Trick or Treat? Enter to Win 30 ROCK on DVD

Since Halloween is just around the corner, thought we’d have a little fun with our latest giveaway, 30 ROCK Season 2 on DVD.

Available in stores on October 7, 2008, the second season of 30 ROCK not only includes all fifteen episode of the Emmy Award Winning Series. But also some genuinely unique bonus features. Including an episode table read, a behind-the-scenes look at Tina Fey preparing to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and 30 ROCK LIVE AT THE UCB THEATRE, where the entire cast gathered to do a live performance of the 30 ROCK episode “Secrets and Lies” to benefit the striking members of the Writer’s Guild of America.

To enter to win, simply post way in the comments below with what you’re planning on wearing for Halloween.

But before you take your DVD behind the middle school to get it pregnant [as TGS’ Tracy Jordan might put it] there’s a catch. Or rather a trick! TWO winners will be notified via email on October 31st, 2008. But only one will be open their mailbox to find 30 ROCK on DVD. One of our ‘lucky’ winners will be receiving a Halloween Trick, also known as season one of FOX’s short-lived Michael Rappaport ‘comedy’ THE WAR AT HOME.

So enter to win, if you dare. [BWA HA HA Ha ha hahaha]

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  • Jordan

    For Halloween, I’m planning on wearing an interview suit…for the new job I desperately need.

  • Jefferson

    I’m going as the most scary thing out there right now…Sarah Palin.

  • Linda B.

    The only costume I have is a Sleeping Beauty costume complete w/ crown. I may wear that, or just a t-shirt w/ a pumpkin on it.

  • jamie

    i’m gonna be a sexy orphan so i can use the pick-up line, “hey babe, have you seen my mom?”

  • Hap

    I am going as Emmerson Cobb – complete with knitting needles and popp up books!

  • hen0219

    I wanna go as the clown doll that rides the little tricyle in the Saw movies. My friend is gonna work on making the mask, or we are just gonna paint my face!

  • Liron

    I’ll probably go as a cowgirl, costume contains mainly cowboy hat and a bandana since usually I get stuck working late and haven’t got the time to get more original.. (Maybe if I planned ahead it wouldn’t happen, meh.).

  • Maria

    I’m going as a LOLcat. I don’t think more need be said.

  • Eric

    I’ll go as Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. Or a corpse. Same difference. All I need is a pair of dark shades, a mudpack for my face, and a warm-up suit from the 1950s. Oh, and I have to spew unintelligible nonsense.

  • Captain Hammer

    “Stand back everyone, nothing here to see…”

  • becky

    Well, since my name is Becky and i have a friend named Michael, we are going as Mark and Amanda from Ugly Betty!

  • Bizzy

    Me and my roommate are dressing up as bert and ernie. keeping it old school.

  • Frank

    Easy. Greenman from It’s Always Sunny!

  • Dana

    I am not a huge fan of Haloween but my roommates still make me dress up every year. I am always a witch because I have the hat from when I was the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of OZ in high school.

  • Linda B.
  • Pat

    This year, I’ll be some manner of old English character, because I’ve gotten a job waiting tables in a theatre-pub themed restaurant.

  • Josh C.

    myself and a group of friends are bringing back the best game of our childhood. We are going to a halloween party as character from the clue game. I’m prof. plum outfitted with a purple suit and pipe!

  • Adri

    As Michael Scott once said…: Halloween is fun.. Last year I was Janet Jackson’s boob…

    sooooo.. that’s what I’m going to wear 😀

  • Alex

    Im going to go as Harvey Dent/Two-Face (inspired by Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Night)
    That or maybe one of the gossip girl guys.

  • Looks like I’m going to have to have another contest for the best reader costume! Stay tune…

  • Ashley Sumners

    I’m pregnant so I’m thinking of being a “pea in the pod” with my belly in a green t-shirt sticking out from a pod-shaped costume around my arms, waist, and head. Cute, huh?

  • ggny

    I’m dressing up as Toby Ziegler from The West Wing going to a theme party where it you dress as one of the faces of The White House from the last 8 years or from the election so i figure hell everyone was either gonna be Bush/Cheney/Rice/Obama/Palin/McCain so i thought hell The West Wing was on during the last 8 years and they didn’t say it had to be someone from the real life White House =D i got a bald cap for top of my head so i got the hair around the beard a suit and the rubber ball to throw around and i figure every time someone asked me who i was i would say Hi I’m Toby Ziegler i work at The White House…I thought it would be fun and confus some people that didn’t watch good tv

  • Anna

    I’m going as a Lumberjack. I’m going to make a fake axe and draw on a beard.

  • Nicole

    Sweeney Todd. And my friend is being Mrs. Lovett.
    We’re hosting a Halloween party and making meat pies for dinner 🙂

  • Cris

    Well since i prolly will head out right after work and all, i’ll choose our very own Liz Lemon!! i just need the glasses which my bff happens to own so that completes my look! weeeeeee! 30 rock come to meeee! lol.

  • blueberry

    Me you ask?

    Oh, I’ll be dressed as the short-lived but instant classic television series “Do Not Disturb” which starred the uber talented Jerry O’Connell and Niecy Nash.

    But underneath my costume I’ll also be wearing an absolutely thick layer of sarcasm.

  • Michelle

    I’m going to be a vampire accountant. It’s just a buisness suit, fang extensions, a brief case, and a fake buisness id card. I like the idea of being a really boring vampire.

  • My boyfriend and I are going as Bonnie and Clyde. However, because I’m that in love with 90210, in my mind we’re going as Dylan and Brenda.

  • I’m going to be a fafinette! Google it.

  • Alison

    I’m going as a sailor.. in a group of 7 and we’re calling ourselves “Fleet Week”

  • Tom

    I, being of Asian descent, will be going as an underage Chinese gymnast…complete with leotard, missing teeth, a Gold medal & a Dora the Explorer doll

  • Jamie

    I’m going as a couch potato… which is less of a costume and more about accepting who I am

  • Geri

    I haven’t dressed up in years. If I did, I’d probably be a 3-hole punch version of myself.

  • Cheryl

    I’ve been meaning to dress up as Starbuck for the past few years. I think it’s finally time to make it happen.

  • r dubs

    Royal Flush with a group of friends
    10 – Guy dressing up as Bo Derek from 10 complete with nude colored bodysuit, gold bathing suit and long cornrow wig
    Jack – Girl dressing up as Jack Bauer.
    Queen – Beauty Queen
    King – Of Pop? Of the Jungle? Take your pick
    Ace – Ace Ventura

    On another night, I’ll be Silk Spectre II with a friend dressing as Silk Spectre I!

  • ewanspotter

    I’m going as Abby from “NCIS.” I already have the boots and the spiked collar ready. 😀

  • Dan Clarendon

    Maybe Jack “Jackie D” Donaghy? I think I could pull it off if I spiked my hair and used Just For Men “Touch of Gray.”

  • Jonah

    If I must say I will be dressing as Dwight Schrute!

  • MD

    I will be a #33 Rally Girl!

  • I will be Zombie Spider-Man.
    Because when you’ve got Spider-Man… and you want to push it just that liiiiiiitle bit more into Halloween—–you go zombie.
    Zombie Spider-Man