Why I’m Done with HEROES

It is with mixed emotions and a heavy heart that this TV Addict must announce the following news. I think I’m done with HEROES.

Rest assured, this is not a decision I’ve come to lightly. But after tuning into last night’s third episode of the season, the TV Addict has reached following conclusion: I no longer care what happens to any of these characters.

Matt Parkman’s vision quest, the ridiculous adventures of Hiro and Ando, angry Mohinder, bad acting theater courtesy of future Peter [channeling Christian Bale’s Dark Knight] and a vengeful Claire… I’m done, I’m out, there is simply too little time in the day [not to mention far too much television to watch on a Monday night] to dedicate to a show that shows so little regard for its audience’s intelligence.

I mean hello, who’s running The Company? Disgraced ex-head of FEMA Michael Brown. Did this supposed world class organization seriously build holding cells on Level 2 with easy to access air vents ideal for escape? Did all-powerful future Peter really meet his maker after a few measly bullets to the chest? What happened to the healing ability he absorbed from Claire? Does HEROES even take into account what happened in the past? Apparently not, because four years into the future, young Molly hasn’t aged a day and Sylar has an eight year old son!

But nitpicking aside, HEROES fatal flaw, and the final nail in its coffin lies with the show’s inability to tell a coherent story. You know, the foundation on which all successful television shows are built upon.

Good storytelling, not cheesy action sequences and special effects [or taking into account Nathan’s pathetic flying scenes, lack-there-of] is why this TV Addict watches television. Good storytelling like season one’s “Company Man” is what helps to create an emotional bond between viewers and characters that keep us coming back week after week. Good storytelling is what this season and last has lacked as HEROES tries to cram twenty-plus characters that span the globe into two different timelines over the course of forty-four minutes.

Please feel free to twitter me when Tim Kring gets the memo.

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  • CC

    I completely agree with you and have given up on Heroes. Makes me sad. So much potential..

  • Rocky

    ??? How can you NOT like this Episode
    Even those who didnt like the first 3 love this one?

    You would have seen that the Haitian was blocking Futuer Peters powers, thats why Claire was able to shot him death

    2) Villains are not suppose to be locked up in couples … I really wanna know how you or Hiro would have been able to escape without help and without abilites, since the cells can block certain powers

    3) Totally agree with the Molly thing there but the kid doesnt look like he is 8 years old

    4) I think Milos acting was very good… you could clearly see which Peter version was talking

    5) What more of a storytelling do you need than a world thats going to explode, Charakters going to the dark side for whatever reason, Heroes coupling up and having babies and so on

    I really dont get it, this was a very good Episode 4!!! of a season … other shows cant comeup with this stuff in their Season Final

    But I guess, if you like “good” *cough* storytelling à la Reality TV Crap you are lost anyways

  • Exactly why I gave up on the show halfway through season 2. The characters were boring, I actually rooted for their deaths, and the story made no sense. I’m sorry to hear that they haven’t improved it any in season 3. It should have just been a mini-series that ended after that great season 1.

  • Gnoetall

    How did Claire and Peter survive a point blank atomic blast? I’m sure being atomized and presented with a blast of heat hotter than the surface of the sun, would destroy organic matter. Are we supposed to believe they regenerated out of that?

    Someone pointed out that Peter survived it before. But even I could suspend disbelief long enough if the source was immune to his own blast. But not someone standing next to it.

  • Hap

    I with you.
    I’m done!
    Heroes wants to be LOST so badly it’s obvious.
    All the time jumping and alternate timelines are too confusing to follow, the acting is horrible, and it seems the show has become dumbed down for the “greater good”. Bye, bye Heroes! SAVE SARAH CONNER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    What took you so long?

    GG and OTH have both been far superior choices. Heroes was a shooting star that fizzled out looooonnnngggg ago, folks.

  • Alyssa

    I deleted it last week. I figure I can watch on DVD over the summer if I really care to and maybe it will be better in a marathon viewing.

  • KaeDee

    While I adore Adrian Pasdar, I gave up on Heroes during the first season. Too many “heroes,” too little time. I need time to bond with the characters, and with characters rotating in and out of the story and not being seen for a couple weeks, my bonding time waned and I looked elsewhere for my TV enjoyment. Thank goodness I got out before the show totally fell apart!

  • You’re right. It’s time to admit it…the show sucks. It’s really too bad, because Season 1 was the most enjoyable season of any show I’ve ever seen.

  • Mana

    I enjoyed the first half of season 1. I watched season 2. I started downloading season 3 and then realised that I couldn’t be bothered to even give it a try.

    I’m not invested in the characters or the storylines… I just couldn’t care less what happens. I to have decided to throw this one out the window. Can’t even say that I’m gonna miss it!

  • I stopped watching midway last season and did not even bother to see any of the episodes aired this season. I think it’s time I cancel my DVR’s season pass. The problem I have is that I don’t much care for what happens to the characters. It seems this show concentrates more on the story than having those who watch the show invest a little in the characters (like what Mana said), make us care for them and what happens to them but they have fallen short on that and just completely got lost in creating their own mythology. Such a shame. Season one was so good and it just went downhill from there.

  • Josh C.

    for you giving up on heroes i wish bad juju on sarah connor

  • TP

    I’m with you too. I watched the season premiere which was ok, but I haven’t found the inclination to watch any of the episodes since. I have them taped and will probably continue to tape them, but if I ever get to the point where something on the DVR has to go – Heroes will be at the top of the list.

    Sadly – Sarah Connor had to go as well. In a toss up between How I Met Your Mother, Chuck and Sarah Conner – SC lost.

  • I am sorry to hear that some people here have lost the power to imagine. HEROES has reached the pinacle of evolution in Sci Fi television, and this year has accurately translated a comic book storyline to a weekly television format.

    Heroes captured my imagination in a way that LOST could not. It is the highlight of my week, and the knowledge that some things are ordained provides a sympathetic view to the characters. The only thing I wish would change is the creation of a Charles Xavier character, but at the moment the “Days of Future Past” storyline is great storytelling.

  • Gabi

    agree with everything you wrote.

  • Josh Emerson

    “[not to mention far too much television to watch on a Monday night] to dedicate to a show that shows so little regard for its audience’s intelligence.”

    You watch Gossip Girl. Enough said.

  • gabby

    I agree, its what made me give up Heroes last season.

  • John

    I haven’t given up yet, but the show is straining my loyalties.

    I hate all the time travel storylines. I don’t like time travel stories to begin with and Heroes is jumping too often. And then doesn’t show the consequences so poorly. Future Peter has made major changes in the present but they don’t seem to affect the future.

    And then they follow stories I have no interest in. Mohindar can be counted on to always make the wrong choice on who to trust or what action to take when it is most critical. The woman with the death eyes irritates me. I enjoyed Hiro in Season 1, but since then he has been a total waste. Why bring back Sark?

    They seem to have rearranged loyalties but rolling dice rather than logic.

    I keep hoping the show will develop some coherence and stop using arbitrary plot developments to generate stories, but I am losing faith.

  • ewanspotter

    I might be shallow and just keep watching for David Anders. Maybe. If I have nothing better to watch.

  • luke

    I 100 percent agree with you. I’ve also stopped watching. I was really disappointed with the season one finale and I feel like the show has never recovered. Between the power to regenerate and Clair’s blood, no one on this show can die and for me that kills the suspense. If Kristin Bell rejoins the cast I might tune in again, but that’s the only way i will.

  • jess

    Did all-powerful future Peter really meet his maker after a few measly bullets to the chest? the haitian was there and she says he’s not really dead but a bullet in his head ala season 1 episode where Claire stayed dead until the pulled the branch out of her head

    Okay i agree with young Molly hasn’t aged a day and Sylar has an eight year old son but not that i would have given him 4 or 5 years old. Some kids are just big boned.

    Okay honestly i love heroes and think it just keeps getting better. Even if i could live without Mohinder and Maya scenes. I’m loving the Petrelli’s and Tracy aka Nikki aka Jessica or should i say Barbara.

  • DB

    Bravo, tv addict, bravo. Many loyal fans of the show refuse to see what a mess this show has become just because it was once poised as the coolest new phenomenon. In all honesty, it was never that good to begin with. there was some great moments in season one, but everything goes south with that anticlimactic ending. Frankly, it has never achieved its promise and instead became dull, pretentious, and self-importance. So tired of it.

  • Nick.C.

    Rajeev Iyer wrote*****
    “I am sorry to hear that some people here have lost the power to imagine. HEROES has reached the pinacle of evolution in Sci Fi television, and this year has accurately translated a comic book storyline to a weekly television format.”

    Hey Rajeev,thanks for making me laugh!!!!!

  • Ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto. I’m still annoyed that Peter left his poor Irish girlfriend in some other future.

  • Alex

    i kinda agree with the tv addict….. the show has gone a bit downhill and also its starting to annoy me how it does all this FUTURE crap!

    seriously stop showing us the future if it will get changed AGAIN after the present fixes the problem errrr

    also all these minor characters are all of a sudden mia….. Rena Sofer’s character, Micah, Monica, etc…. yet we have to have the god awful Maya, Matt, & Mohinder…. seriously just get rid of them! they bring nothing to the show at all!

    plus matt is now the new hiro in Feudal Japan!

  • Mel

    On the positive side — Peter is getting his emo bangs back. I think we’ll find that as the bangs get longer, the show will mysteriously get better and better. (Hey, its a theory as sensible as anything on the show!)

    For a brief shining moment Mohinder was interesting, and then it was gone.
    Parkman is such a schlubb — who thought that was going to be fun?
    And they killed off Nicki or Jessica in favor of Tracy? That’s like trading the incredible hulk for one of the Wonder Twins.
    Ando ,ditch the ungrateful little bastard and hook up with Adam.
    And finally, how come future Peter’s scar doesn’t heal?
    I haven’t given up on it yet, but its a near thing.

  • Oy! I only tried to keep up cause I know you loved it so I was hoping it would get better and your optimism was right but I’m already behind this season after watching only the premiere and Im not even sure I cared to catch up…but Im still shocked you are giving up too.

  • blueberry

    I am a loyal Heroes fan, but I am also one who believes the series is turning into mushy crap. It’s not enough to make me stop watching even though I sometimes root for the deaths of annoying characters.

    The main thing is until Lost returns, this and Pushing Daisies are the only shows I care for. Especially when on Monday nights, I couldn’t care less about Chuck because Levi isn’t believable as a nerd and I miss Baldwin in Firefly. Gossip Girl is alright, but I got bored after two episodes this season.

  • showtime

    I still love to watch Heroes. I don’t really care about the storyline anymore. I just wish I had their powers.

    P.S. I’m glad that someone else noticed that Future Peter was channeling Christian Bale’s Batman. Everytime he spoke I laughed…hard!

  • Stephanie

    Phew! I thought I was the only person who felt this way! I’m really struggling to get into it this season…

  • jess

    I don’t know how reliable an truthful all these response are. I feel like if next week you posted a column saying how HEROES is Back and rockin once again, they would all jump on that bandwagon too. Sadly people are like sheep eager to be herded. That aside I say it keeps getting better in my opinion love the scifi element of it and it does remind me often of a live action comic which is part of the reason i enjoy it. Also for the record I have no intention of not watching Terminator:TSC just because you’ve thrown in the towel on Heroes. I think both shows are worth watching.

  • I’m with you. I loved Heroes first season, held on thru second season but now, I don’t like about half (maybe) more of the characters. They just don’t speak to me on a human level and the changing the past, fix the future thing is so played. There’s no way to change one even and fix everything. There are always going to be ripples. So it’s so pointless and given that this has been the overarching plot line for 3 SEASONS it just seems pointless.

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  • I am beginning to see your point and agree with you that I may too be done with Heroes. I fell in love first season Claire, Mohinder, Peter, Sylar and of course Hiro – what the hell happened? I agree with past Peter everyone he knew is gone, well changed and crazy at that! Too many storylines to follow makes me cranky! I understand why Claire changed and why Mohinders curiosity got the better of him to experiement on himself, but Nathan and Linderman, is Linderman really an older Nathan? And I would want to kill Hiro too if I was Ando. What is he thinking unearthing Adam??? Too much too many stories and just too confusing. and I am ready to jump. Sorry Tim Kring my love affair is waning, you brought me Crossing Jordan and then the amazing first 2 seasons of Heroes now, I dont know what to do???

  • Jon

    Good for you, TV addict. There are worse shows than this, but none that annoy me so much. Heroes is pretentious, rambling, illogical, convoluted, derivative, repetitive, OTT, directionless nonsense. I have a great capacity to suspend disbelief, but this show can’t even make its characters act in realistic ways. It constantly fallls back on meandering parralel plotlines, ‘the end of the world is nigh’ plots, and characters suddenly revealing superpowers. Is there anyone on Heroes who isn’t powered. Or, at least, won’t ‘shockingly’ be revealed to be eventually? And don’t even get me started on the plot holes disguised as mysteries, the hastily constructed illogical ‘explanations’ and the soap opera cliche’s like ‘they’re long lost relatives’, ‘somebody gets amnesia’, and ‘he’s dead, no wait he’s not’. It’s so preposterous and yet still manages to be boring, and I gave up after season 1. I can’t believe it’s actually gotten worse. I know it’s childish to rant like this about a TV show, but Heroes fever is so annoying, and the show itself just insults my intelligence.

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  • clover

    I had heard a lot of ‘watercooler talk” about Heroes and thought it was a tween show.People at work convince me to tune in because it was “soooo gooood”. My husband and I tuned in for the first time to see Dying of the Light. Normally, we watch things like the Unit, Dexter and House, either complicated, yet cohesive stories or at least dry wit. Now we do love humor as long as it is not insulting such as in Big bang theory and Pushing Daisies. And we are huge fantasy and sci fi freaks, even if they suck. Serenity and Firefly are our favorite all time TV series. Buffy is a close second ranked equal to x-files. I am now enjoying 11th hour but still have the verdict on it. I say this to state what I compare heroes to. I hated it. I was lost, the acting sucked for the most part, the directing was horrible. There was way too much jumping around and too many characters to care about anyone. I have epilepsy and I was honestly afraid it was to set it off. I realize that you can’t come into to season three and expect to catch everyting but you should be able to follow SOMETHING in one episdode. the only thing I found tolerable was the fake death of Hiro and his friend. I liked them a lot. The rest of it, was just stupid and seemed thown together and not enough to carry more than 40 seconds. it was like viewing ‘scenes from next week”. If scaled back and losing 3/4 of the story arc and developing deeper characters that you can either love or hate as in true series work, it might last as a 5-7 season series. But I don’t think it will make it past this one. Unless the tweens still like the young starlets enough to watch it to season 4. But they are losing their shine as they age. And without their poster sales, it won’t last long with a cohesive plot, unless they learn to sing and sell albums.

    Just my opinion from a first and last time viewer.

  • Linda

    Sad to say that Heroes has deteriorated into a sloppy mess with a sloppy plot (if there even is one…I think they’re making it up as they go along). I watched my last episode this week. A bittersweet goodbye.

  • tim

    I am done with heroes because they continue to make syler into a god while they continue to kill off all my favorite characters.Come on, when will they kill off syler?