Fall TV Madness: Wednesday

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  • The ABC lineup does not premiere until next week.

  • luke

    Private Practice? Really?? For me, Pushing Daises is the only must see TV on Wednesday.

  • Linda B.

    I’ll be watching Pushing Daisies for sure. I’m still going to keep giving Private Practice a shot. I keep hoping it will get better.

    I’m also going to give Knight Rider another shot. Not too impressed w/ the tv movie last season though. I expect KR to be the Bionic Woman of this season and not make it past, eh, I’ll say 10 episodes.

    TVa – when are you going to post something about taking odds on the first show cancelled this season?

  • Hil

    Pushing Daisies and Bones at the same time? I guess I’ll have to watch Bones after.

  • Andres – I know!

    Luke – I love Kate Walsh, so PRIVATE PRACTICE will get a few more weeks to prove itself.

    Linda B. – KNIGHT RIDER is absolutely terribly. I’ve already seen tonight’s premiere and truthfully, couldn’t even make it past the halway point.

  • tim wilkins

    I gave up on ‘bones’ and ‘lipstick’ already. ‘private practice’ didn’t keep my interest last year, but i’m willing to try it again 2 due to Kate Walsh. I’m most looking forward to ‘pushing daisies.’ lol I couldn’t watch it at first and then caught up with it due to the TVAddict. =) Love and can’t wait for ‘pushing daisies.’

  • Gabi

    CSI NY rocks! I love the characters on that show so much, more than on any of the other CSIs. Definetely gonna watch Knight Rider, but I don’t think it will last that long. Probably cancelled after a few eps.

  • bws

    Anyone else watching Dirty Sexy Money? It has Donald Sutherland being unbelievably great!! I really enjoyed it last year. Pushing Daisies and DSM on Wednesdays for me! With Tuesdays and Wednesdays being relatively light, perhaps I can finally catch up on Sunday/Monday TV.

  • nathan

    i’ll be watching the entire wednesday abc lineup (pushing daisies, private practice and dirty sexy money) as well as lipstick jungle and bones! (:

  • Jamie P

    I will definitely be watching Dirty Sexy Money! I loved it last season, especially towards the end when the storyline shifted more towards Jeremy and Juliet Darling

    I am looking forward to Lipstick Jungle too. I am a HUGE Candace Bushnell fan.

  • tezuka

    since i’m not living on the US soil, i do not have the ‘too many shows that i need to watch on the same night’ problem. but still, with ABC kicking off the season soon, i dunno how i can keep up with all these shows.
    DSM – the promo of S2 seems great, and will be as addictive as before. (wonder how many eps will Juliet returns this season ??)