Spotlight on TERMINATOR Star Levin Rambin

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Even though Levin Rambin can currently be seen playing John Connor’s new squeeze Riley on the second season of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CHRONICLES, fans will most likely recognize her first as Lily Montgomery, the autistic daughter of Jackson Montgomery on ALL MY CHILDREN.

On starting out in soaps: “After four years on ALL MY CHILDREN I knew I didn’t want to stay any longer. And getting this job was a really good way to get me out to Los Angeles.”

The perils of Los Angeles: On paper, a beautiful and young actress like Levin Rambin may seem like the ideal candidate to fall into the “Young Hollywood” trap, but don’t tell her that. “I have to be in control of things at all time. I can’t even smoke pot. I’m not as badass as those kind of people and I definitely don’t see myself going down that path.”

The New Kid in Town: “It’s a little weird because on Soaps, you have like thirty to thirty-five people always coming and going on set.” Explained Rambin on what it was like to break into the close-knit TERMINATOR cast. “But they’re all very sweet people and all such characters that the transition has been easy.”

The role: “Riley allows John to rebel against his mom.” explains Levin as to Riley’s role on the show. “One of my first scenes was at the house where Sarah’s really not happy to see me. Riley throws everyone off because they’re [The Connors] so used to communicating with eachother in a very specific way and Riley’s like – ‘What’s up, let’s go get some Pizza!'”

Fangirl Alert: A musician in her own right [whose album is on hold while she’s out in Los Angeles] Rambin was especially excited to meet music icon Shirley Manson, “I met Shirley at the photo shoot and I was so excited, because I’m a huge fan and hadn’t seen her on set once.”

Catch Levin Rambin in a new episode of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, airing tonight at 8PM on FOX.

  • tim wilkins

    Yes, I saw her on “amc” and she was good. Nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Nice to see her move on, but let her not forget where she came from. Meg Ryan, Jullianne Moore, Demi Moore, and Susan Sarandon had starts on soaps.

  • Nick.C

    That woman is very HOT!!!
    sorry just had to say it

  • Walter

    Doesn’t she look like Claire (Emilie de Ravin) from LOST. Separated at birth.

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