Which is why my fellow TV Addicts, I’m taking the easy way out this morning and turning things over you to. So go ahead, put on your ‘Critics Hat’ and let us all know what you thought of last night’s installments of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, HEROES, GOSSIP GIRL, ONE TREE HILL, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, THE BIG BANG THEORY, BOSTON LEGAL and PRISON BREAK.

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  • Josh Emerson

    HEROES: Awesome. I loved it. And how cool was it to sorta see a Veronica Mars reunion last night? I really wish there would’ve been more of a scene between Kristen Bell and Francis Capra.

    OTH: Could this show get any more depressing? lol

  • Haven’t gotten to see TSCC yet. Heroes was fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed it. CSI: Miami and Boston Legal were still serving up hearty platters of campy goodness but Boston Legal was so much better. Gossip Girl was fun, love seeing Serena come out on top, but I hate that Chuck used her to get back at Blair — Dan on the other hand is a real schmuck. Finally, I also got to see the premieres of Chuck and Life which were both available for free viewing (one on myspace and the other via iTunes) and I was THRILLED to see both.

  • Kel

    Heroes was totally lackluster. Still repeating storylines, characters acting wildly out of character, yet ANOTHER apocalyptic future, and totally nullifying the whole “save the cheerleader, save the world” mantra from season one. And those are just my top 4 complaints. Ugh, so frustrating when a great show can’t seem to find itself again.

  • Gabi

    Heroes: Good, little too much with two hrs though.
    Gossip Girl: Serena, bad girl = cool. Other than that I thought the Marcus/Catherine storyline was over too quickly, and like it never happened. Even though I wanted them gone, it just didn’t make any sense that they would be sleeping together – ewww!

    HIMYM: Okay. Ted/Stella = Boring. Barney loves Robin = cute and a little fun, but I want the old Barn back!
    BBT: Fun episode, really good start of the season
    T:SCC: Haven’t seen the whole ep yet, but I’m starting to lose interest in this show.
    OTH: Like always it was just okay, nothing special
    Prison Break: I fell a sleep, so I can’t really say what I thought 😉 A little too much of the same thing every week.

  • HIMYM: Not one of their best but still a funny watch. I thought they did a good job of keeping Barney true to his character while letting him fall in loe
    T:SCC: Is it wrong that I just want Sarah to kill someone and not look back?
    Heroes: Is it wrong that I just want someone to DIE for reals?
    Gossip Girl: Is it wrong that I’m rooting for Chuck?

  • sara

    Was I the only one confused during Gossip Girl? I think it was too much off screen action and I am not sure what actually ended up happening with Nate’s dad. Also I don’t understand what Chuck was doing other then throwing more of his dad’s money around. We get it, you buy and sell people everyday!

    I was so confused and then went right in to 2 hours of Heroes that I also thought was really confusing at times and also to long. I hate it when they promise a 2 hour special and they give you 2 single hour episodes. Its not a challenge to put 2 episodes back to back, it is harder to come up with a story that can span 2 hours and be any good. I liked both episodes but I thought the second one was much better but I kept switching channels because my other channels were jealous I hadn’t visited them in a while. So I may have missed some things late in the second episode.

    Sorry for the rant but it was a night of confusion in my book. I look foward to watching T:SCC later today on Hulu though.

    While I’m here thansk for the Podcast they keep me sane at work and I think you and Ariel are so damn funny!


  • What I managed to get through (GG, OTH, BBT HIMYM) was great. I’m still watching Heroes but since I’m typing and watching … you get it.

    GG: Love Bad Serena but I just want to point out that if Dan hadn’t Humphried all over the place like he usually does, there would be no Bad Serena. I’m rooting for Chuck too. I wuv him.

    OTH: I’m stil watching for Brooke and Jamie and we got some great stuff. I do wish the show would stop making me cry though. I held back the tears until all the players came out of the locker room and everyone was still there.

    HIMYM: I like Stella and Ted but how disturbing for his kids to hear that he used to be in love with their aunt and then he was engaged to someone else? Barney was hilarious. “I want to hear about her day, I want to smell her hair … but I don’t want to be her boyfriend!”

    BBT: Was cute. Sheldon cracks me up!

  • Sara, Chuck hired Amanda to go after Dan so Serena would get jealous and eventually go back to being Bad Serena AKA The Serena who Trumps Blair. Now Blair is being moved down the ladder and when Blair isn’t on top she tends to go running to Chuck which is ultimately what he wants.

    Can’t explain Heroes cause so far from what I can tell it boils down to everyone making dumb ass choices that they think are best.

  • Amy

    Really enjoyed Heroes last night. As usual, though, it jumped around a lot and crammed quite a lot in so I think I may have to rewatch it and make sure I didn’t miss anything. Taped CSI: Miami so will have to watch that at a later date.

  • A few questions for my fellow TV Addicts since I’m embarrassed to say, only managed to get through TERMINATOR, HIMYM and HEROES.

    1) What’s more depressing, OTH or TERMINATOR?
    2) Which hero would you like to see off the show first, Hiro or Mohinder?
    3) Ted and Stella, will them make it down the aisle?

    And specifically for reader Amy: What is this ‘tape’ you speak of? 🙂

  • SimplyKimberly

    I think my tv loving heart must be broken or something because I watched not one lick of tv last night. And that follows a summer’s worth of watching less than 10 hours of prime time tv combined for the entire season.

    What is wrong with me? Yes, January is the start of the real tv season for me, but there was some awesome tv on last night and I had zero desire to watch any of it.

  • Ok so I just finished Heroes and I have to say, I don’t get the hype. Everyone was going crazy about the new game changer premiere and to me it was a rehashing of the same. They’ve really painted themselves into a corner cause it’s all about going back and forth to “fix” the past. Plus, they made me officially hate Hiro and that I cannot forgive.

  • Nick.C

    Heroes is TERRIBLE!The only kinda interesting part was Peter.The rest is,been there,done that.Is Hiro mentally challenged?Does everyone in the dark future have to where black?Did anyone think that Mohinder wouldn’t inject himself?(u could see that from a mile away)Will any character of importances ever die?Does every season have to do with the worlds end?…This show is SO overrated..
    Remember the days when people said it was better than LOST?,what a joke!!!!

    H.M.Y.M was ok.I just don’t like Stella at all.(i like the actress though)
    Neil Patrick is always great!

    As for your questions…
    1.i would never watch One Tree hill..
    2.They both need to go.
    3.Im sure they will.I just hope the relationship gets more interesting.

  • Linda B.

    TVa – you killed me w/ the tape comment!

  • jess

    I totally understand I was only able to see HEROES which was Frakintastic.

  • TVFan

    Tape… heheheheheh

  • Kara

    GOSSIP GIRL – my FAVOURITE episode of this season!!! So good, TEAM BLAIR all teh way though!!! Definitely can’t wait to see teh serena and Blair fight!! I love Chuck too…He’s always been my favourite character on television

    HEROES – it was SUPRISINGLY good…but I won’t get too excited, heroes has a tendency to DISAPPOINT

    TSCC – DVR’d it…haven’t seen it yet…hopefully its good

  • Naf

    I enjoyed Heroes, but it still has a lot of problems. But Mohinder is like Towlie. Worst character ever. I love how he got special wall climbing/sex powers. The show is just so messy. 100’s of different characters, 100’s of different things going on, most of them very similar to each other. Hiro is also a massive idiot.

  • CC

    Terminator- I feel like they’re always telling the same story… Someones trying to kill them they get away etc etc. After awhile its kind of like.. why am I watching this again?
    HIMYM- As much as I love the show I do agree with others in that Stella and Ted are extremely boring. They need to add a new character or do something, this poor show needs a boost.
    Heroes- not bad, but theres still so many improvements they could do. I too am confused by the millions of cast members and random stories. And come on Sylar’s birth mom are you serious? Complete cop out and non believable. Why?
    Gossip Girl- pretty good, love Chuck/Blair. I’m glad the Lord thing is over.
    OTH- I never was a fan until they did the flash forward and now I see what a great show this is. Fantastic writing. And yes depressing and sad but would it be interesting if it were all sunshine and babies?

  • I adore Hiro. Mohinder is a total boob. I mean, seriously — he just injects himself without any idea of what power he may get — I mean he could have turned into Ted or worse.

    Frankly, they could eliminate the whole Maya/Mohinder plot and I wouldn’t miss it, but I have a feeling Mohinder is going to be big in the Nathan resurrection/angels of God storyline.

    As for One Tree Hill? Me no watch. There’s no way to make Terminator anything but a tragedy until they ultimately ‘win’ and from the looks of that, they never will, they can only ensure that John wins later.

  • Heroes: It was alright. It is hard for me to watch some story lines, while others are awesome. I am sick of the characters constantly changing, good, bad, good, bad, good, bad. Freakin make up your mind and stick with it, or at least don’t change so frequently… It drives me crazy.

    I loved big bang theory, and I haven’t always been a fan. That episode was hilarious though and how I met your mother was good too.

    As for CW hits, I do not watch the CW much anymore, not too interested. Although privileged looks like it might have promise, which of course means that it will be promptly canceled, so why waist my time…

  • Ken

    Heroes: Terrible (compared to season 1). Hiro seems to have some sort of emotional disorder that is getting way annoying, Mohinder was once a voice that actually guided the series, we uncovered the mysteries with him, it was great, now he is peter parker’s cousin, not so great. Way too much going on, Heroes was better as a comic-like story that worked wonders on a simple premise. (People discover powers, come together to save the world).

    BBT: Great episode, one of the best of the series, I’m a huge fan.

    HIMYM: Was funny, I don’t watch it though

    T:SCC: Needs more Summer Glau (but was great)

    OTH: Stopped watching so many seasons ago when the show became a cycle of tragedy, grief, recovery, tragedy…

    GG: DVR’d it, still too lazy to get to it…