Fall TV Madness: Thursday

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  • With Survivor going HD, they have me back for a little while. Everything else we are on the same page.

    Thursday night was the main reason I went from a regular Time Warner DVR to my Media Center. Now I can record 4 shows at the same time. Yes I am an addict!!

  • Linda B.

    I have a love/hate relationship w/ Thursday nights. I look forward to it because there’s so many good shows, but there are TOO many good shows. I can usually only get in about 3, maybe 3.5 hrs. Tonight is really going to be difficult because GA and Survivor are 2 hrs each. I know i’ll definitely be watching GA live, but not sure what to watch before it. I wish The Office was on at 8pm instead of 9pm.

    I’m just glad I have 2 Tivos to help w/ all the overlaps.

  • Josh Emerson

    Thursday isn’t as crowded for me as it used to be. Now a single DVR can pretty much handle what I want to watch, with ABC’s and NBC’s line-ups. I’d also be interested in watching Survivor in HD, but oh well.

  • Andres — Good point, I should probably mention that I am going to PVR SURVIVOR tonight just because of the HD factor.

  • bws

    I thought I was watching more tv than I was on Thursdays.. but now that I ditched Grey’s (after season 3) and Earl, Thursdays aren’t as crowded. I still watch Betty (but on notice), Office and 30 Rock.

    I really wish DirecTV would figure out a way to get a triple or quad tuner. With AT&T U-verse gaining ground all over the place with their 2HD/2SD total home DVR, that’s some feature competition. But the directv HD quality is hard to beat.

  • Wow, BWS, I am on almost the same page as you are. While I don’t watch the comedies you mentioned (or any comedies, other than Scrubs which doesn’t return for a while), I have also dumped Grey’s Anatomy after last season and will give Ugly Betty one chance to redeem itself.

    If Betty chooses either Henry or Gio, I will probably be done with that show. If she chooses to be single for a while, then I might actually watch a few more episodes.

    So, for me, Thursdays are actually pretty light. Just Survivor and Betty, and soon, perhaps, only Survivor.

  • Not the Thursday night I was expecting, only one show has caught my eye and that’s because I am a huge fan, namely Survivor, maybe I will check out Ugly Betty or Grey’s A…

  • Josh C.

    wow to everyone who dumped grey’s youre really missing out……..i feel sorry for you lol

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree, you’re missing out! Season 3 of Grey’s did suck, but I think last season it got back on track and based on the previews, that should continue this season. I’m looking forward to tonight’s premiere.

  • Corruption

    No Earl? Really?

  • bws

    I watched the season finale of Grey’s last May and lots of people gushed over it… but I still didn’t like it. No offense to anyone who does like it; it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. My problem with the show has always been that each character’s flaws feel so major that I just don’t like any of them. No need to feel sorry for me. I’m happy about my decision!

    The early word on the street is that Betty has a strong first few episodes so I’m holding out for a sophomore slump recovery.

    I am curious to where ABC will drop Scrubs. It won’t be able to compete against its old night because LOST will replace Life on Mars midseason.

  • Matt P

    you are actually considering watching what looks like a train wreck of a show, kath & kim? ouch.