Fall TV Madness: Tuesday

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  • Josh Emerson

    I have nothing to watch on Tuesday! What a difference from Monday nights.

  • Melissa

    Hey just thought i should let you know that Fringe comes on after House. House is at 8, Fringe is at 9. Hope this helps with your planning!!!

  • Josh C.

    i dont think i could watch the mentalist. I saw the commercial preview on CBS. it’s just a rip-off of psych.

  • Linda B.

    Since all that’s on for me tonight is Fringe, I’ll be playing catchup from last night tonight. I have 3 hrs of Heroes to watch as well as True Blood from Sunday.

    Oh crap, just remembered the season finale of Eureka is on tonight as well. I’m already starting to feel the stress of the fall season. Help!

  • bws

    Yep, I’m bailing on 90210 and Privileged now that better TV has started. Tuesday night is for Fringe and Monday catch-ups.

  • That’s the fun part of the beginning of the television season, pruning out the chaff.

  • Linda – I still need to watch True Blood as well. Blood sisters!

    TVA – just so you know there are also new episodes of Greek on Tuesdays. Lucky for me I get my ABCFamily shows on EST so it doesn’t interfere with anything else.

  • Melissa – Thanks for the correction! Sadly, Monday night TV has slowly started to suck out what’s little left of my intelligence.

    Heather – What’s a chaff?

    Shanna – Thanks for reminding me about GREEK, which I download every Wednesday on iTunes!

  • I know you are saying Not Gonna Happen, but as far as procedural crime dramas go I am madly in love with NCIS. My dad actually got me started on it and I used to go over to his house so we could watch together. I mean what can’t be awesome about Mark Harmon in that character. Love it!

    In fact, if Eli Stone wasn’t on tonight as well, NCIS would probably be the thing I’m most looking forward to.

  • Chaff is the inedible, dry, scaly protective casings of the seeds of cereal grain, or similar fine, dry, scaly plant material such as scaly parts of flowers, or finely chopped straw. In agriculture chaff is used as livestock fodder, or is a waste material ploughed into the soil or burnt.

    In other words, you separate the chaff (the unwatchable) from the good stuff (the watchable).