The TV Addict Hearts America

If you’re curious as to what is up with the uncharacteristic lack of updates on this past weekend. Blame America.

In fact, between the endless parade of shows, which in case you’re wondering have been a mixed bag of excruciating boredom [EQUUS] and exhilarating stand-up-and-cheer brilliance [BILLY ELLIOT], the amazing food and the endless excitement offered up by the city that [quite literally] never sleeps, there hasn’t been nearly enough time to dedicate to updating the site.

Made worse is the fact that in the few minutes I have found to sit in front of my laptop, I can’t seem to focus thanks to’s free streaming of JACK & BOBBY [Think EVERWOOD meets THE WEST WING] and the ridiculous plethora of far too many TV options that are simply a click away.

I mean seriously. How do American TV Addicts get anything done with, HULU, FOX, CBS and mere clicks away?

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  • I know, right? When I am at home, anywhere near my computer, I get nothing done! It is great and terrible all at the same time.

  • Gabi

    I’m not american, so I’ve always wondered the same thing, I would watch TV even more than I do now.

  • Ash

    Hey Addict,

    How much longer are you going to be in the city? We should meet up for a meeting of the minds…

  • Kristen

    You should add Fancast to that list… I try to avoid it because I know if I give in, months will go by without my realizing it!

  • [Update] It’s official. I cannot live in the US. 11AM on a Monday morning and rather than explore New York’s endless museums and landmarks I’m on episode 7 of JACK & BOBBY!