Exclusive Interview: BONES Star John Francis Daley

john francis daley

Before we talk BONES, let me start of by saying that FREAKS & GEEKS and KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL are two of my all-time favorites shows. How hard was it to watch them go to the brilliant-but-canceled graveyard?
John Francis Daley:
It was hard, in fact it’s really frustrating. It shows that quality isn’t enough. But at the same time, you do get used to it and you sort of realize that it’s incredibly difficult for the stars to align and for there to be a really good show that does really well. I’d rather be on a really good show that I can be proud of that is appreciated by so many people than one that does really well.

How different is it as an actor to join an already established show versus starting on a show from day one?
It’s pretty different but at the same time everyone on BONES was so welcoming that it wasn’t that hard. I’ve been on sets where it’s not so fun [but don’t worry, it’s not one of the shows that you love].

Thank God! I can’t imagine anyone involved with FREAKS & GEEKS and KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL being difficult to work with. Of course now I’m mentally scanning through your imdb profile [THE GEENA DAVIS SHOW, BOSTON PUBLIC, REGULAR JOE, STACKED, JUDGING AMY] and wondering whom you’re referring to!
Some of the shows I’ve worked on have not been fun to be on. The vibe that you feel matters so much as to whether or not I like what I do for a living. If I’m working on a show where there is constant fighting and the crew doesn’t get along, it’s not fun because you’re constantly having to work past that hurdle.

Having interviewed both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz I imagine the positive energy on the set comes from the top?
Well they definitely have the option of being douche-bags and neither of them are. Both David and Emily are incredibly good and nice people and that definitely trickles on down to everyone involved with the show.

Your character Dr. Sweets spent a lot of time with Booth and Brennan last season. Would it be safe to assume that after the surprising turn Angela and Hodgins’ relationship took in this season’s premiere you’ll be spending more time with them this season?
I’d say Dr. Sweets becomes the guy everyone goes to when they’re having problems. I’m going to be spending time with both Angela and Hodgins as well as Booth and Brennan. In addition, Dr. Sweets will also help to profile murderers and suspects.

I bet Zack could use some of your Dr. Sweets’ services this season?
I hope so. There’s definitely that potential to go down that very SILENCE OF THE LAMBSesque path.

You can catch John Francis Daley in a brand new episode of BONES airing tonight at 8PM on FOX [GlobalTV in Canada]

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