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Since FedEX quite literally failed to deliver the early look at tonight’s installment of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES that was promised to This TV Addict had to pad his numerous reasons as to why you can’t miss tonight’s episode with a few slightly fictional ones. See if you can spot the, as Stephen Colbert might put it, “Truthiness.”

1. First and foremost, if the ratings don’t improve, Tonight may mark the final Chronicle in Sarah Connor’s small screen adventure. And if you ask us, a mere fourteen episodes in is far too early to say “Hasta la vista baby!”

2. After sticking with BEVERLY HILLS 90210 for its entire ten year run, does Brian Austin Green not deserve to catch a break? I mean, aside scoring Megan Fox as his girlfriend.

3. And speaking of Megan Fox. Rumor has it that the “Proverbial Powers that Be” are hoping to snag Brian Austin Green’s real-life girlfriend for a guest starring gig should TERMINATOR get picked up for the rest of the season. And would a Summer Glau Megan Fox girl-fight not put ALIAS’ Sydney Bristow versus Evil Francie to shame?

4. Do you really want FOX to bring back THE MOMENT OF TRUTH early?

5. TVGuide promises that as “the hour unfolds, it brings to light the reasons why TERMINATOR works as an ongoing series.”

6. Tonight’s episode is brought to you with limited commercial interruptions courtesy of Dodge.

derek reese

7. The October 20th episode of THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES brings with it a ‘killer’ Cameron, the introduction of Catherine Weaver’s seven year old daughter Savannah and a hook-up for Derek Reese that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans will be intimately familiar with. Or to be more specific, BSG Razor’s Kendra Shaw played by the luminous Stephanie Jacobsen.

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  • a Summer Glau vs Megan Fox girl-fight would probably be the best moment in my life.

  • jess

    last weeks episode worked it was a total mind bender and i hope fox gives it a chance. I mean come its up against monday night football what do they expect. she should but it on wednesdays after bones that would be a killer night. i bet it would soar.

  • CC

    I genuinely like this show. I hope fox doesnt screw fans over… again and again and…

  • TVFan

    Anything that keeps the Moment of Truth off the air is golden in my books.