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In anticipation of tonight’s third season premiere of HEROES [see preview], thought we’d spend a few moments shining a spotlight on actor Zachary Quinto, who has risen to fame playing America’s favorite super-villain Sylar.

On the new season: In a far more diplomatic manner than this TV Addict might have put it, Zachary Quinto promises that the new Chapter of HEROES, titled “Villains” will be far more entertaining that last season’s suck fest underwhelming “Generations” installment, “I think that the scripts this season are just, you know, more exciting and more action-packed, and more dynamic than ever. I think it just keeps getting better and more – you know, every time I open a script it’s truly a thrill.”

On what’s in store for Sylar: There’s a lot of unexpected turns this year for my character and every time I open a script there’s just a different kind of challenge. Whether it’s a either physical challenge in terms of a fight sequence or a stunt sequence that we’re doing, or a special effects sequence that we’re doing, or emotional challenge in terms of what Sylar’s coming up against in himself, and what he’s coming up against outside of himself with the people that he’s interacting with. I think the tapestry of that has been incredibly rich this year for my character, in particular. So it’s been really – it’s been a ride for sure.

On Sylar’s increasingly ‘human’ tendencies: With Zachary Quinto standing by his television alter ego, explaining that, “Sylar’s evil is rooted in a great humanity and in a lot of smallness, and a feeling of sort of emptiness.” It’s only natural to wonder, will Sylar ever turn to the good side? And more importantly, will he finally meet that special someone to help him on the path towards good? Teases showrunner Tim Kring, “He’ll have a series of very human relationships in this volume alone.” Interesting…

On becoming a Science Fiction Icon: I never imagined that my experience would lead me so deeply into the comic book and science fiction world as it has. But again it’s something that I’m incredibly grateful for.

On his ever-expanding fanbase: It’s a really exciting group of fans, you know, and so I feel like that’s something else that is an added bonus to the whole thing. It’s like probably the most ardent group of people that you could ever be working for in terms of fans and their enthusiasm for the stories that you’re telling.

On playing that other famous character that stars with the letter “S”: America’s favorite Super-Villain will seamlessly segway into an American icon of a different sort having already donned the prosthetic ears to play Spock in the upcoming J.J. Abrams feature film STAR TREK, “I feel like my experience on HEROES and the world in which it’s rooted lends itself to the attention that led me to be a part of the movie.”

You can catch Sylar’s return on HEROES Special Two-Hour season premiere airing tonight at 8PM on NBC [GlobalTV in Canada]

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