Now that you’ve heartlessly dropped HEROES from your weekly schedule, what’s next on the TV Addict’s chopping block? — Misty

The TV Addict: Would you think any less of me if I said PUSHING DAISIES? Because truth be told, stunning visuals and Kristen Chenoweth are quickly starting to lose their appeal amidst the overly cutesy and continuously confounding series. That said, I’m not prepared to bury DAISIES just yet. In other-words, Bryan Fuller, you’re on notice.

I just saw this message about THE RICHES being canceled and I have to say, this really sucks. Is there any hope for some kind of closure, a two-hour movie perhaps to wrap up the series. I’d think FX would want to thank their loyal viewers for all of their support. — Patrycjusz

The TV Addict: In a perfect world, I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, nothing bothers this TV Addict more than when loyal viewers are cheated out of a proper ending to a series they’ve invested hours of their life in. Unfortunately our world is far from perfect. Just ask the fans of DEADWOOD, AMERICAN DREAMS, LAS VEGAS and OCTOBER ROAD how their happy was.

Any news on the fate of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES following Monday’s episode. — FightingForTheFuture

The TV Addict: Well the good news is that TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES actually showed a small bump in viewership on Monday, up approximately 300,000 viewers. The bad news, 5.6 million total viewers doesn’t exactly guarantee the continued adventures of Sarah Connor. Which means I’d get your….. umm….. what exactly are we sending FOX in support of TERMINATOR?

Do you really expect me to take you seriously after bailing on HEROES? —HiroLover21

The TV Addict: Do you really expect me to take HEROES seriously after they imprison Hiro and Ando in a Top Secret Prison facility with an air vent, send Matt Parkman on a four episode spirit walk and foolishly give Sylar and Peter the ability to be all-powerful, only to see them constantly defeated in the most mundane and unimaginative ways?

Any SUPERNATURAL scoop, I’m so loving this season. — Wincestisbestest 

The TV Addict: Since SUPERNATURAL showrunner Eric Kripke is virtually on par with GREY’S ANATOMY’s Shonda Rhimes in the spoilerphobe department. Scoop my friends, is at a premium. That said, I’m happy to share this little tidbit of info with regards to the upcoming October 23 episode. After Dean becomes infected with an illness, he begins to have fantasies that give new meaning to the term “Brotherly Love.”*

*Scoop may have been ‘borrowed’ from some Winchester Fan Fiction. The real scoop is as follows: After Dean becomes infected with an illness, Sam and Bobby must find the root of the disease before Dean dies and is sent back to Hell.

Got a recommendation for a show I should be watching this fall? — TVLover42

The TV Addict: Much to my surprise, this TV Addict continues to find himself entertained by the emotional, funny and somewhat fantastical world that is NBC’s LIPSTICK JUNGLE. So much so that it’s up there with PRIVILEGED and TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES as three Fall Shows that deserve a far bigger audience.

Stella is such a drag. If she’s the Mother in HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, I’m going to shoot myself — Nick C.

The TV Addict: Hey Nick, tell me how you really feel! But seriously, I’ve got some good news for you. This TV Addict has heard rumblings through the grapevine, okay, internets, that you have nothing to worry about.

Now that you’re done with HEROES, does this mean that you’ll have time to talk about America’s real favorite hero, Chuck Bartowski? — Iamtheintercept

The TV Addict: Totally! Of course my thoughts on CHUCK will have to wait a wee bit since this TV Addict will be in New York all weekend on a much-deserved vacation. And on a somewhat related TV note, if UGLY BETTY’s Becki Newton and/or Michael Urie happen to have their names set to Google Alert, I’m free all weekend if you’re in the mood for a little podcasting!

And now for Ask the Addict Lighting Round. Actual queries that readers have typed into Google to find

“When does ELI STONE return”
ELI STONE, also known as this TV Addict’s favorite new show of last season returns next Wednesday October 14 at 10PM. Missed the first season, click here to watch it online, or here to check it out on iTunes.

“When does MOONLIGHT return”
Never [Please don’t shoot the messenger]

“Misha Collins Interview”
Right here

By clicking here, or heading on over to iTunes.

“MEN IN TREES canceled”
Perhaps the MEN IN TREES fans can join the MOONLIGHT fans in a little town I like to call denial.

Got a question for the TV Addict, a New York City restaurant tip, or access to the sets of 30 ROCK, GOSSIP GIRL, UGLY BETTY, DAMAGES and/or LIPSTICK JUNGLE. Feel free to email the TV Addict directly at

  • Naf

    I can see why you’re bailing on Heroes. But Pushing Daisies?! Seriously. After one episode?

  • Naf,

    I’m not bailing just yet. I just have to say that I’m not sure the show is my thing. I didn’t get caught up in WONDERFALLS either. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just not for me. And if given the choice at 8PM, I’m definitely watching THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE first.

  • Josh C.

    i am by no means bailing on pushing daisies but i AM a lucky directv subscriber and would much rather watch FNL

  • blueberry


    TheTVaddict might be dropping two of the only shows I watch on a consistent basis. Sure, Heroes is getting hokey, but hey, if it’s a train wreck, it’s one of the better train wrecks on tv. However, I am flabbergasted as to why one might drop Pushing Daisies.

  • Z.D.

    Sticking with Heroes until this point was the kind thing to do. Smart people (not me, sadly) ditched that stinker halfway into the second season.

  • cam3150

    I’m so glad to see you’re giving Lipstick Jungle another chance. A few weeks ago you mentioned that you were dropping it (or thinking of dropping it) but it’s a great show, totally a guilty pleasure. Also, I LOVE Privileged!!! It is smart, funny, well-acted, and completely entertaining. For me, and I realize this is hallowed ground, it even has shades of Gilmore Girls. It is one of the few shows I watch live and it’s the only “new” show that I’d be sad to see get canceled. Do you happen to know anything about it’s chances of sticking around?

  • TVAddcit, I agree with some of your criticisms of Heroes. This season does feel a bit bloated, jumbled, and bizarre. It feels like they’re trying too hard to out-do s1 and un-do s2. But, I don’t think I’m ready to drop it quite yet. If the payoff down the road is good enough, perhaps this initial weirdness will be worth it.

    I am, however, happy to see you wavering on Pushing Daisies. I’m probably still in the minority on this, but I felt that was a mess of a show in its first season. And, that’s not an uninformed opinion. I watched every episode before the writers strike, and I still didn’t like the show, not the concept, not the look of the show, not the annoying narration, not the pilot episode, not anything that followed.

    It’s oddly liberating when you drop a show. I also dropped Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, and I feel just fine about it. Ugly Betty is still on the chopping block for me but not cut off quite yet.

    T:tSCC isn’t blowing me away, but it’s remaining pleasantly stable. It’d be a shame if it got canceled due to bad ratings. It wouldn’t even be Fox’s fault this time. They renewed it and gave it a chance, and it’s got to have a big budget. I think we’re still feeling the aftershocks of the writers strike.

  • Just Jody

    I’m on the fence with Pushing Daisies too. I think the show is beautiful and well done, but it might just be too quirky for me.

    I’m also really enjoying guilty pleasure Lipstick Jungle this season.

    News that The Riches is being cancelled makes me happy I gave up on it a few weeks back. Less time invested in a lost cause.

    After this week’s episode of HIMYM I decided that Stella can’t be the mother… the kids (on the couch) would have said something about not having to listen to the story anymore since they now know how he met their mother. Plus Lucy doesn’t fit the equation.

    Everyone should be watching Privileged!

  • Celina

    An “American Dreams” reference. Sniff!

  • Nick

    Just wanna give you a heads-up on a hidden gem: the CW’s new Sunday night show, Easy Money.

    I know, it couldn’t be put in a worse position, opposite Wisteria, NFL & Family Guy….but the show is sooo good. Laurie Metcalf can do no wrong in my book, and the guy who plays her son, Jeff Hephner, is simply fantastic. And how relevant is a show that looks inside the seamy, seedy world of a payday loan family biz?

  • Armando A

    Old Christine is really funny. I mean she’s like the Nancy Botwin of PG14-TV.

  • Katie

    “Which means I’d get your….. umm….. what exactly are we sending FOX in support of TERMINATOR?”

    Letters, let’s just send letters. That would be a nice change, eh?

    I’m with you on Pushing Daisies. The whimsy gets old fast – I’ve already downgraded to “sometime on DVD if I get the time”.

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