Wednesday Night on ABC: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

By arresting Letitia Darling for the murder of Nick’s father Dutchie, last night’s fantastic season opener of DIRTY SEXY MONEY managed to do what very few television shows have the ability to do anymore — surprise. No really. Amidst the hilarity that was Brian holding his baby mama and Brian Jr. captive in New York, the ridiculousness that was Jeremy Darling and the crazy one-two combo of Patrick Darling and his now permanently-ex-wife Ellen, this TV Addict was far too busy grinning from ear to ear to see Letitia’s arrest coming. Which was great news, because until those surprising final moments, this TV Addict was slightly concerned that the show had jettisoned last season’s murder mystery entirely in an effort to start the season anew. Now all that’s left is for someone to explain where on earth Juliet is? I mean is a throw-away line that she’s “studying abroad” really too much to ask?

THE BAD: Amy Brenneman
You know how ABC incessantly ran ads all week long promoting the fact that the new season of PRIVATE PRACTICE would bring fans the Addison “you loved from GREY’S ANATOMY.” Well, maybe next week, creator Shonda Rhimes will bring fans back the Amy Brenneman we loved from JUDGING AMY. Because right now, her character, Dr. Violet Turner is single handedly managing to bring down what was actually a fairly entertaining and emotionally charged season premiere.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Television’s most visually stunning show, ugly? Has the TV Addict lost it? Has the insanity that is the new fall season finally gotten to him? But before you jump to conclusions by paging Dr. Walter Bishop, hear me out. While last night’s PUSHING DAISIES premiere certainly had its high points. Most of which involved the brilliant and adorably high pitched Kristen Chenowith in a nun outfit. The first half of the episode was a confusing mess as showrunner Bryan Fuller tried to cram an entire season’s worth of ‘previously on…’ into twenty minutes. A mess which wasn’t helped out by an unnecessarily confusing mystery of the week involving Kentucky Fitz and Betty’s Bees that left my head, well buzzing. In other words, not the stellar and coherent season opener this TV Addict would have chosen to get potential new fans hooked on a show that so richly deserves more fans.

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  • EKI

    I totally agree on Pushing Daisies, it completely failed to get my attention during the first half of the episode. On the other 2 shows, I do not watch them.

  • Ash

    I regretfully have to agree with you on Pushing Daisies. It was really tough for me to get back into the show. I wish they had just done a “previously on” recap at the beginning rather than weaving into this storyline. Also there were way too many bee puns and it made me ready to rip my hair out.

    The one key goodness of the episode was shirtless Lee Pace. Ain’t nuthin wrong with that.

  • bws

    I sadly agree too with the Pushing Daisies sentiment. It wasn’t strong enough to be a season opener. My guess is that it will pick up now that they’ve gotten the “previously on” stuff out of the way.

    I didn’t get to DSM last night which makes me sad. I can’t wait though.

  • Hil

    I loved Pushing Daisies last night. It did feel more like a middle of the season episode to me, but with the writers strike cutting seasons in half the lingering effects of that have been evident in most sophomore shows that lived through it. There probably are better ways for it to connect to a first time viewer, but as someone who is already a fan I was satisfied.

  • Linda B.

    I didn’t like the whole Olive’s in a convent now storyline. I want her back at the Pie Hole.

  • TVFan

    Agree on everything you said even though I still love me my Ned and Chuck.

  • Linda B.

    I read elsewhere (sorry) that Knight Rider beat Pushing Daisies in the ratings last night. Ouch!

  • chitown_mimi

    I really like the second half of PD. Kristen is my favorite character in the show. Ned and Chuck are awful cute, but Kristen is pure gold.

    DSM was entertaining throughout. I loved the twists and turns. Good time there.

    PP was also pretty entertaining. A gripping story about the couple with the sick boy and the HIV patient. Both were solid plots.

  • Garrett

    I agree about Pushing Daisies. I was able to skip the beginning but Emerson had some great lines eventhough the story made no sense. Autumn Reeser needed to be in much more too

  • tim wilkins

    Maybe I missed an episode, but didn’t ‘pushing daisies’ end with Chuch and Ned on the outs? I was confused by their “it’s all good” and lets move forward. WT frak? It wasn’t a great ep.

  • Cris

    I LOVED Daisies’s last night! i thought it was an awesome premiere but maybe i am biased cause i had miss this show so much. It was just so refreshing, and since i didn’t watch any reruns, that refresher course was well…great! I enjoyed it lots overall and look so very much forward on what’s to come.

    And i only watch that, since Private Practice didn’t get enough oomph to grab me and DSM i like, but i’ll just watch later.

  • grumpyoldman

    Season One of PD was fantastic. This episode was meh. I’ve seen every episode, and it still was hurting my head trying to follow this one. They’re overdoing the cute dialogue. And Chuck seems to have aged years since last season. HD is not kind to her.

  • showtime

    Samaire Armstrong wanted to pursue her acting career so she won’t be showing up in DSM often…what’s the point of Jeremy without Juliet?

    and yes, Pushing Daisies was lacking. However, kudos to the make-up artist that had to cover that actress with the faux bee stings.