome Supernatural on Thursday night? Doesn’t that make you feel real good about America’s viewing choices? We’re dealing with morons, man. It’s like trying to reason with a blind/deaf/mute.

  • deserving win for PUSHING DAISIES, the direction of the pilot episode was amazing

  • allie

    Yay for Glenn Close in Damages. She was sooooo good in that!

    Boo for Mad Men. Although is the award based on the first season? If so, then that’s OK. The first season was good. The second season sucks big time!!!

  • Jonah’s right about quality TV. A lot of crap out there, but Beauty & the Geek, Jericho, Journeyman, Men In Trees, Moonlight, New Amsterdam, Women’s Murder Club, and The 4400 all get cancelled in one fell swoop. And, thanks to lingering effects of the writers strike, there’s hardly anything new to look forward to this season. Even Fringe, allegedly the best new show of the season, is off to a somewhat intriguing but hardly exciting start.

  • Hil

    I’m glad all you watched it so I wouldn’t have to. I unfortunately turned it on during that horrible musical number and then quickly turned it off. That was painful. How they muck it up in different ways each year has to be some kind of record. Just when you think they’ve topped themselves.

  • james

    wtf? i’m so disappointed lost didn’t win. you’ve got to be kidding me.

  • dg

    O.K. let me get this right. The same people who actually watch the Emmy’s are those who will be voting for Obama. This answers so many questions. You morons cant be serious to be so terribly into this. The writers strike didnt have you SHEEP miss a beat did it? Get a life. But please do wait to join the real world until after you spend a months salary on that Oscars party you are planning. I can only hope that there is some thrilling set of shows on TV all day and night Nov. the 4th that will certainly keep you dunderheads out of the polling booth because the true reason you will vote for Obama is because Pamela Anderson thinks he’s swell and the Large Marge’s of the View think he’s cute

  • M. S. Williams

    I was very disappointed that Hugh Laurie didn’t win. House is the only program I never miss. The inevitable political asides were tedious and predictable.