Good News, Bad News: PRIVILEGED, SNL and KATH & KIM

Good News: With ratings up 22% from the previous week, America may be finally cluing into what this TV Addict has been espousing for a month now. PRIVILEGED is the best new show that you’re not watching. Bad News: That, or the show simply benefited from being the only new show up against the Presidential debate. But hey, let’s just pretend for a moment that that’s not the case. [Source]

Good News: Tonight marks the first of four consecutive SNL Weekend Update Thursdays following a brand new episode of THE OFFICE. Bad News: Don’t be fooled! The majority of tonight’s ‘Very Special’ Weekend Update Thursday will be comprised of political sketches from previous episodes of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. In other-words, expect a cleverly disguised clip show. [Source]

Good News: And speaking of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. After far too long a hiatus, Molly Shannon returns to the small screen this evening. Bad News: KATH & KIM was not the return this TV Addict was hoping for.

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  • I was happy to see the uptick in viewers for Privileged this week. Did you notice that Monday’s encore of last week’s episode held most of the lead-out from GG’s encore? I wonder if those two wouldn’t be a better Monday night lineup with 90210 and Tree Hill on Tuesdays. It would certainly lighten my viewing load on Tuesdays! (Except…well, Monday gets even more crowded. Darn.)

  • TVFan

    I too was happy to see a slight uptick in viewers for Privileged this week. Here’s hoping it wasn’t an anomaly.

  • Randa

    Hey, Kath & Kim could be really funny. I hope it is. I have been in love w/ MS since she was Mary Catherine and the host of Delicious Dish.

  • Alex

    Kath & Kim is god awful!!!!

  • TALL

    Good call on the SNL clip show. That debate sketch was really outdated.

  • Yeah my bad on that one, I guess I miss-read the info

  • Kath & Kim had good laughs in maybe one or two scenes (usually the ones with John Michael Higgins!). I really love Molly Shannon in this role, but Selma’s Kim is proving to be annoying and makes me cringe 9x out of 10.