Jeers to

Now this TV Addict is the first too admit that TVGuide may simply be taking the brunt of my really bad mood. But take a look at this screenshot I grabbed over the weekend. Headlines featuring the likes of OJ Simpson, Howard Stern and Reality TV star cat-fights. Is it not called With an emphasis on the TV?

If you ask me, should be embarassed. And while they’re at it, stop trying to compete with the likes of PerezHilton and TMZ and return to doing what they did best. Covering the world of television.

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  • tim wilkins

    I agree. I knew TV Guide hit bottom when their covers started showing reality ‘stars’ and the cover of Mario “I keep my shirt off” Lopez for a FITNESS issue. Eh, tv guide and fitness? That’s like reality show hosts doing the Emmys. OH wait, that happened. lol =)

  • TVFan

    Here Here!

  • jenny

    Isn’t tv addict supposed to be about the emphasis on the TV too? So why the talk about tv guide???? that’s another website! Talk about tv!!!

  • Victoria

    I’m a big fan of your site. I’ve been coming here for some time now. I have never left a note before because I agree with you so often there’s nothing left to add. I’m breaking out of my shell now to tell you, that I once again agree with you with one exception. I do like some parts of TVguide. They have good interviews with actual “TV Stars”. Some of the cast of Heroes, Smallville, and Lost. I have admit they’re getting overboard on the “gossip side” of TV reporting. They must also have a good amount of Sci-Fi lovers of staff.

    I regards to your site, your doing great! Keep it up!

  • Jenny: I’m a Maverick [take a shot], an outside observer of big media that likes to take the occasional moment to comment on what big media should be focusing on!

    Victoria: Thanks for the kind words

    Tim Wilkins: You know what they say about great minds…

  • Debsa

    I hate to agree with you but TV Guide Online has been totally gutted.