FRINGE & 90210 Make this TV Addict Go “Hmmm”

On the surface, one wouldn’t think that J.J. Abrams mystery box known as FRINGE and the teen-centric melodrama that is 90210 would have a lot in common. But upon closer examination, it turns out that last night’s installment of both hit shows share one major characteristic — questions. Five of which is posing to you, our far smarter and better looking readers.

1) What illicits more of an “Ewww” factor — the brain surgery surrounding last night’s central mystery on FRINGE or the fact that Dixon Mills was all too happy to provide ‘protection’ for his sister Annie?

2) Which actor is getting more of the shaft in the writing department — the adorable Jasika Nicole [Agent Astrid Farnsworth], who four episodes in, still remains completely devoid of personality. Or 90210’s Cindy Walsh re-incarnate Debbie Wilson [Lori Loughlin]. Who has been given so little to do that this TV Addict had to look up her character’s first name on imdb.

3) What’s the bigger mystery — The untimely disappearance of 90210 ‘series regular’ Navid Shirazi who’s original casting was applauded by diversity advocates everywhere, or the true loyalties of one Agent Broyles?

4) What’s more convenient in the plot contrivance department — the fact that virtually every mystery that our intrepid FRINGE team has encountered can be miraculously traced back to the mysterious GE-esque corporation known as Massive Dynamic. Or Dixon Mills ability to do everything. He waits tables! Operates a highly technical theater lighting board! AND has a condom at the ready for his sister. Again “Ewww.”

5) And finally, who is going to appear on a small screen near you first. Massive Dynamic oft-mentioned CEO William Bell or Luke Perry reprising his role as Dylan McKay.

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  • blueberry

    Is it a problem that the only thing enjoyable in a Fringe episode is the last five minutes where there’s always a twist ending? Everything else seems like filler.

  • Kel

    I was thinking the same thing about Massive Dynamic… we can’t keep going there every episode! Enough already.

    Otherwise, Fringe is FANTASTIC! Walter Bishop can perform brain surgery on me anytime

  • Kel

    I was thinking the same thing about Massive Dynamic… we can’t keep going there every episode!

    Otherwise, Fringe is FANTASTIC! Walter Bishop can perform brain surgery on me anytime

  • Will

    #2- Yes, please please let’s see more of Astrid. She’s very watchable!

    #5- Also can we finally have an appearance by William Bell? You’d think the FBI would be kicking in his door by now with all the links back to Bishop’s research!

  • Linda B.

    i thought we were 3 episodes in on Fringe?

    Also, i think we’ll see William Bell LONG before Luke Perry returns to 90210. I don’t see it ever happening.

  • Nick

    Luke Perry can just step down off his high horse. What? Is he suddenly “in demand” all over Hollywood? Would it kill him to reprise the role that gave him a career in the first place? Or does he have such disdain for his loyal fans that he’ll continue to stick his nose in the air and declare he’s “above” appearing beside his longtime friend, Jenny Garth?

    I so applaud Jenny for giving back to the BH 90210 fans. Shannen, “Nat,” “Mrs. Taylor” and all, as well. The guys who have spoken ill of the series, I don’t have an ounce of respect for anymore.

  • TVFan


    I certainly can understand why Luke Perry doesn’t want to return to the show he’s tried to escape from for 10 years. The guy is an actor, and if your audience only sees you as one character, you’re kinda screwed.

    That said, he might as well catch the pay cheque. As I’d rather see him guest starring on 90210 than L&O:SVU

  • tim wilkins

    I thought Loughlin finally had something to do last night even if it was the cliched sex talk. lol And I, too, noticed the disappearance of Shirazi. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for his character to do the ‘lights?” And If my sister had EVER walked up to me asking for a condom, I would be floored #1. LOL And #2, I’d be like, “Uh no. You’re not having sex.” lol At least don’t tell me. lol It’s like realizing ur parents had sex. LOL U just don’t want to think about it. EWWW indeed. As for Perry, he’ll be back within a year if no one else gives him work. It’s called ‘a job.’

  • Gabi

    yes, eww, was the first I was thinking when Annie went to Dixon. Seriously? And Astrid needs more to do. And I too was wondering about Navid, I liked him al lot and want to see him!

  • Ash

    I think the better question would be 6) Why are we still watching these shows?

    Fringe has been starting off with really amazing openings and then peters off into nonsense for the rest of the hour. It would be better if focused only around Dr. Bishop because he’s the only thing keeping me watching.

    90210 needs to step up their game. Why was Naomi sitting with Silver and Annie last night? Shouldn’t she be the queen bitch who has her own group of cool friends like Blair from GG. Will they explain why Ty left Adriana in his hotel room long enough for her to get undressed and concoct some ridiculous plan to trick Annie into thinking they did it? They have about one more episode to keep me because now that Brenda is done there isn’t much to look forward to.

  • ggny

    any idea what happen to Navid? Is he gone for good? He was the best part of the show so far imo