Just as God no doubt intended, this TV Addict spent his Rosh Hashanah afternoon off by enjoying a mini marathon of Monday night television. With, in the spirit of the holiday, a side of Apples and Honey.

Even a song courtesy of Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t enough to save last night’s far from stellar installment of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Not only did Marshall’s quest for the perfect burger hit a little too close to home, with this TV Addict’s all-time favorite Burger joint located thousands of miles across the country [see: Splitz in Whistler, BC]. I couldn’t help but find Barney’s shameless love affair with his company’s new client, the fictional Goliath National Bank somewhat depressing considering the economic crisis millions of Americans currently finding themselves in.

With SyFy Portal reporting that “FOX could pull the plug on production of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES as early as this week” thanks to the show’s disappointing ratings, this TV Addict must ask another slightly awkward yet painfully obvious question. Where exactly are the Browncoats in support of Summer Glau? Does the Joss Whedon fandom not extend outside the boundaries of the Whedonverse?

Here’s hoping that is not the case. Because not only did Glau deliver a phenomenal performance in last night’s Cameron-centric installment of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. She dropped one helluva bombshell by revealing that the Cameron we’ve grown to know and love might not exactly be the good-intentioned protector of John Connor we all thought she was. And good or evil, this TV Addict would very much like to get to the bottom of this. Which means it’s time to step it up and show your support for the artist formerly known as River Tam. Got that Browncoats?

Am I the only TV Addict who’s thinking Penny, Wolowitz and Raj are totally getting the shaft this season? When did THE BIG BANG THEORY become THE SHELDON SHOW?

Cr: Michael Yarish/FOX

  • randa

    What happened to the part where you said “Got that Browncoats?” ‘Cause I got it. I’ve been watching it online at least. Does that count?

  • Since Allison was taken the same way JC’s uncle was taken – does it make anyone wonder whether BAG is also an infiltrator in disguise?

  • Corruption

    No, it doesn’t make me wonder, considering he was shot in the stomach, bleeding out, and fixed by a paramedic 😉

  • John

    What or who the hell is a River Tam and what does it have to do with Terminator?

  • TVFan

    Completely agree about TSCC and have no idea why the ratings are so low. Wish more people were watching the show though. It’s like a mini-movie every week. As for HIMYM, last night’s episode… snoozefest. And Big Bang = Big Love in my books.

  • Summer Glau totally rocked the episode, but I’ve had some disappointments in the show overall this season. I’m not giving up on it–I blog about it regularly at SciFi Chicks and my own blogs, and encourage everyone I can to watch it.

    Still, I think the main problem it’s having is competition. Maybe a move to, oh, Wednesday isn’t a bad idea.

  • Natalie,

    That’s a really good point about competition and it’s something I’ve been pondering over the past few weeks. While I appreciate that FOX most likely moved TERMINATOR to 8PM to avoid competing directly against HEROES at 9PM, doesn’t 8PM seem a little to early for a show as dark as TSCC?

    I also am with you on a move to Wednesday’s at 9PM following BONES.

  • Hil

    SCC comes on at 7 central time where I am. I’d like them to switch its time slot once before canceling it outright, but with some networks that is wishful thinking.

  • Linda B.

    Great! I’m finally starting to enjoy the show this season and now they’re talking about pulling the plug.

    When does the Terminator movie w/ Christian Bale come out? Maybe the upcoming press about that will bring new viewers to this show (if it’s not too late by then).

  • Linda B.

    Oh, BTW – glad you liked the episode. Sorry about the spoiler.

  • I’m a loyal browncoat and I’ve been loyally watching every ep of Sarah Connor. I even blog about it. And until this season, I didn’t really even like it. But, of course, as soon as it starts getting good FOX is gonna kill it. It’s what FOX does.

    I liked How I Met Your Mother this week. I thought it was sweet that Barney was trying to make Lily like the bank idea, since Marshall already had the job. It shows he’s not as bad as you think. (Dr. Horrible or not!)

    As for Big Bang, when wasn’t it The Sheldon Show? I’ve been blogging about that show from the beginning at http://www.watchingsitcoms.com and he has always been stealing all the scenes. I don’t think he can help it.

  • First, to answer John’s question, River Tam was T:SCC actress Summer Glau’s character on Firefly.

    Second, I really like the Cameron/Alison angle on T:SCC that was just revealed. That alone will keep me watching! Hope they don’t pull the plug!

  • John

    Thanks for the River Tam explanation. I never saw Firefly.

    I agree completely that Summer Glau is great. She and her character are the best part of the show.

    I hope T:SCC continues – I really enjoy the show. But if it is cancelled, some one better get a show built around Glau real quick.

  • tlcinvt

    John… You really must try Firefly. I
    You can watch if free online at Hulu

  • Dayla

    I think one of the issues with TSCC is that people are expecting an action show from it, seeing as it’s Terminator and seeing the way it’s advertised, and while they did manage to maintain a decent level of action in season 1, season 2 is so far turning out to be quite a character drama.

    It’s unfortunate because I remember hearing interviews where Summer and Thomas sounded so excited about this episode, but the fan reaction has been…less than stellar. Actors love playing the dramatic parts. Viewers, on the other hand, don’t necessarily want that from this particular show.

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