Since this TV Addict was tied up observing a Jewish holiday last night [which my family and by family I of course mean Mother assures me is far more important than a silly old TV show, or seven], I have yet to catch any of last night’s television. Which is why I’m leaving this post open to all of you — my far smarter and better looking readers — to post away with last night’s good, bad and ugly from the world of television.

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  • Chuck was good but not as good as I was expecting for a season premiere. While Chuck is showing an urge to grow and improve himself (something that would be interesting to see more of), the conclusion of the episode helps prove one fundamental flaw with the show: if Chuck isn’t the Intersect, there probably isn’t a show; but as long as Chuck is the Intersect, the formula of the show will probably continue to be the same. Hopefully the writers recognize this conundrum and plan to spend all season proving me wrong.

    Heroes was okay too. It’s good to see Present Peter no longer trapped in someone else’s body, a very weird subplot. Also good to see the return of the Haitian. Interesting to see Mama Petrelli become either the villain or the “necessary evil,” but I can’t help but wonder if there’s anyone else left at the company to oversee her or keep her under control. Is it just me, or did the preview for next week confirm my suspicion that Mohinder is literally turning into Spider-Man (and how convenient he has a NY apartment, just like Peter Parker)?

    Prison Break had one of its best episodes of the season so far, an improvement over last week which depended as much on convenient timing and suspension of disbelief as some of the lesser season 1 & 2 episodes. Another conventional item in the show’s tool belt is the fake-out which hasn’t been used in a while but was used very well last night.

    With Mondays so packed, I had to save T:tSCC and Boston Legal for later.

  • kayla

    Terminator was amazing. I thought the best episode yet. All about Cameron!! How can you go wrong?? She may be the best actress on television.

    Prison Break is just ridiculous now. I can’t even handle it. Why do I tune in ever?

    And Chuck was a disappointment. Nothing ever seems to happen on that show. It’s like a goofy Charlie’s Angels weird situation every week.

  • mia

    Did anyone else hate the Nanny Carrie story line this week as much as I did. It was like a really bad horror movie. Sometimes I wonder why I bother watching One Tree Hill when it’s ridiculous as that.

  • foursweatervests

    Regarding last night’s HEROES: If you didn’t secretly (or not so much in my case) love Syler before, you will after seeing him getting his TV-cop on last night. I was entertained every moment he and HRG were on screen together (which is unfortunately not true for a majority of the other storylines).

    HIMYM: It was unfortunately lackluster after a fairly stellar season opener. Worth it for NPH singing a little bit, though, and for the strange confluence of TV and reality in the first few minutes.

    L’Shana Tova, TVaddict!

  • Linda B.

    Spoilers on Terminator:

    Terminator has definitely won me over. I thought it was ho-hum last year but this season has been awesome. It was really cool seeing Cameron (or shall i say Allyson) as a human. Hope we see more flashbacks.

  • Jamie P

    I agree about the Nanny Carrie story, Mia. It was kinda “spoofy” and campy. I wish Brooke would start to turn around and have a better story. Its getting really depressing.

    Thats about as far as I got last night as far as tv. Will have to catch up with the rest of the shows later.

  • tim wilkins

    Gossip Girl was good. From Blair’s attempts to sabatoge her own mother’s fashion show just to get back at Serena. Hilarious. Unintentionally. lol Little J proving once again that teenagers think they know everything. lol And Dan partying with Chuck. Nice to see the cast get mixed up. And no Chance? Wow. I almost didn’t miss him.
    I also watched “heroes’. I did not watch the 1st season but looked at the end of the 2nd. I like it. Sylar is great! Hiro is okay. I don’t see the ‘greatness’ everyone keeps talking about. Maybe that was the 1st season? I’m gonna watch chuck on line. Levi is adorable. New favorite actor crush. =)

  • Josh Emerson

    I loved Heroes and Chuck. Chuck I had already seen on Hulu, and I think it’s true that they’ve boxed it in so that Chuck has to be the intersect for there to be a show. But isn’t that the whole premise of the show to begin with? Why do they need to change it? We’re 5 years in at The Office and they’re apparently still being filmed for the longest documentary in the world.

    I’m really liking the stuff with Sylar on Heroes.

  • Linda B,

    I feel really stupid right now as I read your comment only to realize that I just spoiled TERMINATOR for myself. I mean you even put ‘spoiler’ in the title, which I completely glossed over! That said, the episode sounds amazing and am hoping to watch this afternoon.

  • Linda B.

    sorry 🙁

  • Gabi

    I’ve stopped watching T:TSCC, nothing interesting really happened on that show and it was just depressing. I really wanted to like it this season.

    Chuck was amazing, really funny. I love how Casey is becoming more attached to Chuck. It’s cute.

    Gossip Girl had one of it’s best episodes ever. I LOVE Dan/Chuck together, and I really didn’t miss Chace or Vanessa at all.

    HIMYM was okay, not the funniest, but BBG was super funny. That show just keeps getting better and better.

    Prison Break was good too, but it’s really nothing that excites me about this season. But I can’t stop watching it.

  • Gabi

    Oh, and HEROES, I am so over that show. I love season one, liked season two but now they’ve just messed everything up. I hate it, because I really loved this show so much. Is it any chance it can get better? Are people still watching it?

  • allie

    GOSSIP GIRL – I feel kind of tragic saying this (I’m a 27 year old lawyer for goodness sake!), but GG is probably my favourite show at the moment. It is such a guilty pleasure. I don’t think I’d feel the same without Chuck, and to a lesser extend, Blair and Rufus. I enjoyed no Nate last night, he’s kind of ‘blah’. I’m intrigued by Lily’s secret. I wonder if she had another child that she gave up or had an abortion or something. That’s the only thing I can think of that she’d be so suprised that Bart found out about (given those records should probably be sealed) and that she desperately wants to keep from her kids. Such a pity that something’s come up because she was finally starting to thaw out and become a better mum that is closer to her children.

    CHUCK – like the show. It’s a bit on the inane side, but entertaining nontheless.

    OTH – It’s really jumped the shark with Nanny Carrie. OMG do I hate that storyline. As I think I’ve said in a past post about this show, the only character I really like any more is Brooke. Peyton’s “acting” bugs the heck out of me. I hope this is the show’s last season. I’m only watching out of habit and I’d like the network to make the decision to stop watching for me.

    PRISON BREAK – agree with what Todd said. I finished this episode thinking, wow, PB is back!!! Really enjoyed it and can’t wait til next week. Liked the reveal about whats her name’s (mental blank) child. I wonder if the child was a product of the rape and torture she went through in the past, which is why she decided she couldn’t raise her?

    Haven’t seen TSCC or Life yet so can’t comment. They’re on the list for tonight.