HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 2009: Clues You May Have Missed

With an opening scene so brilliant you’d think Barney belonged on THE BIG BANG THEORY [would he not make the perfect new friend for Sheldon, Leonard, Wolowitz and Raj?], a string of hilarious interventions [Marshall’s hat would make Joey proud!] and an ending so littered with clues that it almost gives LOST a run for its money, last night’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was a return to form for the series and dare we say it, “Legen…… wait for it…… dary!”

Like “First Time in New York” before it [the episode where each member of the gang recounts their ‘first time’] “Intervention” allowed for every character to have their moment to shine [particularly Robin in all of her Canadian inebriated glory]. That is, until the gang reached the inevitable conclusion that moving on and growing up is indeed a fact of life.

Of course, what still has this TV Addict smiling is that “one year later” final scene. Which is why we compiled our favorite four clues in case you missed them.

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  • tyropunch

    that is robin’s right hand look at the direction the back of her palm is facing mayb she gets married but not to barney dat guy aint got a ring on the finger. n if ted neva sayz anything about the yellow umbrella in season one then the mother could be any of the girls whom we have met in season 1by the way robin aint right handed her scotch is in her right hand ever1’s in the right

  • badasswolf

    False alarm. That’s Robin’s right hand.

  • None of this shit matters

    this has absolutely nothing to do with anything. the ring is on robin’s right hand, who cares if lily isnt drinking, and why the fuck would we care if ted has no ring on? honestly this is just a confusing string of shit.

  • None of this shit matters

    its not like this is being filmed in the future. i mean this wasnt an episode of “whats going to happen in 20 years” so it doesnt matter.

  • Guest

    haha smart dude! you were right!