Good News, Bad News: 90210, THE WEST WING, THE VIEW & Nathan Fillion

Good News: Jason Priestley will return to 90210. Bad News: To direct an upcoming episode. [Source]

Good News: Martin Sheen reminisces about the fictional Bartlett administration. Bad News: With Paris Hilton. [Video]

Good News: The women of THE VIEW are crazy as the daily gabfest continues to devolve into a rip-roaring can’t miss political free-for-all. Bad News: I’m almost starting to feel bad for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Emphasis on the “almost.” [Source]

Good News: Nathan Fillion’s return with CASTLE looks fantastic. Bad News: Which means it will likely last a solid four episodes before its abruptly canceled. [Trailer]

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  • luke

    That clip of “The View” was hard to watch. I’m pretty sure if I was on that show and Barbra Walters informed me that the audience wasn’t clapping for me, I would quit on the spot.

  • Lauren

    The Hilton-Bartlet Administration seems promising

  • TVFan

    The women of the View scare me, can’t wait for The Castle, even if it is going to be cancelled. And EW teasing that Brandon’s returning to 90210…. holy false advertising batman!

  • Nick.C.

    Can not wait for Castle!!!!Nathan Fillion is the MAN!

  • Naf

    I love Nathan Fillion, but Castle doesn’t look very good to me at all. The ad looked like something out of South Park.