Week in Rewind

Most Welcome EX of the Week
Here’s a formula even ex-Betty boy-toy Henry Grubstick can figure out. UGLY BETTY – Henry Grubstick + New York City = More Mode, more Marc, more Amanda and most importantly, more fun! Welcome back Betty.

Least Welcome EX of the Week
Elizabeth Reeser’s THE EX LIST attracted less viewers than MOONLIGHT. That sound you just heard, eight million MOONLIGHT fans muttering “I told you so.”

Career Advice of the Week
After sitting through Greg Kinnear’s FLASH OF GENIUS over the weekend, this TV Addict can’t help but wonder… How many non-descript supporting wives and girlfriends is ex-GILMORE GIRL Lauren Graham going to play until she comes to grips with the fact that her star shines brightest on the small screen.

Showrunner Advice of the Week
While this TV Addict gives serious credit to creator Bryan Fuller for the brilliance that is PUSHING DAISIES. The fact is this. Assuming he’d like to see The Pie Hole open for business past November, Fuller and Co. might want to consider finding a more delicate balance between whimsical quirkiness and comprehendible storytelling. After-all…

Head-Scratcher of the Week
Not only did more Americans tune into the second episode of KNIGHT RIDER [7.6 million viewers] over the first episode of PUSHING DAISIES [6.3 million viewers]. BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA was the top grossing movie of the weekend with $29 million at the box office. Talking cars, talking dogs, dare we ask what’s next?

Head-Scratcher of the Week II
The dismal ratings of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. Does creator Josh Friedman really have to add a talking car to get you to watch?

Head-Scratcher of the Week III
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. But only because we have yet to see the season premiere and am wondering if it marked a return to form for our favorite fictional football team.

  • allie

    As a Moonlight fan I am ashamed to admit that I watched The Ex-List. It was OK, but Moonlight was much better so I am one of those muttering “I told you so!”. I’m thrilled the ratings reflected that.

    By the way, the FNL premiere rocked!!! I won’t say anything to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but yay … FNL is back!

  • Haya

    I downloaded the FNL premiere, cuz I couldn’t wait until it comes to Canada. I have to say it was AMAZING! It’s really back to it’s season one goodness.

  • Carl

    ad The Ex-List: I just can’t take a show seriosly that uses comic Sans for its credits.

    ad FNL: Great fun. Plus its extralong! Although Jason is kinda missing…

  • TVFan

    What ever happened to Lauren Graham’s deal with NBC? And as for Terminator, I sit here and hope FOX comes to its senses and moves the show to Wednesday following Bones

  • Josh C.

    i couldnt agree more about ugly betty. last weeks episode, which i just watched yesterday, is really a return to form. Betty had a good head on her shoulders and the rest of the characters were brilliant. Even though I think its silly for hilda to continue seeing the coach I really love the story line because it gives anna ortiz some really great dramatic moments.

    second, FNL’s premiere was amazing. Though im not sure what you mean by return to form. I liked season 2 alot. Yeah, the whole i killed someone thing was a little……..out there…….but, everything else was great. If the season premiere proved anything its that right out of the gate FNL was snubbed for emmy in drama series, best actess (connie britton), supporting actress (Adrianne Palicki) who by the way was AMAZING in the premiere, and lead actor (kyle chandler). Hope you get to see it soon

  • Ash

    Did everyone just hear the most AMAZING news EVER!!

    Bryan Fuller, creator and writer of “Pushing Daisies” says he plans to bring back characters from “Wonderfalls” to be part of ‘Daisies’ this season in episode eight.


  • Sarah

    Lauren Graham’s deal got scrapped during the strike, unfortunately. Whatever they were going to be developing got canned so the deal went out the window.

    It made me sad. 🙁

  • NikkiHolly

    FNL was absolutely amazing. quite possibly the best season opener yet.