Good News, Bad News: David Cook, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, SPORTS NIGHT & More!

Good News: AMERICAN IDOL winner David Cook released his first single. Bad News: It sounds like this. [Click here to listen]

Good News: Not only will DIRECTV subscribers get exclusive access to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS starting October 1st, they’ll get to watch the episodes commercial-free and in HD. Bad News: This TV Addict can’t subscribe to DIRECTV [Source]

Good News: One of television’s finest brilliant-but-cancelled series, the Aaron Sorkin comedy/drama hybrid SPORTS NIGHT arrives on DVD just in time for it’s 10th anniversary. Bad News: None. I just wanted to give a plug to one of this TV Addict’s all-time favorites. [Click here to check it out on Amazon]

Good News: Canada is finally getting HBO Bad News: Obsessed fans of REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER [see: this TV Addict] will have to wait until October 30 for the network to bow.

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  • Josh C.

    wow i gotta say that news about FNL makes me super glad I have Direct TV now!!

  • Josh C.

    back again sorry just had to say that david cook song nearly made my ears bleed. further evidence proving we all know who should of actually won! Speaking of Idols did you hear clay aiken finally came out of the closet?

  • Josh C. – Thanks for rubbing it in 🙂

  • Jamie P

    That sux! I had to get rid of my direct tv a few months ago because it wouldnt work here.

  • Josh Emerson

    Hey, I like Cook’s song! Might not be the greatest song ever, but he’s still far better than Archie. Archie’s song is good, but have you seen the awful new video for it?

  • SPORTS NIGHT! At first I thought this was silly because it was already released on DVD and I own it, but this is a special edition with deleted scenes, featurettes, a gag reel and audio commentaries with the cast and crew! I must buy it now!

  • midnite rider

    David Cook’s single is a MAJOR disappointment. All the hype from RCA leading up to its release had one thinking it was gonna be something original – heck, in a recent Rolling Stone blurb, Cook even made comparisons to the material on this upcoming album to U2’s The Joshua Tree and The Beatles White album… such hubris is deserving of scorn after listening to what clearly is a Cornell laced throwaway… I would much rather have Cornell singing it – then we’d have an authentic release from an authentic rocker.