The TV Addict Podcast: Friends with Benefits [S02E15]

This week, Daniel [the TV addict] and Ari do a bang up job of staying on track and talking about television. But you can be the judge of that by tuning in and letting us know. And by ‘letting us know’, we mean take a moment to review us on iTunes! As well, questions and comments are always greatly appreciated via email at and

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  • sara

    Hey Gang,
    As for your question about if highschoolers from small american towns wear there cheer uniforms outside of school, yes they do…… sort of. So I grew up in Montana and was a cheerleader. We were forced to wear our uniforms all day at school on game days which depending on the season could be 3 times a week plus Saturdays! Often times you would end up places after school in the uniform were no cheer uniform belonged. Plus in the winter it was super cold in those short skirts.

  • I AM listening right now. It’s kind of creepy when you’re listening and you hear people talking directly to you, but it was great. Also, as the one critic in the world who doesn’t hate Knight Rider, get used to it. Ratings IMPROVED from week 1 to week 2, and America loves mindless silly entertainment. It’s why they’re making a fourth Fast and the Furious movie and why Las Vegas lasted five seasons. FYI: Those are KR showrunner Gary Scott Thompson’s two other big projects.

  • Marisa

    FYI – You asked in the podcast about the theme song for Lipstick Jungle — it’s the same one they used last year.

    Also, how good has Supernatural been? Stronger than ever in the 4th season – other shows should be taking notes 🙂

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  • Jen Mac

    For the very first time as a new listerner, I was excited to listen to your podcast…. Though, you have the potiential for an extraordinary podcast, there’s a lot of substance you are missing. I will comment later since I’m in the process of making dinner. 🙂


  • S

    Its been almost a month since your last podcast…are you not doing them anymore? You posted them more often during the summer when there wasnt even any good television on…

  • Missy58

    Daniel and Ari,

    Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings with the 2-star review I gave you this summer on I-Tunes. Are you now punishing me with no podcast at all? If I say I’m sorry, will you podcast this week???