To quote Dylan McKay’s answering machine, you know the drill. Post away with your thoughts on last night’s installments of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, HEROES, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, THE BIG BANG THEORY, BOSTON LEGAL and PRISON BREAK.

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  • TVFan

    Sad but true, this line had me laughing out loud from last night’s HIMYM

    Robin, what did they make you call tropical storm hector when it was raining cats and dogs.

    A Furricane 🙂

  • Josh C.

    HIMYM was funny but as a New Jersey resident born and raised I don’t know if I like how far they took it to prove Ted and Lilly’s hatred of the state. If stella and Marshall hadn’t tried to rescue it at the end I honestly would have never watched the show again and prayed everday for it to be cancelled. Other than that it was pretty funny except the last like 30 seconds.

    Heroees at least for me continues its string of great episodes. Though I agree with lots of people in saying they need to streamline the cast a little. You know, cut the fat. It’s very confusing jumping from person to person every 5minutes. Other than that I really liked the story development from last night alot.

  • chitown mimi

    I’m loving CHUCK. Every time I watch it, it puts a smile on my face, kind of like howUgly Betty use to. Oh well. John Laroquette (I think i butchered the spelling.) was hilarious. Such a good episode.

  • luke

    HIMYM- Loved it. Once again Barney carried that episode. I was surprised the direction the show is going in. I felt like the episode was all set up for what’s to come and I’m very curious as to what the next few weeks has in store.

    Heroes- Last week I watched it and watched Dancing with the Stars during the commercial breaks. This week I watched Dancing with the Stars and watched Heroes during its commercial breaks, which is terrible because I hate Dancing with the Stars. Next week I’m not watching Heroes. Heroes has become to much of the same and I’m just not interested.

  • Randa

    HEROES. First. How did Future Peter get killed by bullets to the chest? Second. I do not understand how changing the future in the future can do anything to the present. Can they not just choose differently and have a different outcome when the time comes in the next four years? Why can’t anything GOOD ever happen? Why can’t they “save the world” in small ways and have some success every other episode? There used to be fun and funny moments too.
    I used to hang on every moment of Heroes and now I have to fight to stay awake. I might have to give it up.

  • blueberry

    You know what’s killing Heroes? Time Travel. There’s just too many questions and loop holes that occur when someone time travels. For me, at least, it seems like Heroes has trimmed the suspense, story-telling, and character development. It feels like they’re overcompensating for the slow second season.

    I don’t think I’ll ever give up Heroes because at worse, I want to see how bad it gets. It’s still fun to watch for the sake of seeing how the producer and writers fix this whole time travel painting the future nonsense that got old after the second half of the first season.

  • Gabi

    PRISON BREAK: Best episode this season and I LOVED the scenes with Michael and T-bag, felt like season one i some way. Loved everything about this episode.

    HIMYM: Not so funny, I just really don’t like Stella anymore. Every episode she’s been in has been boring, honestly. Hope she won’t be in too many more episodes, because I really want them to focus on the group.

    BBT: Keeps getting funnier and funnier. Last night’s episode was hilarious, I laughed the whole time. “Sheldor is AFK”, and Penny becoming a geek, so cute and funny. And then Sheldon trying to find a partner for Penny, talking to that guy at the table – LOVED IT!

    HEROES: I’m watching it right now. As you can see it doesn’t interest me too much. so sad cause it used to be on of my favorite shows. But it’s too much going on every second, I just wished they would stop rushing things and kill a few characters.

    CHUCK: Good, fun. Nothing special really, but I’ll always love the cute and adorable characters on this show.

  • Liz

    Heroes: WHAT’S HAPPENING!!! I don’t get it. I still love this show and I’m still hanging on to see where it all goes, but damn! It’s very confusing.

    Sarah Connor: Very sad ep. Katherine Weaver is terrifying. This is the second episode where we see Sarah revisiting motherhood. It’s sad to see that she didn’t get to be the normal mom with John. She was always and first protector and warrior; last mother. This show has a pretty bleak view on everything because the main characters know the future. There doesn’t seem to be any hope of victory – any hope at all. I love the show, it’s one of my faves, but I’m glad I can watch my recording of Chuck after it to cheer me up again.

    Speaking of Chuck, why are you all critiquing that show? It’s not mentioned as one of the shows to review.

  • Josh Emerson

    Liz, I was going to ask why he failed to mention Chuck. I love this show! I’m not particularly excited about the return of the Bryce Larkin storyline next week, but last night’s episode was really good. Melinda Clarke is just great. Now that Josh Schwartz has had my two fav OC cast members on the show, they should bring in Adam Brody.

    HIMYM was good. Loved Barney keeping his arm up until someone gave him a bump. I’m a fan of Sarah Chalke, but I don’t think her character is that good on this show. I’m starting to hope she’s not the mother.

  • Josh and Liz,

    Not including CHUCK in my title was a complete oversight. In truth, because I have the first three episodes on DVD, I’ve been holding off on CHUCK because of there being too much to watch on Monday nights. THat said, since I no longer have to worry about HEROES, I think CHUCK will be taking its place on Monday.

  • Nick.C.

    Stella is the worst thing to happen to HMYM!She is such a drag to the show and so unfunny.The actress herself was always good on Scrubs but not on this show.If she’s the Mother in How i Met Your im going to shoot myself.(well maybe thats a little extreme)

  • jenny

    Prison Break RAWWWKED!! Best ep of the season, and funny as hell, uncharacteristically. I loved the Vegas ep. Can’t wait for the next one…