First Look: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Season Three

Contrary to rampant online speculation, this TV Addict has not — I repeat HAS NOT — packed his bags, sold the house and moved to the United States in order to get DirecTV in time for the premiere of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS third season on October 1st premiere. Because that would be crazy… right?!

Thanks to BuddyTV for the Tip!

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  • amanda

    that was awesome, even if nothing was actually revealed. you know a TV show is epic when you tear up just at the mere sight of the characters.

  • Good promo! I really hope DirecTV keeps the show as funny, entertaining and real as it is!

    And by the way, I found ‘funny’ that in Latinamerica, we are going to see the season 3 sooner, than all the other people who don’t have DirecTV!

  • I have DirecTv and the DVR season pass is already set. I’m so excited.

  • Johnny

    Great promo for a highly underrated show