Stuck in an Airport With You

Worst day ever.

Want to know where this TV Addict is supposed to be right now? New York City, touring the Showtime house, enjoying Central Park and stalking the casts of GOSSIP GIRL, UGLY BETTY and 30 ROCK. Instead, thanks to some unforeseen mechanical failures and one really dumb bird [long story] I’m stuck in Toronto until 4:15PM when, finger’s crossed, my flight is due to take off. Did I mention I’ve been here since 7AM?

Seriously, worst day ever.

Thankfully, in the Maple Leaf Lounge where Air Canada was kind enough to bump me to in an effort to make up for their inexcusable incompetence, there is free WiFi. Which means I now have the abilitty to fire off a few random thoughts on what little TV I was able to watch last night. So let the ‘time killing’ commence….

Now far be it from this TV Addict to kick a girl when she’s down. But was last night’s swan song for Alexis Meade not the lamest character exit since LOST’s controversial burial of Nikki and Paulo? I mean talk about adding insult to injury. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the UGLY BETTY writers constantly saddled Alexis with the most tedious story-lines from the moment she strutted back into her families life. But to write her off by having Alexis push innocent and pregnant Christina down a flight of stairs in a fit of rage. Ouch.

With regards to last night’s inaugural edition of SNL: WEEKEND UPDATE EDITION, this TV Addict is going to have to take a page from the hilarious Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers and say, “Really!?!?!”. When will Lorne Michaels learn? For one, musical interludes from Will Forte are almost never funny. Two, Darrell Hammond’s John McCain is far too Dick Cheney-esque. And three, “OMG, Are You Serious!?” Fred Armisen is an absolutely dreadful Barack Obama. Is it seriously this difficult to find a qualified African American actor in New York to do a more credible job?

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  • Ash

    How do you tour the Showtime House? I wanna go! Is there a special Willy Wonka invitation?

  • Ash,

    It’s open to the public! No chocolate bar binge required

  • Randa

    OK I’m sorry you’re having flight issues but comparing Alexis Meade and the goofiest show ever (UGLY BETTY) to LOST’s Paulo and Nikki is just wrong. That was quintessential twistily crafted LOST story telling and I still fully expect them to reappear.

  • Ash

    I finally found out the admission information but I can’t be spending the 25 bones that it costs.

    Also while you’re in the city (not TV related but still amazing) you should check out Banksy’s first NYC exhibit. 89 7th Ave bwtn W 4th & Bleecker

  • Josh C.

    yeah alexis leaving was kinda lame but i have to say last nights UB was amazing. It was funny, i was intrigued and very dramatic all over the place. Not to mention the ending that alexis is actually daniel Jr.’s mom. I don’t think alexis will be gone for long.

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  • Randa,

    While I appreciate the brilliance in which Nikki and Paulo were disposed of, you can’t deny the fact that they only went six feet under because Lindeloff and Cuse had no idea what to do with them.

  • Josh C.

    Additionally, I gotta say Pushing Daisies cleaned itself up to. I didn’t think it was as jumbled and not together as the premiere

  • you know who

    Hope you are pursuing compensation from the airline for the loss of your day.Partcularly Gossip Girls.Something more then an afternoon in the business class lounge.

  • Josh C.

    hey now that you aren’t gonna watch heroes does that mean samatha who? gets a fighting chance. Even though I still like heroes I’ll watch Sam who over that in a hot minute