Fall TV Madness: Friday

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  • Lee Ann

    Wow, TVAddict!! You feel nearly the same way I do about Friday nights. I’ll absolutely be passing on all the ones that you’re passing; hwoever, unlike you, I’m totally passing on The Ex-List. I’ll definitely be checking out Life – it’s a quirky, off-beat terrifically entertaining show. And, I want to see Crusoe do well, but I just don’t think a period piece is gonna work with the average viewer esp. not on Friday nights.

  • Hil

    Life is the only show I am watching on Fridays. It isn’t of my typical genre, but love its quirkiness and the ongoing conspiracy storyline.

  • Nick.C

    I know this is your site and i enjoy coming here but i wish you all lived up to your name.There are many shows you all act like are beneath you.I like Numb3rs and Criminal Minds and a few others that you never report on.Why not be a TV Addict and cover all things tv?You have tons of stories on Terminator(a show i do watch).Why not cut back on one of them and cover something different.Im sure you could find people to write for you all for free about these shows if its a $ thing…..I don’t mean to complain,i just wish i could get your reporting on all the different shows.

    On a side note im very happy LIFE is back!Damian Lewis is great…
    Thank you for your time

  • Linda B.

    Nothing on Fridays for me. My Fridays will be spent watching all the shows I couldn’t catch on Thursday night.

    There’s no way I would watch The Ex-List. I know it sounds silly, but i just can’t watch the show that took Moonlight’s timeslot. CBS – bite me!

    Also, I don’t think NBC has promoted Crusoe much at all. Makes me think they don’t have faith in it. I don’t see it lasting past 13 episodes.

  • tim wilkins

    Friday is like Saturday night for me: a graveyard. Nothing to see on TV. I am not interested in the ‘ex-list’. ‘crusoe’ may be decent, but like every one else has said: ‘where’s the promos?’ And it doesn’t premiere until Oct. Why the wait?

  • Fridays are a graveyard of programming again. Remember a few years ago when Sci-Fi Channel had Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica all back-to-back on Friday? Now, SG-1 is over, BSG is on Sundays between huge hiatuses (hiatusii?), and Atlantis is in its final season.

    And, it was just last year that Moonlight, Men In Trees, Women’s Murder Club, and Stargate: Atlantis were all on the same night, making Friday just as good a night, if not better, than Monday or Tuesday.

    I guess Fridays come in cycles. Maybe they’ll be significant again in another two or three years.