After spending all summer hearing about a twist so huge it would be like “throwing a pebble on a mountain, only to have it turn into an avalanche that can’t be stopped.” This TV Addict couldn’t help but feel slightly let down by last night’s supposedly shocking ending to DEXTER’s third season opener. I mean seriously, Dexter is a daddy? Isn’t that type of predictable plot contrivance usually reserved for DEXTER’s time-slot competitor DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES?

Which bring us to the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Who in a word, I LOVED! As expected. the five year flash forward was the exact ingredient DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES needed to completely reinvigorate the show. Not only do we now get to spend an hour a week filling in the blanks as to what happened to our fab five over the course of the past five years, we get an even funnier Gabby, a far less annoying Susan, a vindictive Edie, the seemingly never-ending one-upmanship of Bree vs. Katherine and the ups and downs that is the Scavo Family.

And speaking of families… [pause to appreciate clever segway]. Last night also saw the return of this TV Addict’s favorite fictional family, the Walkers. And while I don’t have anything too specific or insightful to say about them, I will say this. With her verbal smack-down of Holly Harper, Sally Field’s Nora already has her “For Your Consideration” Emmy clip in the bag for next season’s show. Can’t wait too see what happens next.

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  • Tarn

    I agree, the ‘surprise pregnancy’ twist is over-used and soapy.
    But I’m telling myself that with Dexter’s own Daddy issues, this could open whole new cans of worms and has potential.
    Why yes, I’m fanwanking…. 😉

  • Dudleys Mom

    Spoiler cut on the RSS feed would have been nice. I just got bitch-slapped on my blog for far less.

  • CC

    I thought Dexter and DH were good, not great. But I still enjoy them. The only thing I dislike about the time jump on DH is the Katharine vs Bree. We had enough of that in the past. If it lasts all season… what a snoozefest.. I just hope they dont draw it out forever.

  • Dudley’s Mom.

    To play devil’s advocate, I kept the title spoiler free and picture free. And when you’re reading something about last night’s TV, shouldn’t spoilers be expected?

  • tim wilkins

    One should avoid the internet and blogs about entertainment if they haven’t ‘seen’ the latest episode. Only way to protect your tv viewing. I loved ‘desperate housewives.’ Edie’s comeback was good. Gabby’s descent into ‘momhood’ was funny. As for Linette, Bree, and Catherine: what happened? Linette’s still got deliquent kids, Bree and Catherine are STILL fighting. For 5 years? That’d get old. Linette needs to have her step daughter come back (older and more wicked) and Catherine needs a lover. lol Where’s Nathon Fillion? oh yea, moved on. Darn.

  • Dudleys Mom

    On a premium channel show many people wait and watch later on DVD or download from iTunes. Somehow my other RSS feeds managed not to spoil me on Dexter, or on any other show that I’ve DVR’d to watch later. It’s cool, I’ll unsubscribe; I’m not hugely spoilerphobic, but I’d rather just watch RSS feeds that are a little more careful with my TV experience (especially on one of the very few shows that are still worth watching; however, not worth an extra $30/month in fees). Mostly I thought it was ironic because I had been viciously abused by one of my Australian readers just for mentioning that Francis Capra was on the premiere of Heroes, which doesn’t even come close to what I read on your feed. <= OMG spoiler.