Fall TV Madness: Monday

fall tv schedule monday

Is seven hours of television in one night even humanly possible? Well, put it this way. If theTVaddict.com isn’t updated tomorrow morning, the answer is “No!”

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  • checking abc’s website, Samantha Who? is not on tonight as Dancing With The Stars is 2 hours long. Samantha Who premieres Oct. 6

  • Hey Davin,

    In truth, I was just giving an overview of schedule. But if you insist on getting all “fact checky” on me. HEROES actually runs three hours with an hour long clip show at 8PM and a two hour premiere starting at 9PM. CHUCK premieres the following week!

    But in all seriousness, thanks for helping me do my job. TheTVaddict.com’s crack research staff dropped the ball again.

  • Nicholas

    Oh, don’t worry, seven hours is more than possible. On Monday nights I have seven and a half hours, then on Tuesday nights I have nine. Or something terrible like that.

    Unbeknownst to those who to not watch the amount of TV we do, it is really a bit daunting. And annoying. I mean, I love TV…but it’s not enjoyable knowing that you actually have to draw up a schedule just to remember every show that you watch. And it is really kind of scary to know that you have 50+ shows (I’m not effing kidding here, I really have that much) to watch every week.

  • Just Jody

    Why not beat the rush and watch Gossip Girl a night early on one of the many Can. networks that airs it on Sunday?

  • Just Jody,

    I didn’t realize GG was on Sunday? Well, until you twittered it! It would really help me out if you twittered this stuff earlier though so I could set my PVR!

  • Linda B.

    On a regular Monday night I will have 4 hrs to watch – Chuck, Heroes, My Own…, and Sarah C.

    One question i have for you TVa – If there’s no way you’d watch 2.5 Men, then why are they plastered all over your site right now? I guess it pays the bills 🙂

  • Linda B,

    In all seriousness, and I think as evidence by the fact that I am not ‘watching TWO AND A HALF MEN this fall… the editorial and advertising content on this site are completely separate. So much so that I’m not even in control of what ads appear on the site. How’s that for journalistic integrity 🙂

  • Ok so you have just illustrated my Monday night problem. I can only DVR/watch so many things at once. Is there a night when they repeat GG or OTH? I have to check out Sundays but I hate being a whole wek behind when the episode airs. This is impossible.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m planning on checking out CBS’ Worst Week. The previews look funny and Kristin at E says it’s a good show.

    My “Must Sees” are How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Heroes, and One Tree Hill. My “if I have nothing better to do” shows are Gossip Girl, Prison Break, and Terminator. Oh phuck, I just noticed Samantha Who is coming back too! I completely forgot about that show.

    And this doesn’t even begin to consider the fact that I’d like to watch Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC each night. WTF am I gonna do? LOL

  • CC

    Why do they mash everything up on Monday night?! Its ridiculous. No way How I met your Mother or Chuck will get the audience it deserves. People are so stupid.

  • Charles

    You’re going to watch 7 hours of television…on one night? Geez and I thought my viewing habits were bad.

    Just HIMYM for me tonight!

  • Just Jody

    lol. Sorry, I’ll try and find these things in a more timely manner from now on.

    I stumbled across it when I started flicking because I was bored of the Emmy’s. Missed the first 20 mins. myself. But when checking the guide I noticed there were quite a few choices for Sunday night early Gossip Girl viewing.

  • bws

    Monday night has my only two-tuner DVR conundrum. During the 8 Eastern block, I have Terminator, Chuck, and Gossip Girl. Can anyone explain to me why GG was moved to 8pm? Shouldn’t it swap with One Tree Hill? Gossip Girl is racier and has better ratings… I’d put it later. Also, that would fix my only DVR conflict!

    Sunday is technically worse for my DVR but the conflicts are with Dexter, Californication, Mad Men, and True Blood… all of which have later viewings that my DVR can grab.

  • Linda B.

    bws – forgot about the later viewings. That solves my Sunday night problem of Desperate Housewives, Dexter, and True Blood all on at the same time.

    I still think Thursdays are the most crammed night of tv, especially this Thursday – 8 hrs total cause Survivor and Grey’s Anatomy are 2 hrs long this week.

  • I’m on my fifth hour but the clock’s going to hid midnight with another 45 minutes to go so I guess…technically…I didn’t pull it off in the same night.

  • Josh C.

    I’m suprised to see Sam who? As undecided. I just watched the first season on DVD and have never laughed so hard. I think that needs to change to must see tv. Don’t give potential viewers the wrong impression. LOL