GOSSIP GIRL Spoilers: Chuck & Dan

gossip girl chuck dan

Have Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage [GOSSIP GIRL showrunners] been spending a little too much time finding inspiration in some highly scandalous online fan fiction? That is the question this TV Addict is left pondering following his sneak peak of tonight’s continual adventures of our favorite Manhattanites.

Yet rather than spoil the fun and risk the wrath of the CW publicity department [again!], this TV Addict thought it would be far more entertaining to leave you with these five tiny little nuggets of information pertaining to this evening’s installment.

1) Even though the words picture above are lifted directly from the mouths of Chuck and Dan, this TV Addict cannot guarantee that the order in which they appear are exactly accurate and may in fact have been altered slightly for comedic effect.

2) Chuck and Dan spend the night together in a highly unlikely place.

3) In a rare moment of weakness, Chuck lets down his guard and reveals a HUGE personal secret to Dan.

4) Chuck isn’t the only Upper East Sider who drops a bombshell in tonight’s episode.

5) The TV Addict hearts Little “J” and following tonight’s installment [assuming you don’t already] you will too!

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  • Jefferson

    Now, what’s with that? You’re officially nothing more than a c**ktease.

  • Josh Emerson

    I now feel like watching Gossip Girl tonight. Damn you. lol

    I don’t see how I could heart “Little J” though. I’ve found her annoying since the show began.

  • bws

    I agree Josh. Little J is just not destined for greatness. Papa Humphrey is by far the coolest of the clan.

  • Just Jody

    Funny, I’m liking little J a LOT less after that episode. Girl needs to get a clue. You don’t quit ________ at 15 and think you’re all that. She’s going to be flipping burgers for a living.

  • Just Jody,

    This might seem quasi bizarre, but I’m actually loving Little J this season. Not only does she not seem to care what the mean girls think, she has a dream and is going after it. Admittedly, dropping out of school may not be the brightest of ideas, but there are rare exceptions of young people (athletes, musicians etc…) who prove that school isn’t everything when you have a gift. And judging from the reception her design got, Little J seems to have that gift.

  • tim wilkins

    Love the tease. I doubt Dan or Chuck go gay. Yet. lol As for Little J, I understood her in the first season. Didn’t mean I didn’t dislike her at times but I don’t hate the character. She’s growing up. And it’s nice to see an actual teen on a teen show. lol She makes the others look ‘older.’ Can’t wait for “GG” tonight.

  • allie

    Potential spoiler – I’ve read something about this new Dan & Chuck alliance and Chuck making a “new Dan” in his image or something, but as you’d expect, it turns out that Chuck is simply scr3wing with Dan. Not sure if the way I;ve remembered this is correct, and even if it is, whether it is accurate. However, I love anything to do with Chuck.

    Like others above, I really don’t like “little J” and wish she’d go away. The spoiler (or foiler?) that she and Nate end up getting together is making me dislike her more I think, if that was even possible!

  • Just Jody

    TVA – Actually, I was with you on Liitle J until she treated her dad that way. I totally loved how she handled Blair and the mean girls, and have been really enjoying her internship story. But she’s being awful to the people that actually care about her and that’s just not cool. Neither is being a HS drop-out. No matter how good you are.