Vote for the Stupidest: ABC Sunday Night Edition

While the Walker Family and the women of Wisteria Lane are no stranger to serious lapses in judgment. It’s quite possible that Sunday’s installments of both BROTHERS & SISTERS and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES featured two characters reaching an all time low. So much so that went as far as to create a new feature that we like to call, “Vote For the Stupidest!” Also known as, Vote for the fictional TV character who made Paris Hilton look like a Rhodes Scholar.

In this corner, weighing in at approximately 98 pounds is BROTHERS & SISTERS’ Kitty Walker. Who having apparently never sat through a Walker family dinner herself, thought it would be a ‘smart’ idea to invite her entire extended family over for a ‘show the adoption agency how normal we are’ dinner.

Versus, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Lynette Scavo. Who in a desperate [get it?!] attempt to get closer to her son Porter decided to create a fake profile on Wisteria Lane’s version of Facebook. Only to have it blow up in her face entirely, humiliate Porter and worst of all, endure a well-deserved verbal smack-down from Tom who suggested Lynette break-up with Porter by writing, “Dear Porter, I’m really liking you, but I wanna see other offspring.”

Vote for the stupidest in the comments below.

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  • tim wilkins

    Yea, I thought last night’s ‘desperate’ was okay. I think it centered too much on Susan and Lynette. Lynette should have just spied on her son’s computer and left it at that. lol I found it icky-ish. Total violation. But then this comes from the guy whose mom read his journal and left him notes in it. lol Yea, parents go too far sometimes. But then isn’t the road to hell paved with good intentions? LOL =)

  • Best part of Brothers and Sisters was Robert telling Nora and the rest of the Walkers that they argue like children and spew every thought that comes into their heads and that they need a filter. Sometimes. yes, yes they do.

  • Josh Emerson

    I actually didn’t like that part with Robert. I just find him so unlikable. I don’t like Kitty either. lol

    I thought another ridiculous part of B&S last night was Rebecca handing over $2 million to Nora and the family. WTF? These people are loaded, you’ve been handed a couple million dollars, and you’re gonna give it to them because you don’t feel you deserve it? I don’t get it. Just take the money Rebecca. Some of us would kill for a quarter of that.

  • Heather, I have to agree. I loved Robert’s dressing down of the Walker Clan. It’s about time.

    Josh, Also agree, Rebecca handing over 2 million. I mean sure it’s TV, but who’s that altruistic? Especially when it doesn’t really seem like Rebecca does anything even close to a job!

  • TVFan

    Kitty wanting to “show off” her family…. Rebecca handing over 2 million… Gabi thinking she could sneak into the party of the year…. all ridiculous, hey that’s why we love TV!

  • Robert chastising the Walkers was way overdue. I agree that dinner with the family was a dumb idea on Kitty’s part in the first place. Even dumber was her writing a book with negative overtones about her family and leaving a copy of it around for others to read.

    I totally agree with Rebecca offering to give the money back to the Walkers. It was a necessary gesture. But, it should have ended up being nothing more than a gesture. Nora should have refused to take it back.

    Instead she’s going to “hold onto it” for Rebecca for a rainy day? So, how is Rebecca ever supposed to ask for it again? Would she have the guts to ask for it again considering why she gave it up, and if she had to would Nora still feel obligated to return it, and if so, why not just refuse to take it from Rebecca? Watch, that $2 million is going to be the subject of *another* big family blowup down the road, especially if they ever find this Ryan kid. If the economy was better and I didn’t work for Wachovia, I’d bet money on it. 😉

  • Naf

    I didn’t understand Nora accepting Rebecca’s money. Rebecca had no need to give it back. I thought it was established at the end of last season and William didn’t think Rebecca was his daughter, and that’s why it was Ryan’s name and not hers that was included in his password. If that’s the case, then William gave the money to Rebecca and Holly because he genuinly cared about them, not because he felt obligated too. I also loved Robert finally standing up to the Walkers. As much as I love watching the family interact, sometimes I think it would be best for all of them to just cut eachother from their lives.