First Look Video: Katie Holmes on ELI STONE

While this TV Addict generally eschews shameless stunt casting [see Britney Spears on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER], we can’t ignore the fact that it often gets results [again, see Britney Spears on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER]. So with that in mind, is thrilled to present a first look at Mrs. Tom Cruise in action. We can only hope that she does for ELI STONE what Britney did for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

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  • Naf

    She’s also a proper actress, which should help. I can’t wait to watch this show! Part of the reason why I caught up with the show over the summer with this websites campaign for it, and I loved every second!

  • chitown_mimi

    Damn, she looks fabulous!! Unfortunately with all the garbage tabloid exposure she’s had, you forget that she is a seriously talented woman. And gorgeous. I think having Suri gave this girl some curves that she sure didn’t have as little Joey Potter.