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As SMALLVILLE fans know all too well, the CW is never slow to jump on a product placement opportunity. Which is why this TV Addict has spent the better part of Wednesday scratching his head as to how the fledgling network completely missed the ball when it comes to 90210 and the loads of cash they could be making from the incredibly obvious cell phone tie in.

Let’s face it, if Emmy’s were given out this early in the season for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, Kelly and Brenda’s cellphone carrier would most definitely have to be considered a top five candidate. Thanks to brilliance that is Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and/or AT&T’s cellphone network [See how easy that was? To paraphrase 30 ROCK’s Tina Fey, can theTVaddict.com have our money now!?], 90210 showrunners Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah have managed to keep fans, not to mention Kelly and Brenda connected to original cast members Brandon and Dylan without (a) having pay them or (b) having to beg, plead and grovel to get them back on the show that made them famous.

Where’s the blatant cell phone shot following Kelly’s reveal that she is taking a leave of absence for two weeks to see if Dylan has changed once and for all? Why no obvious tag-line promoting the fact that [Insert Cell Phone Carrier that ponied up the most cash] has brought frenemies Brenda and Kelly back together? Is Donna in Brenda’s MyFive!Essentially, if 90210 is going to continue down this incredibly frustrating path of revealing major plot points like the identity of Kelly’s baby daddy and the fact that Brandon has a family of HIS OWN via one sided cell phone conversations, should the CW, at the very least, not be making money off a blatant product placement?

Has 30 ROCK executive vice president and pioneer of Seinfeld Vision™ Jack Donaghy not taught CW executives anything?

Photo Credit: Jaimie Trueblood / The CW @2008

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  • TVFan

    It is quasi hilarious that the most interesting parts of 90210 take place off screen and over the phone. Are Brandon and Dylan the new Maris Crane?

  • Courtney

    Here’s my random musing on 90210 – and this has been bugging me a lot more than it actually should.

    According to the original 90210, Kelly can’t have kids. Does anyone remember the ectopic pregnancy/endometriosis storyline. I can’t remember what season it was from, but I believe that it was around the same time that Kelly was shot. Brandon was definitely the dad that time around.

  • Courtney,

    That is a fantastic point. One which I may have to pull out and dedicate to its own post with the hopes that an intrepid old-school 90210 fan will have the answer!

  • Just Jody

    Courtney does raise a good point, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen the episode (so I could be wrong), but I thought it was that she likely could never have kids? I didn’t think they could rule that out entirely because she was so young at the time of the failed pregnancy.

    Either way, many people who didn’t think they could have kids do end up getting pregnant (especially on TV!).

    Or maybe I’m just too forgiving with this show. 🙂

  • The doctor told her it was unlikely that she would ever have children. Kelly being Kelly, Miss all-about-me drama queen, she of course ran with it, telling Brandon that she could never give him the family that he wanted. This episode also bugged because the whole episode Kelly was talking about having an abortion and how she didn’t want this baby, and was thrilled to get her period. Once she found out that it was a miscarriage, she got all upset, “I LOST my BABY Brandon!”

  • bws

    I wouldn’t mind product placement whatsoever if it were used to cut down on commercials. Hey, it could work! Besides, I think subtle advertising is way better than overt advertising.

  • grumpyoldman

    Did you all miss the Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper cans in the cafeteria? Perfectly placed with the labels facing us.