Think There’s No Such Thing as a Stupid Question, Check These Out!

Should the country that chooses NBC’s abhorrent KNIGHT RIDER [7.6 million viewers] over ABC’s whimsically original [albeit slightly confusing] PUSHING DAISIES [6.3 million viewers] seriously be trusted to vote the next President the United States?

Does FOX’s full season pick-up of FRINGE officially get them off the hook for the early cancellations of such TV Addict favorites like KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, UNDECLARED, DRIVE, FIREFLY and REUNION.

Who are you — as Frank would put it — gayer for? 30 ROCK’s Jamie [Val Emmich], UGLY BETTY’s Jesse [also played by Val Emmich] or LIPSTICK JUNGLE’s Kirby [see our interview].

Which Mitch Pileggi character-of-the week would you like by your side in a bar fight? Grandpa Winchester on SUPERNATURAL, SONS OF ANARCHY’s White Supremacist Leader Ernest Darby, or Kevin’s BROTHERS & SISTERS boss Browne Carter.

Is ‘free’ still too high of a price to pay for the new MTV Series Paris Hilton’s MY NEW BFF on iTunes?

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  • Hil

    KNIGHT RIDER [7.6 million viewers]

    You’d think we’d notice 7 million people walking around with holes in their head. Huh.

  • k8ie

    Hell, renewing FRINGE doesn’t ever get FOX off the hook for moving TSCC to 8 pm, when I’m still on my way home from work!

  • hd4ever

    1. Sad
    2. No
    3. Gay for Jaime
    4. Grandaddy WInchester 100%
    5. Not even if you paid me

  • Linda B.

    1. There goes my theory of KR getting cancelled soon. Was it #1 in its timeslot? Say it ain’t so.

    2. Don’t forget about Wonderfalls. I have an orange wax lion on my desk to remind me of its early cancellation.

  • Ash

    1. No
    2. I concur with Linda about Wonderfalls
    3. Gay for Kirby (Val Emmich was hotter as Jamie)
    4. Pileggi will always be Skinner
    5. Of course, this show is AMAZING if only because of Onch

  • Nick.C

    More insulting comments about the people of the U.S. from you
    Canadians….I totally forgot you all in Canada are perfect.

  • tim wilkins

    1- I don’t understand how or why more people watched “knight rider’ than ‘pushing daisies.’ Kinda like the Emmy noms. lol Doesn’t make any sense.
    2-does a full season order = safety from cancelation?
    3-Hhm, well, Val has yet to prove his ‘ugly’ mettle. I don’t watch “lipstick’ but I’ve seen pics of Kirby. Hot. I pick Kirby in his colored suspenders and gay short shorts.
    4=Pileggi was great on “x-files”. I’d want Skinner in my corner.
    5- Hilton sucks. And I am not talking ‘videotapes” either. lol

  • Josh Emerson

    Nick, Canada certainly does many things right that our country does not. Seriously, this country elected George Dubya Bush twice. That right there says way more than the fact that the awful Knight Rider is getting more viewers than Pushing Daisies. Both are unbelievable and make me seriously question my fellow Americans.

    Oh, and I’m very gay for 30 Rock’s Jamie (and now Jesse). He is very very good looking.

  • blueberry

    What?! Don’t get me wrong, I am excited that Fringe has been picked up for a full season, but to me, it’s the weakest of all the canceled shows had it been canceled.

    No Firefly means no forgiveness.

  • Mel

    Gosh, are there car crashes in Knight Rider? Maybe that’s the edge over the pie?

    Ah, Fringe is not worthy to clean up after Jayne Cobb, let alone Mal Reynalds — so, no.

    None of the above.

    Grandpa Winchester could kick ass.

    There’s no such thing as ‘free’ so , yes.

  • Haya

    We canadians are perfect

    I think there should be a test to see how mentally fit you are that determines if your vote counts or not

    I stopped watching fringe, not even Josh Jackson could keep me interested. So no it does not redeem fox.

    All of them.

    Most defs grandpa winchester

    I would never watch it, it looks as bad as Tils tequila!

  • Nick.C

    with all due respect Josh Emerson you should move out then.Canada has problems just like anywhere in the world.Im sick of this arrogant attitude Canadians have.They dis the States but they still watch the shows we produce as well as the movies and music.

    I understand pride in your country but when you start thinking your better then other people then you become a hypocrite and a fool.

    Yes we elected Bush twice but the first time we voted more votes for Gore.Its are political system thats messed up but can you show me a perfect one.

    Canada sits on the side line and judges other people and most harshly the U.S. but they still trade with us.Plus if god for bid something bad happened there who do you think would come running to help?The people of the U.S. would.

    I think of Canada as are brother.Maybe we don’t always see things the same way but in the end you have each others back….