The Week in Rewind

Most Unfortunate Show Title of the Week
With FOX’s DO NOT DISTURB officially becoming the first causality of the fall season, this TV Addict must now ask the slightly obvious yet incredibly awkward question. Who picked the title?  I mean far be it from a lowly television blogger to criticize the ‘Proverbial Powers that Be,’ but would it not have made a little more sense to go with a slightly more positive moniker? Something along the lines of CHECKIN’ IN! GOING UP! FILLED TO CAPACITY! THE UNTITLED JERRY [DON’T HATE ME BECAUSE I’M MARRIED TO REBECCA ROMIJN] O’CONNELL PROJECT. We’re just sayin’ DO NOT DISTURB practically dared the audience not to tune in. And unfortunately mission accomplished.

Career Misfire of the Week
After requesting to be released from his duties as President Laura Roslin’s right-hand man on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, actor Paul Campbell has unsuccessfully leveraged his upward momentum into a failed Bill Lawarence pilot for THE WB [NOBODY’S WATCHING] and a supporting role on the this week’s embarrassingly bad KNIGHT RIDER re-boot. Which begs our second question of the week. Who’s Mr. Campbell taking career advice from, Vincent Chase?

Ridiculous Plot Contrivance of the Week
If you ask us, the brains behind LIPSTICK JUNGLE laid it on a little too thick in an effort to ensure the sympathy vote went their series regular’s way. Not only did they turn Nico’s barely-cold-in-the-ground husband into an equal opportunity cheater [gasp!]. They gave him a baby on the way and made sure Nico discovered he already had one foot out the door [double gasp!]. What’s next? An untimely connection to Lehman Brothers? Could Nico’s husband really have been responsible for America’s recent economic woes? Stay tuned…

Favorite Dynamic Duo of the Week
Amidst the massive conspiracy that is well, massive dynamics — who’d have thought  the highlight of the series thus far would be the simple father/son dynamic between Peter and Walter Bishop. It’s almost as if the Gilmore Girls got sucked into the Twilight Zone.

Least Favorite Dynamic Duo of the Week
After last Sunday’s Emmys, thinks we uncovered the one thing that would anger BONES star David Boreanaz more than having Michael Ausiello ask another question about ANGEL. Getting paired with reality TV D-lister Lauren Conrad as a Emmy presenter. Aaawwkwward.

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  • Nick

    #1: I love Paul Campbell. And the “Nobody’s Watching” pilot was not picked up by The WB….because, you know….they were just overflowing with great comedies, and an inventive idea or two might’ve, you know, kept the network from going under.

    #2: I’ve lost all interest and respect (not that I ever had any) for David Boreanaz. Hey Davey, get a clue…you wouldn’t have a friggin career if not for your little role as Angel. So lighten up, Sally. It wouldn’t hurt you to discuss the role fans love, would it? Or are you still jealous that Sarah had top-billing before you did?

  • Nick, Thanks for the correction.

  • Sarah

    I totally agree with you about Fringe. The Bishop duo is really lighting it up, but I’m still a little lukewarm about the rest of the show. I’m still tuning in every week but they’re gonna have to wow me over the next week or two to keep my attention.

  • I thought I was the only one in love with Peter and Walter. Walter is so cute and witty and Peter’s frustration/love for him makes the show.