My Take on TV: So Many Shows, So Little Time!

By: Amrie Cunningham

As I thought about what I wanted to write about for a column this week, I was overwhelmed with the hours upon hours of TV that I have to watch in the coming weeks. When totaled, I had 40 hours of TV a week, including new shows, old shows, shows that I never watched, and shows I made a promise to my sister that I was going to try.But when it comes right down to it, there are not enough hours in the day to watch all of the shows, so a few of them have already started to fall off the pile (some new, some old – these are the 5 most shocking to me, because I expected to be hooked on them this season).

I love Red Forman from THAT 70s SHOW and really wanted to follow him to this CBS comedy in the hope that he would be enough to enjoy this one. But I can’t do it. It’s been removed from my list, freeing up time for SAMANTHA WHO? Am I the only one that thought it was terrible?

I’m not the biggest fan of reality TV, but I always tuned into this one. This year, I just can’t fit it in. Nothing really ever changes – Tyra is over the top, the Jays are over the top, the photo shoots are over the top. I’m beginning to sense a theme. I’m sure I’ll catch it in reruns on MTV, right?

I am not looking forward to the five year jump forward. Other shows have done this already, and have done this better than I think the team over at DH can do it. To be honest, I’m not even sure it’s the five year jump that’s turning me away this season. I’m over Teri Hatcher, I’m over the “mystery of the season” which was done well in the beginning, but hasn’t been so good over the years. I kind of got more interested in it last season when Dana Delaney was in the cast, but then I just stopped. I feel bad about it, but think this is getting pushed aside!

This was one show that I gave up on last season, but I caught up over the summer and was really excited about it. But when I stopped to think further about it, I’m not terribly excited about the show anymore, and don’t care so much to see what happens. I mean, the cast is awesome, but for some reason, I don’t feel invested in anything that they do, so I’m turning it off.

It kills me to have this be one of my “relegated to reruns and DVR Saturday marathon sessions” shows. I was a big fan of the series last year. I think Lena Headey and Summer Glau are brilliant, and I really enjoy the addition of Brian Austin Green. I was very excited for Shirley Manson and the big reveal at the end of the season premiere, but that was actually the only part I liked in the season premiere. I am one of few who disliked what I was watching in the premiere – by the second episode, I was over it. After last night’s third episode, and flipping to the Phillies game instead, I decided I’m done.

I’m sure as the season goes, more shows are going to fall by the wayside, but this is it for now. What about you? What shows are you guys giving up on already?

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  • For my part, I think I’m giving up ONE TREE HILL on Mondays. Sadly, there’s only so much I can handle, at Monday nights are just killer.

  • Tarn

    I’m giving up on ‘Ugly Betty’. They lost my interest half-way through last season.
    And despite my friends telling me ‘Chuck’ is very good, I simply have no time to watch any more shows, so I’ll give that a miss too. I can always catch up on dvd one day…

  • Just Jody

    I’m with you on the first 4. Worst Week was pretty bad, the DH premiere didn’t do anything for me, and DSM is just more spoiled rich people acting like brats. Sometime over the summer I seem to have stopped enjoying that?

    I’ve also dropped Brothers & Sisters (kissing your once brother = ew!) and Gossip Girl (see spoiled rich ppl). Although I’m sure I’ll catch up of GG over the summer.

  • Nick

    After 3 years, PRISON BREAK is gone…cold turkey…and I’m fine with that. I also cut DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and BROTHERS & SISTERS.

    Guess that leaves me with the CW Mon., Tue., and Thur., plus The Office and 30 Rock. Although I want to fit in the new CW Sun. show, EASY MONEY. Laurie Metcalf & Jeff Hephner?—totally awesome.

  • Just Jody,

    Firstly, don’t drop B&S. Sunday night’s episode was FANTASTIC! Also, GG is better than ever.

  • Alyssa

    I really want to like Fringe but it’s just not grabbing me. I’m going to try it again tonight and if it still bores me, I’m going to drop it. Same with Heroes. I dropped Prison Break and My Name is Earl last season and don’t miss them one bit.

  • Jen Mac

    Who wrote this article?! If you really believe these shows are the worse, than I recommend you start watching reality t.v.

    Terminator is awesome! Desperate Housewifes couldn’t be better, (well, without Terry Hatcher it would be). Dirty, Sexy, Money is worth watching for more than the acting skills alone.

    Defintitely, America’s Top Model should be counted as one of the worse. As should Ugly Betty be on the list. The only reason I tune in is to watch – the characters of Amanda and Marc interact.

  • sara

    I am dropping Heroes. I watch a lot of TV and I started watching it because my ex-boyfreind was really excited about it and it was a show we could both watch but now that we aren’t togther anymore I just feel like it is trite and confusing for the sake of being confusing. Also last season was terrible and I turned off last nights episode about 10 minutes in because i just didn’t care anymore.

  • Alison

    Tv addict… I really think you should rethink desperate housewives. The timejump worked really well and it got really good reviews. I understand why you would push away the other four. Also all those people who don’t watch prison break anymore, its really good this season and kind of has a oceans 11 kind of feel. I hope you reconsider!

  • Alison

    Also, I thought from your podcast you said you never watch Americas Next Top Model.. Ari does.

  • Allison,

    Just to clarify, because there might be a little confusion. I didn’t write this article. Amrie a frequent contributer to the site did. {see byline under the photo!]

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with you on 3 of these shows. I watched Dirty Sexy Money on and off last season, and I’ve never been hooked. The previews for this season have done nothing to interest me. The same basically goes for Desperate Housewives. I’ve enjoyed occasional episodes, especially last season, but this time jump just isn’t doing it for me.

    I watched Terminator’s first season since nothing else was on during the strike and it was alright, but I just don’t care about it now that the good shows are back on.

    I’m also generally not going to be watching Gossip Girl, except maybe an episode once in a while. Skins on BBC America is better, and so is One Tree Hill. Two teen shows are enough at one time for me.

  • jamie

    i completely agree on Terminator. no interest anymore.

    ANTM is terrible. i understand that and realize that this is half the reason i watch. to make fun of it.

    as for DH i think the five year jump, while cliche, is great. new conflicts and a clean slate. i love it.

  • Don’t give up on Desperate Housewives quite yet. This week’s episode is a step up from the premiere (which really only setup a season that isn’t all that different from previous ones), and I think if you just fast-forward over Teri Hatcher you’ll find it much more enjoyable.

  • Cris

    Well, i haven’t dropped anything YET…but the list sure is getting filled up quickly. So far i am not watching any new shows this season (yeah, that’s a new one!) and the ones that i am rethinking are :

    * Heroes: i am giving it a few episodes more. If these plotlines keep up i’m gonna have no problem at all catching up over the summer or when really bored.

    * Dirty Sexy Money: same problem as everyone i guess. Just not quite grabby as i first thought.

    * Desperate Housewives: again, things get far too ridiculous and the mistery of the season is just…bleh…

    * Ugly Betty: This one pains me to admit cause i loved this show, but Daniel’s kid annoys me…that whole storyline is helping lots for me to say bye to betty! Willie, Marc and Amanda are keeping it alive for me.

    I’m happy with Brother’s and Sisters so far with the new bro and stuff but Justin and Rebecca together, geez it’s still icky!

    Im sticking with what i have which is not alot really (at least compared to years before) and watching lots of tv on DVD, and proud to say really that haven’t felt the need to touch reality tv just yet. It is still not appealing 🙂

  • Josh C.

    i gave up on sons of anarchy…tried but it just wasnt going anywhere. everything else im kind of happy with.

  • Michael Stewart

    Im ditching the Hills, Gossip Girl (until the summer when I can catch up), 30 Rock (probably give it a second shot next summer as the past season was a whole lot of nothing for one original die-hard fan of the show) and ER (already behind on LAST season so why start again?) But I have to say if you are going to give any one show above a second chance I would recommend Dirty Sexy Money, yes the sheer amount of rich people behaving badly show trend is taking over the air waves (particularly on the CW) but its obvious this show is the best of that style and with new people behind the scenes and even more promised drama I think you will find what you once loved about Desperate Housewives in this newer soap

  • Are you giving up on Terminator?? I mean because of you I was plannig on wacthing it… but now…

  • Armando A,

    TERMINATOR was amazing this week, see my ‘Random Musings’ above this post. For the record, a fantastic contributer Amrie wrote this piece (see byline), not me.